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Indefatigable, 1784
Type: 5th Rate, late 3rd rate ; Armament 64 †
Launched at Bucklershard in 1784 ;
Disposal date or year : 1816
Displacement : 1384 tons (BM)
Complement : 327 (1796)

† 1794-95 Anson, Indefatigable, and Magnanime, cut down from 64s, retaining their 26 long 24s on their main deck, and fitted with 12 long 12-pounders and six 42-pounder carronades on the quarterdeck and forecastle ; with a complement at first of 310, but afterwards of 330 men..

13 Apr 1796 capture of the French frigate Unité by the Révolutionnaire while cruising off Ushant, and forming a part of a squadron composed of the frigates Indefatigable, Captain Sir Edward Pellew, Argo, Amazon, and Concorde.

20 Apr 1796 capture of the French 40-gun frigate Virginie, discovered off the Lizard, and after a long chase, by the frigates Indefatigable, Amazon, and Concorde.

2 Oct 1796 Indefatigable and others captured the French privateer Revanche off Brest.

Dec 1796 Cruising with a small squadron of frigates under her command off Brest, reporting the movements of the French fleet to the admiral of the British fleet, then cruising some distance of the Ushant [Captain Sir Edward Pellew].

15 Dec 1796 Whilst cruising off Brest observed and reported the French fleet depart from Brest, en route for the invasion of Ireland.

17 Dec 1796 departed to Falmouth to report the departure of the French fleet from Brest. arrived Falmouth 20 Dec.

13-14 Jan 1797 Destruction of French 74, Droits de l'Homme by Indefatigable, Sir Edward Pellew and Amazon, Carthew Reynolds. The Amazon, with the Droits de l'Homme, ending up ashore on the French coast, and her ship's company taken prisoner.

30 Apr 1797 Indefatigable and others captured the French privateer Basque in the Channel.

11 May 1797 Indefatigable and others captured the French privateer Nouvelle Eugénie in the Channel.

14 Oct 1797 captured the French privateer Le Ranger, late RN cutter Ranger.

25 Oct 1797 captured the French ship-privateer Hyène, of 24 long 8-pounders, late British 24-gun ship Hyæna.

4 Jan 1798 captured the French privateer Vengeur in the Channel.

16 Jan 1798 Indefatigable and squadron captured the French privateer Inconcevable in the Channel.

28 Jan 1798 Indefatigable and squadron captured the French privateer Heureuse Nouvelle.

5 Aug 1798 captured the French privateer Heureux.

7 Aug 1798 captured the French ship-corvette Vaillante near Isle of Ré, which was purchased into the Service as the Danaë.

31 Dec 1798 captured the French privateer Minerve.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. Sir Edw. Pellew, Bart. Cruising.

3 Jan 1799 Falmouth, sent in the French privateer, La Minerve, Captain J. H. d'Auginot, of 16 guns, and 125 men, from St. Maloes, had been out 34 days : the privateer had eighteen men wounded, and the vessel was much shattered.

22 Jan 1799 Plymouth, arrived from a cruize. The last time she looked into Brest there were 15 sail of the line to appearance ready for sea.

13 Feb 1799 Plymouth, went into dock.

12 Mar 1799 in the Sound.

25 Mar 1799 Plymouth, departed on a cruise.

26 Mar 1799 Plymouth, arrived, damaged, having shipped a heavy sea, which stove in her head rails and sprung her bowsprit.

27 Mar 1799 Plymouth, remains in the Sound.

14 Apr 1799 Plymouth, departed on a cruise.

8 May 1799 Plymouth, arrived from off Corunna. She fell in with, and dodged for two days, five Spanish ships of the line and two frigates. On her return she spake the Childers, 14, dispatched by Lord Bridport to Earl St. Vincent, with the account of the sailing of the French fleet. Captain C. communicated the above information to Captain Crawford.

8 May 1799 arrived Plymouth with news of the sighting of a Spanish squadron at sea.

14 May 1799 Plymouth, departed on a cruise to the westward.

31 May 1799 captured the French privateer brig La Venus, mounting 12 four and 2 nine-pounders, and 101 men, out 9 weeks from Rochefort ; she had captured the schooner Clarence, from Lisbon, bound to London ; and a ship from Lisbon, bound to Hamburgh, laden with salt.

