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Junon, 5th rate, 38, 1809-09
Junon, 5th rate, 38, 1810-17

Junon, 1809
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Taken : 1809 ; Disposal date or year : 13 Dec 1809
Disposal Details : Re-taken by the French frigates Renommée and Clorinde, West India. Captain John Shortland

8-10 Feb 1809 Asp, Supérieure, Latona, Horatio, and Driver, cruising to the southward of the Virgin islands, captured the French 40-gun frigate Junon, which was taken to Halifax, repaired, and commissioned under the same name in the British navy.

13 Dec 1809 the Junon, when in company with the Observateur, was captured and burnt by a small French squadron.

19-20 Feb 1810 court-martial for the loss of the ship.

Junon, 1810
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Taken : 1810 ; Disposal date or year : 1817

3 Dec 1810 capture of the Isle of France. In Port-Louis were the French frigates Bellone, under the name of Junon, and the Astrée, under that of Pomone, which were purchased for the use of the British navy. The Iphigenia was restored to her rank among the 18-pounder 36s ; but the battered Néréide was in too bad a state and was sold to be broken up.

Portsmouth 4 Jun 1812 departed with a convoy for India.

8 Feb 1813 Boats of the Maidstone, Belvidera, Junon and Statira at anchor in Lynhaven bay detached in chase of and captured the schooner Lottery, of 225 tons, and pierced for 16 guns, which afterwards became the Canso in the British service.

19 Apr 1813, Halifax, arrived the brig Janet, from Portland to Baltimore, prize to the Junon.

7 Jun 1813 captured the American schooner Julia and Sally on the N.A. & W. Indies station : which was sent to Halifax.

8 Jun 1813 captured the American schooner Ann on the N.A. & W. Indies station : which was destroyed.

18 Jun 1813 boats of Junon sent in to the James river to capture or destroy any vessels that might be found.

20 Jun 1813 US gun boats attacked the Junon from some distance.

11 Jul 1813 the boats of the Junon and Martin cut out an American gun-boat in Delaware bay when the latter went aground and was attacked by a squadron of gun-boats.

14 Sep 1813, Junon, Capt. Pechell, arrived Halifax, with the squadron from the Chesapeake.

2 Feb 1814, departed Halifax on a cruise.

3 Apr 1814 Junon and Tenedos chased the US frigate Constitution off the port of Marblehead, but the US frigate, having started her water etc., made Marblehead.

29 Jun 1814 arrived Halifax.

Halifax 31 Oct 1814 arrived from Quebec.

26 Dec 1814, arrived Halifax, the American schooner Armistier, from Charleston, to New York, captured by the Pactolus, re-captured by the American privateer Dash, and re-captured again by the Junon.

5 Jan 1815, arrived Halifax, from a cruise.

11 Jan 1815, arrived Halifax, the US privateer Guerriere, 4 guns, 60 men, prize to the Junon. The Guerriere is reported to have carried away her main-mast shortly after capture, which perhaps explains the delay in her arriving Halifax, compared with her captor ?

Portsmouth 8 Jun 1815 arrived from Sheerness.