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Hyacinth, 1829
Type: Sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 6 May 1829 ; Disposal date or year : Nov 1871
BM: 435 tons

27 Oct 1829 commissioned Plymouth for foreign service.

8 Jan 1830 departed Plymouth for the West Indies.

17 Feb 1830 waiting Barbadoes on the arrival of the Barham.

25 Nov 1830 arrived Antigua from Halifax.

Jan 10 1831 arrived Antigua from Bermuda.

21 Jan 1831 the Winchester, Champion, and Hyacinth, arrived at Barbadoes from Martinique.

11 Apr 1831 arrived at Jamaica from Carthagena.

21 May 1831 departed Nassau for Bermuda.

4 Jan 1832 at Port Royal embarked 30 men from the 33d Regiment and departed to Morant Bay : this at the time of the uprising in Jamaica.

10 Apr 1832 remained at Port Royal, refitting, when the packet Lord Melville departed for England.

10 May 1832 arrived at Port au Prince from Jamaica.

16 May 1832 departed Port au Prince for Jamaica.

6 Jun 1832 arrived Bermuda from Jamaica.

7 Aug 1832 departed Havannah for Vera Cruz prior to departing the station for England.

13 Sep 1832 arrived at Vera Cruz and started loading specie on merchants' accounts to the value of $630,000.

6 Oct 1832 departed Vera Cruz for Havannah.

29 Oct 1832 departed Havannah for Bermuda.

circa 13 Nov 1832 departed Bermuda for Portsmouth, England, leaving the Tweed at anchor.

30 Nov 1832 arrived Portsmouth, from Bermuda, in 17 days.

2 Dec 1832 came into harbour to be paid off.

18 Dec 1832 paid off at Portsmouth.

22 Dec 1832 was taken into dock to have defects made good.

Circa Feb 1833 recommissioned at Portsmouth.

2 Mar 1833, Portsmouth, in harbour.

16 Mar 1833 Portsmouth.

11 Apr 1833 went out to Spithead, and departed Saturday for a cruise in the North Sea.

25 Apr 1833 departed Deal for Plymouth.

27 Apr 1833 arrived Portsmouth from a cruise in the North Sea, and preparing for service in the East Indies.

8 May 1833 departed Portsmouth for the East Indies.

11 May 1833 arrived Falmouth from Portsmouth, for Mauritius.

19 May 1833 departed Falmouth for the East Indies.

29 May 1833 arrived Madeira from Falmouth, and was due to sail on the 2 Jun for India, via the Cape of Good Hope.

5 Jul 1833 arrived Rio de Janeiro for water and provision.

24 Jul 1833 at 27. S. 23. W., all well.

13 Sep 1833 departed Mauritius for Calcutta.

3 Sep 1833 arrived Mauritius from England and Rio Janeiro ; due to contrary winds, passel the Cape of Good Hope 5 Aug. Having refitted, intends to sail 13 Sep for Trincomalee and Calcutta, with despatches.

7 Oct 1833 departed Ceylon for Madras.

13 Oct 1833 departed Madras to Calcutta with despatches.

31 Jan 1834 Is at Calcutta.

13 Jan 1834 departed Singapore for Madras.

2 Apr 1834 arrived Madras from Trincomalee and on the 6th departed on a cruise.

20 Jun 1834 Is reported to be preparing at Madras for a passage to New South Wales to relieve the Alligator.

20 Jul 1834 arrived Mauritius from Madras.

2 Aug 1834 had departed Mauritius for Madras with despatches.

30 Sep 1834 departed Madras for New South Wales.

Dec 1834 Alligator reported to be due at Madras, from New South Wales, where she had been relieved by the Hyacinth.

