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Levant, 1813
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 20 (2 long 6 pdrs ; 18 x 32 pdr carronades)
Launched : December, 1813 ; Disposal date or year : spent some time in 1815 in the hands of the USS Constitution, see below, but finally disposed of in 1820.
BM: 455 tons
Complement: 135

Plymouth 17 Jan 1814 arrived from Liverpool.

Plymouth 9 May 1814 departed to the westward.

Deal 14 Sep 1814 Came down from the River, for Quebec.

Gibraltar 13 Jan 1815 Remains.

Portsmouth 2 Feb 1815 arrived from the Downs.

20 Feb 1815 Cyane and Levant taken by the American frigate Constitution, sixty leagues west-south-west of Madeira.

11 March 1815 the Constitution was proceeding off Porto Praya, Cape Verde Islands, with her two prizes, when she was sighted by a British squadron and chased, but due to the weather etc. escaped, whilst fire from the Leander led the Levant's crew running her ashore, where she was subsequently recovered by the Acasta.

28 Jun 1815 court martial of the officers and men of the Cyane and Levant held on board the Akbar at Halifax, Nova-Scotia.

Plymouth 6 Sep 1815 departed.

Plymouth 9 Sep 1815 Came in.

3 Nov 1815 arrived Plymouth.