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Icarus, 1814
Type: Brig-sloop ; Armament 18
Launched : 18 Aug 1814 ; Disposal date or year : 1861
BM: 234 tons

19 Oct 1814 fitting at Portsmouth for sea.

16 Jan 1815 departed Portsmouth with a convoy for Cork.

31 Jan 1815 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

31 Jan 1815 arrived Plymouth from Portsmouth.

6 Feb 1815 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

Circa 16 Oct 1815 arrived St. Helena from England.

9 Sep 1817 departed Portsmouth for South America.

12 Aug 1820 in the river Plate.

26 May 1821 the Icarus, Capt Eliot, arrived at Portsmouth from the Pernambuco, Bahia, and Rio de Janeiro (29 Mar), in 52 days at Scilly, when she met with adverse winds. She brings news of the capture of Lima by Lord Cochrane and Gen San Martin. Along with lots of news regarding the Portuguese royalty the Icarus brought with her £40,000 in specie, along with 25 invalids from Sir Thomas Hardy's squadron.

16 Jun 1821 has paid off and is expected to be re-commissioned.

22 Apr 1822 a letter received Portsmouth, from the West Indies, states that the Icarus was at Port Royal, Jamaica.

13 Feb 1823 at Barbadoes. On the arrival of Commodore Owen, departed with sealed orders.

20 Aug 1824 ship's boats involved in the capture, off Havana, of the pirate schooner Diableto, 6, with a complement of 55 men. See p. 268 at

circa 11 Sep 1825 arrived Portsmouth from Jamaica.

19 Apr 1828 departed Jamaica to the Bay of Honduras, with a convoy.

15 Jul 1828 departed Nassau, New Providence for Barbadoes.

15 Oct 1828 on the Barbadoes station.

21 Aug 1829 arrived at St Thomas's to examine the type of vessels using the port, following a report of piracy in the area.

25 Aug 1829 arrived at Curaçoa.

4 Oct 1830 arrived at Jamaica, from Havannah.

16 Mar 1831 departed Jamaica for Havannah.

24 Jun 1831 arrived Jamaica from Campeachy, Com. Stewart, in command.

10 Oct 1831 arrived Spithead from Tampico, last from Havannah, and departed for Plymouth 13 Oct., and arrived Plymouth 18th.

22 Oct 1831 in Hamoaze.

20 Mar 1835 at Plymouth.

Feb 1842 Coast Guard Service, Lymington.

20 Dec 1848 Coast Guard Service, Lymington.

1860 Coast Guard Service, Lymington.