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Jaseur, 1857
Type: Gunboat ; Armament 3
Launched : 7 Mar 1857 ; Disposal date or year : 26 Feb 1859
Disposal Details : Wrecked on Baxo Nuevo, W. Ind. Lt. John Binney Scott. All saved.
BM: 310 tons
Propulsion: Screw

23 Feb 1858 chased and boarded Spanish schooner Filis, from Batabano to Manzanilla.

3 Mar 1858 examined the Ensenada de Cortes, anchored off Pirate's Lagoon.

25 Mar 1858 observed a schooner standing towards the land. Weighed, chased, and boarded Spanish schooner Desengano, bound to Trinidad.

7 Apr 1858 the Commodore has instructed that the Styx, Basilisk, and the gun boats Jaseur, Jasper, Skipjack and Forward are to be kept actively employed in cruizing round Cuba for the suppression of the slave trade.

27 Apr 1858 observed a sail to leeward. Got steam up, chased, and boarded an American brigantine, James Davis, from New York to Cienfuegos.

28 May 1858 -> off Cuba employed in the suppression of the slave trade, but final date not known.

9 Jul 1858 arrived Havana from Trinidad for coal.

9 Jul 1858 departed Havana for Tampico.

25 Aug 1858 at Port Royal, completing a return for the Admiralty of the 19 foreign vessels boarded under the command of Lieutenant Scott, whilst cruising for the suppression of the slave trade during various periods from 13 Nov 1857 - 8 Jun 1858, detailing the name of the vessel ; the flag under which she is operating ; the name of boarding officer ; whether it was necessary to fire at the vessel concerned to either raise her national flag, or heave-to to allow boarding ; reason for firing ; nature of the conversation held on board ; remarks.

Apr 1859 salvage services rendered to the wreck of the Jaseur by the vessels Cuba or Zeldina ; monies available to pay from 27 Oct 1857.