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Hyaena, 1778
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 24
Launched at Liverpool in 1778 ;
Disposal date or year : Feb 1802
Displacement: 522 tons (BM)
Complement: 120

29 Mar 1785 arrived Plymouth Sound from Ireland.

20 May 1785 departed Plymouth Sound for the Eastward.

The following account of the meeting between the HyŠna and Concorde is extracted from Captain Schomberg's naval work: " In May, the HyŠna, of 24 guns, and 160 men, commanded by Captain William Hargood, being on a cruise off Hispaniola, fell in with La Concorde, French frigate, of 40 guns and 320 men. After a severe and spirited conflict, in which the HyŠna was dreadfully shattered, her first lieutenant, and many of her crew, killed and wounded, Captain Hargood was obliged to surrender." *

27 May 1793 Follow the link for William James slightly different take on the action.

On the 11th of October, 1793, on board the Cambridge guardship, in Hamoaze, Captain Hargood and his officers were tried by a court-martial, and honourably acquitted; the sentence stating, that " every means had been used to prevent the HyŠna from being captured." In the first edition of this work, it was not mentioned that the Concorde was the advanced ship of a squadron. Two circumstances led to that omission: the neglect of Sir William Hargood to transmit the promised " particulars of the action and cause of the capture of his Majesty's ship HyŠna," and the very imperfect information furnished by a subordinate at a public office, even after he had received from his chief the most positive directions to make a full extract from the official document in his charge.

* Schomberg, vol. ii., p. 257.

25 Oct 1797 the frigate Indefatigable re-captured the French ship-privateer HyŔne, of 24 long 8-pounders, late British 24-gun ship HyŠna.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. Hon. C. Boyle. At Spithead.

13 Jan 1799 Portsmouth, arrived from Marcou (off Cape la Hogue).

15 Jan 1799 at Spithead and ready for sea, with the fleet.

2 Feb 1799 Portsmouth, appointed to convoy the trade from hence to Lisbon and Gibraltar.

12 Feb 1799 Portsmouth, the Thames frigate, and outward bound Lisbon fleet, are expected to sail to-morrow. General Cuyler goes out in the Thames, and General Tarleton in the Hyaena.

3 Mar 1799 Portsmouth, sailed the Mediterranean convoy, under the escort of the Thames and Hyaena frigates, with the Gorgon and Serapis armed 44 gun store-ships ; General Cuyler and his suite went in the former frigate, and General Tarleton in the latter.

Circa 10 Feb 1800 the HyŠna, Capt Lloyd, appointed to take the Lisbon, Oporto and Mediterranean convoys from Hull to Yarmouth, where another convoy will be appointed.

Circa 12 Mar 1801 fleet under Admiral Sir Hyde Parker and Lord Nelson, consisting of 17 ships of the line, 3 frigates, 10 gun-brigs, nearly as many bomb-ketches, with smaller vessels usually attendant on a fleet, making in the whole nearly 50 sail, got under weigh from Yarmouth Roads at the break of day, and by eight o'clock had cleared the Sands ; they directed their course to the northward, wafted by a fine breeze at S.W. as sailed from Yarmouth roads for Copenhagen (Naval Chronicle). On arrival at Copenhagen supported the ships-of-the-line as required.

28 Jul 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound the Hyaena, from off Copenhagen, last from Cork ; where she left the Warrior, Tyler, Bellona, Ganges, Defiance, Russell, and Defence, of 74 guns each ; a frigate, and EItham armed schooner, where they are to victual, and then proceed on a cruise.

25 Aug 1801 departed Plymouth Sound a convoy to the eastward, under care of the Hyaena, of 24 guns.

31 Aug 1801 arrived Spithead the Hyaena and the Thalia, armed en flute, from the eastward.

3 Sep 1801 departed Spithead to join the Channel Fleet.

16 Nov 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from the Eastward.

8 Dec 1801 arrived Deal from Portsmouth and departed for Sheerness.

10 Dec 1801 arrived Sheerness from the Downs.

14 Dec 1801 departed Plymouth Sound the Hyaena, for Torbay.

24 Feb 1802 notice is given that the HyŠna, 522 Tons, Copper-bottomed and Copper-fastened, lying, at Deptford, has been put up for sale.