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Horatio, 1807
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Laid down : Jul 1805 ; Launched : 23 Apr 1807 ;
Disposal date or year : 1865
BM: 1090 tons
Propulsion: Sail - Screw
Machinery notes: 250

Portsmouth 8 Apr 1807 Ready for sea.

8-10 Feb 1809 Asp, Supérieure, Latona, Horatio, and Driver, cruising to the southward of the Virgin islands, captured the French 40-gun frigate Junon, which was taken to Halifax, repaired, and commissioned under the same name in the British navy.

21 Feb 1810 in latitude 33° 10' north, longitude 29° 30' west, captured French frigate-built storeship Nécessité.

Portsmouth 14 Jan 1810 departed with convoy for Oporto.

Yarmouth 26 Mar 1811 Remains.

Yarmouth 28 Mar 1811 Ex-King of Sweden and suite embarked.

Harwich 22 Apr 1811 Remains.

Harwich 14 May 1811 arrived from a cruise.

Yarmouth 2 Sep 1811 departed with store-vessels for Heligoland.

1-2 Aug 1812 off the coast of Norway, sent the ship's boats in chase of a Danish cutter, which, along with a schooner was captured following a sanguinary resistance.

Yarmouth 7 Aug 1812 Has captured and sent in a small Dutch prize.

Yarmouth 11 Aug 1812 arrived from off Heligoland.

Yarmouth 28 Aug 1812 Has detained and sent in a schooner, now in the Haven, and the American ship taken at the same time, is in the Roads.

Portsmouth 17 Nov 1812 arrived with a convoy from the Downs.

Portsmouth 20 Jul 1813 Will sail tomorrow with the outward-bound convoy for Spain, Portugal, and Mediterranean.

Portsmouth 21 Jul 1813 departed with convoy for Lisbon, Cadiz, and the Mediterranean, but were brought up at St Helen's in consequence of a fresh breeze springing up from the westward.

Portsmouth 29 Jul 1813 departed this morning with the convoy for St. Andero, Portugal, and the Mediterranean, with a fine breeze, with stores of every description, specie and troops for Lord Wellington's army.

Falmouth 2 Aug 1813 arrived with the outward-bound convoy for Portugal, and the Mediterranean, put in here by contrary winds.

Falmouth 7 Aug 1813 departed with an outward-bound convoy for Spain Portugal.

Portsmouth 14 Nov 1813 Is put under quarantine.

Deal 29 Nov 1813 departed for off the Scheldt.

Yarmouth 26 Dec 1813 departed with the Bustler gun brig, lately captured by the boats of the Horatio and Amphion frigates, and Solebay, Insolent and Leveret.

Portsmouth 28 Mar 1814 arrived from the River.

Portsmouth 4 Apr 1814 To sail on Wednesday for Newfoundland.

Portsmouth 6 Apr 1814 departed for Newfoundland.

Circa 11 Jun 1814 departed Halifax with the Hamadryad for Newfoundland.

Plymouth 9 Aug 1814 arrived from Newfoundland.

Portsmouth 10 Aug 1814 arrived at Portsmouth, having accompanied the Victorious, she having struck a sunken rock near Disko Island, and being leaky.

18 Aug 1814 departed Plymouth for Cork.

21 Aug 1814 arrived Cork, from Plymouth and hoisted the convoy signal for America.

3 Nov 1814 arrived Halifax, the brig Forth, from Cork, under convoy of the Horatio.

Newfoundland 23 Dec 1814 departed with a convoy for Portugal and Spain &c.

Lisbon 10 Jan 1815 In the Tagus.

Portsmouth 9 Feb 1815 arrived from the coast of America.

Trincomalee 20 Mar 1816 Reported to be at Manilla.

Madras Roads 20 Jun 1816 Remains, under orders for England.

Simon's Bay 27 Sep 1816 Due to sail in about eight days for England.

Portsmouth 14 Dec 1816 departed for Sheerness.

1 Jan 1820 repairing with a circular stern.

1830 Sheerness

2 Sep 1845, Admy. Order, to fit for steam guard ships. Reduced to 24 (20 x 42 pdr., 66 cwt., ; 2 x 56 pdr., 85 cwt. ; 2 x 8 inch., 65 cwt.)

20 Dec 1848 Steam Guard Ship, Chatham

1850 Screw frigate, 12 mortars, 24 mortars

30 Aug 1851 Chatham

24 Mar 1856 The Horatio, steam frigate, Captain the Hon. AA Cochran, arrived at Spithead and joined the Baltic Fleet this morning, from the eastward.

23 Apr 1856, Present at Fleet Review, Spithead ; Captain Honorable. A. Cochrane, CB

1860 Portsmouth re-rated as a 12