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Hornet, 1854
Type: Sloop ; Armament 17
Launched : 13 Apr 1854 ; Disposal date or year : 1868
BM: 753 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 100

20 Dec 1848 Building at Woolwich

25 Apr 1855 HM Ships Sybille, Hornet, and Bittern, under Commodore Hon Charles Elliot, lat 37 17 ' 23 " N, long 1331 54 ' 23 " E - island discovered in the Sea of Japan, about a mile in extent, running in a NW by W and SE by E direction and are formed together by a reef of rocks. We could discern no dangers lying off them and the waters appears to be deep close to the shore. They are barren, without exception of a few patches of grass on their sides and landing would be difficult except in very calm weather. The height of the NW island was ascertained to be 410 ft above sea level - Charles C Forsyth, Cdr HMS Hornet

20 May 1855 the Sybille, and Hornet reconnoitre the Russian squadron in Castries Bay. An attempt was made to persuade the Russians to come out, but they weren't interested.

24 May 1855 the Sybille sent the Bittern to bring up any ships she might find.

Circa 17 Jul 1855, with the Sybille, Spartan, Bittern, and the FNS Constantine in company, experienced thick fog and came into visual contact with the Barracouta, who joined the squadron, which was en route for the Gulf of Amoor, having already exchanged shots with the Russians in Castries Bay, in the Gulf of Tartary, where due to the lack of charts the squadron withdrew, the Hornet having grounded, albeit briefly.

23 Jul 1855, the squadron departed down the Gulf of Amoor and anchored about 5 miles from Obman's Bay.

25 Jul 1855, the Hornet and FNS Constantine departed for the Shantar Isles and Spartan went in chase of a strange sail. In the afternoon the Barracouta raised steam to chase a brig which was attempting to enter the River Amoor, but could not get within 3 miles of her due to shallowness of the water, and returned to the anchorage, as did the Spartan, the strange sail being that of a whaler bound for Ayan.

11 Sep 1855, arrived Nagasaki.

2 Oct 1855, departed Nagasaki for Castries Bay, with the Sybille and Encounter, arriving at their destination on 15th inst., and in the afternoon the ships' boats were sent on shore for timber, but were fired on by hidden Russian infantry and field pieces when within 200 yards from shore, causing 5 injuries, which resulted in the squadron opening fire on the defences ashore. The Encounter and Hornet were then sent to search for the missing Russian ships, the Hornet going aground for some 24 hours, until she'd removed some of her ballast and guns, and the Encounter having discovered an entrance to the Amoor from the south, but the weather dropping below freezing both vessels returned to Castries Bay, where they arrived on the 29th, but the Sybille having already departed for Hakodadi, both vessels departed in pursuit.

27 Nov 1855 arrived Hong Kong from Hakodadi.

31 May 1856, arrived Hakodadi with mail from England HM ships at anchor in the harbour. Stored and refitted the ship for service on the Coast of TarTary.

8 Jun 1856, departed Hakodadi for the coast of Tartary with the Sybille and Pique, arriving off the coast on the 11th and cruised the waters and coast in the region using Barracouta Bay as a base.

18 Jun 1856, heavy fog came down and the boats of the Sybille arrived at Barracouta Bay reporting that she had got on shore, but by the time the Barracouta arrived near the scene had got herself off, and merely needed to be assisted back to Barracouta Bay. Experienced a severe thunderstorm during the night.

19 Jun 1856, the Sybille reported having cases of smallpox on board and was put in quarantine.

19 Jun 1856, unofficial reports of an armistice appear to have leaked through to the Pacific coast of Russia, and both sides appear to be talking to each other occasionally under flags of truce.

2 Jul 1856, departed Barracouta Bay with the Sybille, Barracouta and Pique : from the last week or so's notes the squadron seem to be less interested in the war and more concerned about enjoying the passage of time in a somewhat remote, but interesting part of the World, with walks, fishing and hunting trips ashore etc.

13 Jul 1856, the Sybille, Hornet, Pique and Barracouta arrived Hakodadi.

12 Nov 1856 bombardment and capture of the Bogue Forts and the Anunghoy Forts on the following day.

Dec 1856 spent Christmas on guard duty at Canton.

1 Oct 1856 - 26 Jun 1858 Parliamentary Grant of 33,000, for services (in lieu of Prize Money) on the China Station to be divided between 56 Vessels

15 Mar 1857 Hongkong.

19 Mar 1857 involved with Piratical Junks.

10 May 1857 Canton River.

10 Aug 1857 Ningpo.

28 Nov 1857 Canton River.

28 Dec 1857 Capture of Canton (see also report in London Gazette of 16 and 26 Feb 1858).

30 Dec 1858 Hongkong.

15 Feb 1859 Shanghai.

23 Feb 1859 departed Hongkong for England.

19 July 1860 Portsmouth. Commissioned for service on the Cape of Good Hope station.

1 Jan to 12 Sep 1864 Cape of Good Hope and East Indies station. Medical report : fever onboard : number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

12 Sep 1864 Paid off.