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Java, 1811
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Taken : 20 May 1811 ; Disposal date or year : 29 Dec 1812
Disposal Details : Captured by the American 44-gun frigate Constitution, off St.-Salvador. Captain Henry Lambert
BM : 1073 tons

14 May 1811 the Astrea, Phoebe, Galatea, and Racehorse, departed from Port-Louis for Tamatave, Madagascar, arriving on the 20th, and, sighting the French squadron, made chase ; a severe action ensued resulting in the capture of the Renommée, and the subsequent surrender of the Néréide on the 25th at Tamatave. The Néréide, as the Madagascar, and Renommée, as the Java, were added to the Navy List.

Portsmouth 23 Mar 1812 arrived with East Indiamen, from St. Helena.

Portsmouth 6 Nov 1812 Remains at Spithead with her convoy : bound for the Cape of Good Hope.

Portsmouth 10 Nov 1812 departed with a convoy for the East Indies.

Lymington 13 Nov 1812 Put back with the convoy bound to India.

29 Dec 1812 Captured by the American 44-gun frigate Constitution, off St.-Salvador and was burnt on the 31st.

23 Apr 1812 court martial held on board the Gladiator, at Portsmouth, into the loss of the Java.