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Indefatigable, 1848
Type: 4th rate ; Armament 50 (main-deck. 28 x 8 inch, 65 cwt., 9 feet long ; q'deck & f'csle, 22 x 32-pdrs, 45 cwt., 8 feet 6 inches long.)
Launched : 27 Jul 1848 ; Disposal date or year : 1914
BM: 2044 tons ; Displacement: 2626 tons
Propulsion: Sail

Jan, 1846, Indefatigable, 50, Mr. W. Edye, just ordered, at Plymouth.

Jan 1848 Devonport, Building

27 Jul 1848 Launched. See below for description

20 Dec 1848 Devonport, fitting out

20 Apr 1851 Caledonia ordered home from the Mediterranean, to be paid-off, and to be replaced by the Indefatigable, 50, Capt. Smart .

8 May 1851 arrived at Malta, via Lisbon and Gibraltar, to await orders.

1 Jul 1857 at Rio de Janeiro. Flag Ship on the SE Coast of South America.

1860 Devonport

1865 Training Ship

1870 Training Ship in the Mersey

1879 Training Ship in the Mersey

1890 Training Ship in the Mersey

Launch Of The Indefatigable. - On Thursday afternoon, (July 27), at half-past two o'clock, the 50-gun frigate Indefatigable was launched from Her Majesty's Dockyard, Devonport. She was named by Miss Louis, daughter of Rear-Admiral Sir John Louis, Bart., Superintendent of this Dockyard. The wind was very high, and the weather frequently very threatening; nevertheless there was a vast concourse of persons assembled. This noble frigate has been constructed after a design and under the superintendence of the present master shipwright, M. Edye, Esq. Her dimensions are: - Length from the figure head to stern, 215 feet ; length on the upper deck, 189 feet 6 inches ; breadth, extreme, 51 feet 6 inches; depth in hold, 16 feet 6 inches. Burthen in tons, No. 2043. Armament :-Quarter-deck and forecastle guns, 22 32-pounders ; weight, 45 cwt. ; length, 3 feet 5 inches. main-deck guns, 8-inch diameter, shot and shells, 28 56-pounders ; weight, 65 cwt.; length, 9 feet. Total armament 50. The weight of shot that could be discharged in one broadside from this strip would be 2272 lbs., equal to 1 ton 0 cwt. 1 qr. 4 Ibs. When a frigate of these dimensions was first proposed to the Admiralty, in 1820, it was deemed too large. However, a finer specimen of naval architecture than the Indefatigable displays, it would be difficult, perhaps, to produce. She was commenced in August of 1846. Her armament makes her superior to every ship of her class, she possesses proportions of most beautiful exactitude.