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Kangaroo, 1795
Type: 18-gun brig sloop ; Armament 18 (16 x 32 prd carronades and 2 x long sixes
Launched : 1795 ; Disposal date or year : 1802

9 Apr 1797 captured the French privateer Sophie.

4 Jun 1797 arrived Plymouth Dock with a convoy from Ireland.

22 Jun 1797 captured the French privateer Surprise in lat. 46 north, long. 7 west.

15-17 Oct 1798 chase of the Loire by the Mermaid and Kangaroo, and subsequent indecisive engagement.

18 Oct 1798 Anson and Kangaroo capture the Loire. Subsequently purchased into the service.

7 Jun 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Lord Bridport with an account of sixteen sail of the line, and four frigates, being dispatched to reinforce Earl St. Vincent.

23 Jul 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Oporto, the Triton, with wines, taken by a French privateer, and retaken by the Kangaroo.

27 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Cork.

10 Sep 1799 Plymouth, departed on a cruize.

14 Nov 1799 Plymouth, came in with a convoy.

22 Jan 1800 captured the French privateer Telegraphe, 14 guns, and 78 men, 20 days out from St. Maloes, which had on the 11th inst. taken the Elizabeth brig, from Lisbon, laden with fruit. The First Lieutenant, Mr. Thomas Toulerton received a violent contusion in the face, from the chace gun being thrown off whilst he was pointing her. Later parted company with Le Telegraphe, Lieutenant Tompson, when in chace of a brig.

23 Jan 1800 carried away the main-boom whilst in chace of a ship privateer.

24 Jan 1800 re-captured the Chance, West Indiaman, from Martinique, in lat. 49 48 N., long. 13 W. and in company on the 25th ult.

25 Jan 1800 in lat. 50 N. long. 12 W., brought to action a French brig privateer of 18 guns, which, after a warm contest of an hour, fifty minutes, made off, having damaged the rigging and sails so as to prevent my closing with her again. Men wounded in the action. Mr. William Allen, Boatswain; Thomas Marks, seaman ; William Johnson, seaman; Henry Pitts, seaman, George Moore, Seaman ; William Milliard, Marine. None killed.

22 Feb 1800 re-captured the American ship Minerva, with tobacco, in lat. 49 44' N. long. 12 37' W.

24 Feb 1800 re-captured, in lat. 49 48' N., long. 13 W., the West Indiaman Chance of London, from Martinico, with tobacco, lately captured by the French privateer ship Bellegarde, taken by the Phoebe 21 Feb.

29 Mar 1800 Plymouth, passed by to the eastward, the Kangaroo, 18, Captain Brace, with a convey.

26 Apr 1800 Circa 24 Mar to 26 Apr 1800 Captain Brace of the Kangaroo it made Past.

Circa 24 Mar to 26 Apr 1800 Mr. J. Richards, acting Purser in the Megaera, is confirmed in the Kangaroo sloop of war.

7 May 1800 Plymouth, departed for Cork with the Phoebe.

11 Oct 1800 Plymouth, arrived from the Downs for Belfast, to wait for orders.

13 Oct 1800 Plymouth, departed for Belfast.

22 Dec 1800 Bristol arrived at King Road, bearing the flag, and having on board Admiral Sir Robert Kingsmill, Bart, with his suite, and Captain Lumsdaine of the Royal Navy, from Cork.

27 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth from the Irish Channel.

Deal 22 Mar 1801 Remains.

8 Mar to 2 Sep 1801 Off the coast of Egypt.

26 Jan 1801 detained the One Sister, Holst, from Cork to Norway, in ballast, which was sent into Plymouth by the Kangaroo.

27 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound for orders from Cork ; she brought in a Dane in ballast, which sailed from Cork a few hours before the orders for detention arrived.

8 Feb 1801 departed Plymouth Sound for Cork.

31 Mar 1801 arrived Spithead with a large convoy from the Downs, amongst which are several outward bound East Indiamen.

30 Apr 1801 departed Spithead with the Pomone and a convoy for the Mediterranean. The William and Ann, Sovereign, and Sea Nymph, transports, with detachments of troops on board, to join their respective regiments at Minorca and Egypt, sailed with the above convoy.

9 Jun 1801 captured 3 merchant vessels having sunk a number of protecting armed vessels and silenced shore battery.
Killed : Mr. Thomas Taylor, Midshipman.
Wounded: William Beaty, seaman, severely ; James Nightingale, seaman, severely ; James Reynolds, seaman, severely ; Thomas Thompson, seaman, severely ; John Barrey, seaman, severely ; Lieutenant Foulerton, slightly ; Lieutenant Thompson, slightly ; William Williams, seaman, slightly ; Thomas Fitz Gibbons, seaman, slightly ; Thomas Baldwin, marine, slightly.

11 Dec 1801 the sloop Kangaroo arrived in the Downs from the Streights, ie the Gib. end of the Med., and is put under quarantine and remains. The plague was still doing the rounds in the Med. in those days, so at the first hint of it having arrived in Malta and Gib., RN vessels having had any contact with these places or with merchant vessels that may have had contact, were put in quarantine on arrival in UK waters. Taking into account passage time etc., and the health of those on board, the period in which a ship may find itself in quarantine often seems to have varied from days to weeks, with mail and dispatches etc. being de-contaminated, although one does occasionally read of a vessel being put in quarantine, whilst the commanding officer dashes off to the Admiralty in London with any urgent news and dispatches, which gets one to wondering occasionally.......

14 Dec 1801 all vessels arrived from Egypt are released from quarantine, and troops will be allowed to land tomorrow.

18 Dec 1801 departed the Downs for Woolwich.

18 Feb 1802 Kangaroo Brig, 318 Tons, Copper bottomed and Copper-fastened, lying at Deptford put up for Sale.