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Hercule, 1798
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Taken : 21 Apr 1798 ; Disposal date or year : 1810
BM: 1876 tons
Dimensions : length of gun-deck 181 ft. 3 in. ; extreme breadth 48 ft. 6½ in.

21 Apr 1798 captured by the Mars.

1 Mar 1799 Plymouth, a seaman of the Mars, who was apparently recovered from his wounds in the head, in boarding L'Hercule, with the gallant Lieutenant Bowker of that ship, died in the Royal Hospital here almost suddenly. The surgeons opened his head, and found a small splinter of the scull had perforated the brain which occasioned his death.

11 Apr 1801 to go into Plymouth dock to be repaired.

17 Apr 1801 at Plymouth this morning was taken into dock, and her copper stripped off.

16 May 1801 at Plymouth now in dock is to have new stern frames from her counters upwards, her old frames having been so much damaged in the actions with the Robuste and Mars.

27 May 1801 remains in dock.

8 Jul 1801 at Plymouth several gangs of shipwrights have been put on board to get her ready to go out of Dock.

20 Jul 1801 is repaired and coppered, and to go out of dock (alongside the Jetty Head to be commissioned) the next spring tide, on Monday the 27th at 7 P. M.

29 Jul 1801 went out of Dock at Plymouth and to be fitted for commission.

Circa Aug 1801 W. Thompson, Esq., Purser of the Boadicea to the Hercule.

1 Aug 1801 was commissioned at Plymouth by Captain Luke, and she got her lower masts in this day.

28 Aug 1801 the Hercule, finished taking in her new guns, and goes into Cawsand Bay in a day or two.

30 Aug 1801 the Hercule, of 84 guns, made a signal to go into the Sound, but the wind falling scant, she brought up at the moorings opposite Government House.

1 Sep 1801 went into Cawsand Bay, only wait for men to be ready for sea.

28 Sep 1801 at Plymouth, the Donnegal, and Hercule, are to be completed from the crews of the smaller armed vessels of war.

29 Sep 1801 remain in Cawsand Bay the Formidable, Glory, Donnegal, Hercule, Terrible, Mars, and Magnificent.

4 Nov 1801 departed Cawsand Bay, the Hercule, and Centaur to join the fleet in Torbay.

28 Jun 1803, chased, but failed to capture the French 24-pounder 44-gun frigate Poursuivante.

30 Nov 1803 the capture of the French 40-gun frigates Surveillante and Clorinde as they departed Cape-François, St.-Domingo, and the rescue, by the ship's boats, of the latter and her 900 occupants, after she'd grounded on rocks whilst leaving.

Circa 30 Nov 1803 departed Cape-François, for Saint-Nicolas, St.-Domingo, arriving 2 Dec and departed for Jamaica with the squadron's prizes and prisoners from Cape-François.

Dec 1803 preparations made for an attack on the island of Curaçoa 31 Jan 1804 Dutch refused to surrender. Seamen and marines landed and operations continued until the 25 Mar when the operation was abandoned.

May 1805 Jamaica Station

Sep 1806 captured a French privateer, Name unknown.

26 Jul 1807 departed as a part of a fleet of 38 vessels for Copenhagen and was present from 15 Aug - 20 Oct 1807 for the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of Danish Fleet by Adm. Gambier.