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Investigator, 1848
Type: Discovery vessel ;
Launched : 184802 acquired ; Disposal date or year : 1852
Disposal Details : Abandoned in the Arctic Ice ; Com. Robt Jno Le Mesurier McClure
BM: 480 tons

1848 Search for HMS Erebus and Terror

28 May 1850, the Herald departed for the coast of Kamtschatka, and arrived at Chamisso Island 15 Jul. Orders having been received for the search for Franklin and his expedition to continue, the Plover headed north, followed shortly afterwards by the Herald, but as the latter was supposed to meet the Enterprize and Investigator she didn't proceed too far from Cape Lisburne, the latter arriving at the end of July, and continued on for the ice.

1 Jul 1850 arrived Honolulu.

4 Jul 1850 Sails for the North in search of Sir John Franklin's missing expedition.

30 Aug 1851 Arctic Exploration.

5 May 1854, 2230 hours, in the Bay of Mercy, arrived Lieutenant Meacham, and his party, under orders from Captain Kellett of the Resolute to visit the deserted vessel. The tattered remains of the ensign and pendant were still flying. Snow had drifted allowing the party to walk over her gunwhale, and despite large quantities of snow on the deck an entrance was made to the ship through the forward hatchway. 'Tween decks was in good order although ice now almost filled the orlop deck as far as the beams. He now embarked on his order to clear the ship of all useful stores, which was completed by 11 May, with the vessel being restored to the condition in which they found her, plus the few repairs that had been made to further their work. They returned to Melville Island, where they arrived on 26 May.