8 Jun 1799 Plymouth, arrived the French privateer Venus.

17 Jul 1799 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise.

22 Jul 1799 Plymouth, departed for Ireland.

1 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise.

27 Sep 1799 Plymouth, arrived from off Brest the Urania, 44, Indefatigable, 44, Nymphe, 36, and Childers, 14.

1 Oct 1799 Plymouth, departed on a cruise.

28 Nov 1799 Plymouth, arrived the Indefatigable from a cruise.

26 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived from a cruize.

31 May 1799 captured the French privateer Venus in the Bay of Biscay.

3 Jan 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Sirius, and Phoebe, on a cruise.

3 Feb 1800 Plymouth, arrived the Indefatigable, 44, Capt. Curzon, from a cruize.

1 Mar 1800 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise with the Voltigeur.

30 May 1800 Plymouth, departed with a convoy.

12 Jun 1800 captured Le Vengeur, a French brig privateer, 6 long four-pounders and 10 eighteen- pound carronades, 100 men, of Bourdeaux, intending to cruise on the coast of Brazil, had captured the Snake, lugger privateer, of Jersey.

17 Jun 1800 Plymouth, is reported to have relieved the Cambrian, on the coast of Spain.

13 Jul 1800 Plymouth, arrived the Cultivateur, West Indiaman, Smith, Master, from Demerara and Issequibo, with a cargo valued at £20,000 captured by a French privateer, and recaptured by the Indefatigable, 44 ; and Boadicea, 38, close in with the French coast.

14 Aug 1800 Plymouth, letters from the Fisgard, 48, state that the following frigates were cruising off the coast of Spain, viz. Boadicea, 38, Indefatigable, 44, Fisgard, 48, Uranie, 44, and Unicorn, 32.

4 Oct 1800 Plymouth, departed for Torbay.

23 Oct 1800 chased, the Venus French national frigate ; 32 guns and 200 men, bound from Rochfort to Senegal, and had the good fortune to come up with and capture her as early as seven in the evening, owing to the Fisgard having come in sight in the afternoon directly in the wind of the chase, and turning her, so that both ships crossed upon her course, arriving up with her nearly at the same time.

25 Oct 1800 off Ferrol. The Indefatigable, which left the squadron in chase on the 23rd, has rejoined with the Fisgard, and the French frigate Venus, 32, and 200 men, bound from Rochfort to Senegal.

1 Nov 1800 Plymouth, arrived a fine French frigate La Venus, 32, and 300 men, from Bourdeaux to Senegal, with dispatches and a valuable cargo, on account of the French Republic, taken by the Fisgard, 48, after a long chase, and the Indefatigable, 44, having thrown her dispatches overboard. She fired a broadside before she struck.

16 Nov 1800 Plymouth, the Indefatigable, 44, having parted her cables and anchors in a gale of wind off the Coast of France, is gone between the Island and Main to refit.

29 Nov 1800 Plymouth, departed on a cruise with the Heureux, and Beaulieu.

20 Feb 1801 sent into Plymouth Sound the Danish galliot Noisome Adde, in ballast, detained by the Indefatigable, on her passage from Bilboa to Croisick.

27 Feb 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound the Indefatigable, of 44 gun, Captain Scott, from Quiberon. Her boats and the boats of the Excellent, of 74 guns, attempted to cut out a French gun-vessel full of troops, and fifteen sail her convoy. The former was carried and brought in here, but the latter took shelter under the forts of the Morbihan ; Lieutenant Church and four men were killed, and seven wounded.

8 Mar 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise.

8 Aug 1801 arrived Plymouth from a 5 month cruise in the Bay.

19 Aug 1801 in the late cruise of the Indefatigable, she ran in and endeavoured to cut out of the roads, a large French frigate, but after exchanging some broadsides the French frigate warped into shallower water, under the protection of heavy batteries ; where the Indefatigable, which draws much water could not follow.

