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Jasper, 1857
Type: Gunboat ; Armament 3
Launched : 16 Mar 1857 ; Disposal date or year : 1862
BM: 301 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 80 h.p.

10 Nov 1857 - ? Feb 1858 off Cuba employed in the suppression of the slave trade.

6 Feb - 3 April 1858 off Cuba employed in the suppression of the slave trade.

21 Mar 1858 departed Matanzas.

21 Mar 1858 in the evening spoke with the Styx, and whilst doing so detained 2 Spanish schooners, being partially fitted out for the slave trade, however, in the dark one of the vessels filled her sails and disappeared into the night. Having recovered the ship's boats, went in search of the missing vessel with the Styx, and eventually caught up with and boarded and detained in at lat. 23 21' N., long. 81 25' W., whilst en route from Havana to Cardenas, the vessel at 9 a.m. the following morning, which turned out to be the schooner Juanita, Garcia, master, which was sent to Havana for adjudication by the Mixed Court. However, on 24 Mar 1858, the vessel was liberated as she was a drogher or coaster and not involved in the slave trade.

22 Mar 1858 the Jasper and Styx detained, after a long chase and after having fired 17 rounds with shot, after she ignored a blank, a slave vessel name unknown, but supposed Emilia, aka Marianne, in lat. 23 21' N. Long. 81 25' W., whose master had thrown her weighted papers and flag overboard. Put 37 of her crew being put on board the Styx, retaining 4 on board, and being a large vessel accompanied her to the Vice Admiralty Court at Jamaica for adjudication.

24 Mar 1858 at 4 p.m. took prize in tow, but at 5.20 sighted a suspicious looking sail and shipped the towing-hawsers and went in chase. At 7.10, in taking prize in tow the flying boom caught the mizen mast of the Jasper, and carried it away. Got mast on board and cleared wreck, and took prize in tow again.

4 Apr 1858 arrived at Port Royal with prize in tow.

7 Apr 1858 the Commodore has instructed that the Styx, Basilisk, and the gun boats Jaseur, Jasper, Skipjack and Forward are to be kept actively employed in cruizing round Cuba for the suppression of the slave trade.

18 April 1858 -> off Cuba employed in the suppression of the slave trade, but end date not known for sure, but possibly circa 16-17 Jul 1858, when she goes to Jamaica.

16 Jul 1858 arrived Havana from Cay Sal for coal.

17 Jul 1858 departed Havana for Port Royal.

26 Jul 1858 at Port Royal, completing a return for the Admiralty of the aprox. 54 foreign vessels boarded under the command of Lieutenant Pym, whilst cruising for the suppression of the slave trade from 13 Nov 1857 - 4 Jun 1858, detailing the name of the vessel ; the flag under which she is operating ; the name of boarding officer ; whether it was necessary to fire at the vessel concerned to either raise her national flag, or heave-to to allow boarding ; reason for firing ; nature of the conversation held on board ; remarks.

1860 North America and West Indies station.

1862 Sold to Emperor of China as Amoy.