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Imogene, 1831
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 26
Launched : 1831 ; Disposal date or year : 1840
Disposal Details : Accidentally burnt at Plymouth, in Ordinary.

1830 Pembroke - building.

23 Jul 1831 in Portsmouth Harbour.

16 Sep 1831 in Portsmouth Harbour.

29 Sep 1831 towed out to Spithead, and to prepare for a passage to the East Indies, calling at the Cape of Good Hope.

22 Oct 1831 at Spithead.

25 Oct 1831 departed Spithead for the Downs.

29 Oct 1831 the squadron under the command of Rear- Admiral Warren, weighed anchor from the Downs for the Scheldt, but, on approaching the Dutch coast, the squadron met with a severe gale and thick weather, when the Admiral ordered them to disperse and make the best of their way back to the Downs.

1-2 Nov 1831 the Stag, Galatea, Tribune, Curacoa, Imogene, Tweed, and Brisk, arrived in the Downs, the Talavera, Revenge, and Wellesley, with the rest of the squadron shortly after.

10 Nov 1831 remains in the Downs.

17 Nov 1831 arrived Plymouth, from the Downs, Capt. Price Blackwood, in command.

20 Nov 1831 in Barnpool.

26 Nov 1831 departed Plymouth for South America and India.

16 Feb 1832 arrived the Cape of Good Hope.

22 Apr 1832 was at Trincomalee when the Crocodile departed for England.

2 Jun 1832 at Calcutta, Kedgeree.

12 Jun 1832 was in the Hoogly.

4 July 1832 arrived Madras from Calcutta, and Bengal.

8 Jul 1832 departed Madras on a cruise.

16 Aug 1832 departed Madras, with the Alligator, for Malacca, with troops, and to return immediately.

27 Sep 1832 arrived Madras from Trincomalee,

18 Oct 1832 departed Trincomalee for New South Wales.

4 Jan 1833 arrived Hobart Town from Swan River and departed on the 26th for Sydney.

2 Feb 1833 arrived Sydney from Hobart Town.

22 Feb 1833 arrived Hobart Town from Sydney.

2 Apr 1833 arrived New South Wales from Hobart-town.

11 Oct 1833 arrived Madras from a cruise.

9 Nov 1833 arrived Ceylon from Batavia, and departed for Madras.

31 Jan 1834 Remains at Bombay.

20 Jun 1834 Has recently returned to Mauritius from a trip to Muscat, and has now departed for China.

23 Jul 1834 arrived Singapore from Malacca.

2 Aug 1834 departed from Singapore for China.

16 Aug 1834 has arrived Canton, from Singapore.

7 Sep 1834 in company with the Andromache and Louisa : action against the Bogue Forts prior to proceeding up to Whampoa, and returning on 22nd, and anchoring in Ling Ting Bay. See p. 273 at

Dec 1834 reported to be due at Madras, from China.

18 Apr 1835 is reported to have been at Manilla on 13 Nov 1834, en route from China.

10 May 1835 is reported to have arrived at the Cape, en route for England, with the officers and ship's company of the Algerine, said to be liable to trial by court martial..

11 Jun 1836 has been commissioned at Plymouth.

3 Jun 1838, at Callao, with the Harrier, when the Sulphur arrived from up north : also present were the French vessels Andromede, 60, and brig Alacrité, and the US vessel North Carolina, 80, and corvette Lexington, who were all watching the motions of the belligerents, Peru and Chile.

30 Nov 1838, at Realejo, and in contact the the Captain of the Sulphur, prior to departing for San Blas.

Circa Jan 1839 in the Pacific.

27 Sep 1840 Devonport, was destroyed in a severe fire whilst in dock.