22 Aug 1801 departed Plymouth Sound the Royal Sovereign with the San Josef, and Indefatigable, having embarked bullocks and vegetables for the Channel fleet.

31 Oct 1801 arrived Plymouth from the Channel Fleet, having departed from them at 7 o'clock this morning, to the westward, steering for Torbay.

4 Nov 1801 came into Plymouth Sound the Indefatigable, from the Channel Fleet.

19 Nov 1801 remained in Torbay the Ville de Paris, Royal Sovereign, Prince of Wales, Neptune, Prince, Royal George, San Joseph, London, Magnificent, Bellerophon, Hercule, Donegal, Robust, Edgar, Belleisle, Courageux, Fisgard, Amelia, Indefatigable, Childers, Atlanta, Nimrod. The Nile cutter departing for Plymouth to be paid off.

15 Dec 1801 departed Torbay for Portsmouth.

18 Dec 1801 arrived Spithead the Indefatigable, from the Channel Fleet at Torbay.

20 Dec 1801 departed Spithead the Indefatigable, for Torbay, to join the Channel Fleet.

27 Dec 1801 arrived Torbay from Portsmouth, and departed immediately with dispatches, supposed for the West Indies, but in fact it turned out to be Bantry Bay.

29 Dec 1801 arrived Torbay at two o'clock this morning and remains, having met Adm Mitchell's squadron, bound from Bantry Bay to Spithead, off the Eddystone, with all the mutineers, apparently making the Indefatigable's original journey of 27 Dec pointless.

23 Jan 1801 now under weigh, to depart Torbay, the frigates Unicorn, Indefatigable, and Sirius, along with the sloop, understood to be the Sylph, on the proverbial cruise.

12 Feb 1802 arrived at Torbay.

8 Mar 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound, from a cruise against smugglers off Portland.

14 Mar 1802 remains in Plymouth Sound.

21 Mar 1802 the Indefatigable, Capt Scott, went up into Hamoaze to refit.

25 Mar 1804 per a letter from the Squadron off the Black Rocks, it was reported that between eight and nine in the morning, the Magnificent, lying at anchor off the Saintes, with the Impetueux, Colossus, and the Montague, in the act of getting under weigh struck on an unknown shoal of rocks. Not being able to save the ship, the decision was made to save the crew, and to this end the boats of ships nearby, gave their assistance, whilst the Indefatigable and Aigle anchored close to her bows, and the schooner Pickle and cutter Fox were on her starboard quarter.

1 Apr 1802 orders came to the Port Admiral at Plymouth to have the Indefatigable stripped, previous to being paid off.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Mr. John Gaze, late Master of the Indefatigable apptd to the Camilla.

Circa 27 Jun 1803 Captain G. Moore apptd to the Indefatigable.

23 Aug 1803 fitting in Hamoaze and will soon be ready for sea.

20 Sep 1803 departed Plymouth the Indefatigable to the westward.

5 Oct 1803 arrived in the Sound last night for orders and departed early this morning.

6 Oct 1803 arrived in the Sound and departed again for the Eastward.

9 Oct 1803 arrived in the Sound from a cruise.

13 Oct 1803 arrived in the Sound and soon departed on another cruise.

18 Oct 1803 arrived Plymouth and lay off the Sound until she'd received her mail and despatches and then departed on her cruise.

27 Oct 1803 departed on a cruise.

31 Oct 1803 departed on a cruise.

3 Nov 1803 departed Penzance in the morning, circa 6 o'clock, with a smart breeze at ENE, to join the squadron off Brest.

21 Jan 1804 came into Plymouth.

24 Jan 1804 went up into Hamoaze to refit.

17 Apr 1804 the Aurora arrived Plymouth from off Brest R.-Adm Graves having transferred his flag to the Venerable, in command of the inshore squadron off Brest, which included the Impetueux, Capt TB Martin ; Montague, Capt Otway ; Colossus, Capt Seymour ; Indefatigable, Acasta, and Aigle, and 3 cutters.

12 May 1804 the Neptune, 98, arrived Cawsand Bay, and the Indefatigable, 44, arrived Plymouth Sound, from the fleet off Brest.