17 Feb 1835 departed Sydney for Twofold Bay

23 Feb 1835 departed for New Zealand

3 Mar 1835 arrived New Zealand

14 Mar 1835 departed for Otaheite

20 Apr 1835 arrived Otaheite

14 May 1835 departed for Tongataboo

25 May 1835 arrived Tongataboo

28 May 1835 departed for Sydney

18 Jun 1835 arrived Sydney

2 Oct 1835 is reported to have arrived Batavia from Sydney.

26 Oct 1835 departed Singapore on a cruise.

16 Apr 1836 was reported to have been at Madras on 28 Dec.

10 Jun 1836 arrived Bombay.

4 Aug 1836 departed Trincomalee for the Cape.

14 Sep 1836 departed Cape of Good Hope for England, calling at St Helena and Ascension en route.

19 Nov 1836 arrived Portsmouth from the East Indies.

15 Jul 1837 was masted at Portsmouth on Tuesday and is expected to be commissioned shortly.

30 Sep 1837 out at Spithead and due to sail Tuesday with the Emerald tender and 2 cutters for off Brighton whilst her majesty is in residence at the Pavilion.

28 Oct 1839 had arrived Hong Kong. See p. 281 at at

27 Apr 1840 at Capsingmoon, China

6 Aug 1840 following an attack on a clergyman in Casilha Bay, near Macao, reprisals were taken by the squadron. See p. 284 at

24 Nov 1840 Tongkoo Bay, has gone to the mouth of the Bogue.

At some time during the period 1839-42 engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at

7 Jan 1841 off Anunghouy, RMs, detachments of the British and Indian army and men from the Wellesley, Blenheim, Melville, Samarang, Druid, Modeste, Columbine Calliope, Hyacinth, Starling, Larne and cutter Louise landed to attack and destroy the forts at Chuenpee and Tycocktow. See of 7 May 1841 and 14 May 1841. See also p. 284-> at

12-17 Mar 1841 operations at Canton. See of 11 Jun 1841.

3 Jul 1841 Lieutenant W. H. A. Morshead, Hyacinth, promoted to Commander. Mate T. G. Drake, Hyacinth, promoted to Lieutenant

10 Mar 1842 at Chinhae, firerafts floated down the stream, were dealt with by the boats of the Blonde and Hyacinth. See p. 296 at

15 Mar 1842 at Ningpo, an expeditionary force was landed to attack Yang's position on the heights of Segaon, behind Tsekee. See p. 297 at

14 Apr 1842 a further attempt to burn the shipping by means of fire-rafts was defeated by the boats of the vessels present. See p. 297 at

14 Jul 1842 had arrived Singapore en route from China to England.

10 Sep 1842 departed the Cape of Good Hope for England.

11 Nov 1842 arrived Spithead from China.

15 Nov 1842 departed Spithead for Sheerness to be paid off. On arriving in the Downs the yards were manned and anchored off Walmer Castle in order ot pay its respects to Her Majesty who was in residence, and then proceeded to the River.

3 Dec 1842 the officers and men of the RM contingent donated £1 5s. to the funds of the Seamen's School, St. George's Square, Portsea.

8 Feb 1844 arrived at Boa Vista, Cape Verd Islands, and landed H. W. Macaulay, appointed H. M. Commissioner in the British and Portuguese Court of Mixed Commission at this place.

6 Jul 1844 detained in Lat. 12° 30' S. Long. 12° 14' E. the Portuguese slave schooner Flor de Tejo, F. C. Roza, master, which was sent for adjudication to the British and Portuguese Court of Mixed Commission, St. Paul de Loanda, and on 29 Jul 1844 sentenced to be restored to her Master.

13 Aug 1844 detained by the ship's four-oared gig in Lat. 15° 45' S. Long. 11° 52 E., off Port Alexander, Fish Bay, coast of Benguela, the Brazilian slave brig Aventureiro, late Le Télégraphe of Bordeaux, 200 tons, Jozé Mariano da Costa e Silva, master, which was sent for adjudication to the British and Brazilian Court of Mixed Commission, Sierra Leone, and on 19 Sep 1844 sentenced to be condemned - see p. 363 at

1846 West Indies and North America station.

Jan 1848 Portsmouth, in Ordinary (reserve)

20 Dec 1848 Portsmouth

1860 Coal (hulk) Depot, Portsmouth

1870 Coal Depot, Portsmouth