24 May 1804 is being prepared to depart Plymouth to take dispatches to the squadron off the Ferrol, when they arrive from the Admiralty.

28 May 1804 having previously departed for the Fleet off Ferrol, but put back on Saturday last, and sailed again yesterday with the wind at SSE. She carries the dispatches from the new Admiralty Board to R.-Adm. Cochrane.

Circa 23 Jun 1804 the Indefatigable has recaptured the Bilboa, laden with stone from Portland, and sent her into Spithead.

28 Aug 1804 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise off the Coast of Spain, the Nautilus, with a valuable Jamaican ship, the William Heathcote, she had retaken when in company with the Indefatigable, her captor, the French privateer Augereau having escaped by superior sailing. Is now overhauling her rigging in the Sound.

8 Sep 1804 having been paid wages and prize money on Thursday departed Plymouth on a cruise to the Westward.

3 Oct 1804 with a squadron which captured 3 valuable Spanish frigates Medea, Fama, Clara, which should have been four had not the Mercedes exploded, an event which was to bring about a return to war with Spain.

Circa 17 Oct 1804 Indefatigable, Medusa, and Amphion arrived Plymouth with the Medea and Clara, who were put in quarantine, having some 40-50 men sick. The Fama had gone on to Spithead with the Lively, with the Fama's crew being put in the Royal Oak prison hulk, and the Spanish officers under the supervision of the Agent for prisoners.

6 Nov 1804 the Indefatigable has been taken into dock at Plymouth to have her sternpost and her hull repaired.

2 Dec 1804 has been taken out of dock and is preparing for sea in Hamoaze and will shortly work down into the Sound.

4 Dec 1804 has been warped down to Barney Pool to wait the morning tide, to go into the Sound.

6 Dec 1804 departed Plymouth Sound for the Squadron off Ferrol and Corruna, the Indefatigable, Capt G Mann.

3 Jan 1805 arrived Plymouth from off the coast of Spain, and landed Lt Gen Sir J Moore, KCB, from Madrid, last from Lisbon, who went off to London in a post chaise, and the Indefatigable departed Plymouth immediately.

30 Jan 1805 arrived Plymouth Sound from off the coast of Spain.

16 Feb 1805 departed Plymouth for a cruise.

22 Feb 1805 when in Plymouth Sound a man is reported to have fallen from [aloft on ?] the Indefatigable and fractured his skull so violently as to die just as he arrived at the Royal Hospital.

May 1805 Cruising, Channel.

1 Jul 1805 arrived in Cawsand Bay, Plymouth, from the Channel Fleet, which she left on the 28th ult.

20 Aug 1805 reconnoitred the Brest harbour and observed the French getting under way. and the following day accompanied the Admiral to view the French, now at anchor. 22 Aug brief encounter with the French fleet before it departed back into the safety of Brest.

12 May 1806 Pallas, with Indefatigable and Kingfisher reconnoitre the French squadron in the road of the Isle of Aix.

14-16 Jul 1806 the ships' boats from the Prince-of-Wales, Centaur, Conqueror, Monarch, Revenge, and Polyphemus, along with 3 boats each from the Indefatigable and Iris, capture the French 16-gun brig-corvette César from the R. Gironde.

29 Dec 1806 departed Plymouth on a cruise off Cape Finisterre.

31 Jul 1808 captured the French privateer Diane off the Gironde.

14 Jan 1809 captured the French privateer Clarisse in the Channel.

7 Mar - Apr 1809 had arrived in Basque roads. 11 Apr the use of fire ships, explosion-vessels, and Congreve rockets against the French fleet at Basque roads and the results thereof. 12 Apr attempt made to destroy grounded French vessels, following the previous night's attack.

22 Mar 1811 departed Plymouth to the westward.

2 Apr 1811 reported to be ready to sail for China.

19 May 1812 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

28 Oct 1812 arrived in the Downs from off the Texel.

6 Nov 1812 arrived Spithead from the Downs.

20 Apr 1813 departed Spithead with the East India convoy.

4 Oct 1814 at Rio Janeiro.