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Leven, 1813
Type: Survey Ship ; late Sloop ; Armament 20
Launched : 23 Dec 1813 ; Disposal date or year : 1848
BM: 457 tons

Sheerness 27 Oct 1814 Is commissioned.

Deal 29 Jan 1815 Came down from the river bound to the westward.

Jan - Nov 1815 Marshall reports that whilst under the command of Captain Bluett she was employed on the coast of la Vendee, during Boanaparte's final attempt to continue the campaign.

Portsmouth 7 Sep 1815 Arrived from Cork.

Madeira 26 Nov 1819 Arrived prior to sailing for England.

Portsmouth 21 Dec 1819 Arrived from a survey of the Western islands, and coast of Africa.

Portsmouth 23 Dec 1819 Sailed for Woolwich.

Woolwich 3 Jan 1820 Has arrived from a survey of the coast of Africa and the Canary Islands, and is expected to be repaired and fitted for further foreign service.

27 Nov 1821 Is in commission and employed on voyages of discovery and survey duties.

Cape Of Good Hope 26 Mar 1825 Is expected to call here in the near future on her way home from the Madagascar and the Sychelles.

Port Louis, Mauritius 16 Jun 1825 Has detained and sent in the Sun, flying Spanish colours, with 160 slaves on board, discovered in St. Augustin Bay, Madagascar.

23 Jul 1825 had arrived at Port Louis, Mauritius, from Madagascar, where Captain Owen wrote to J. W. Croker at the Admiralty regarding his seizure of the slave vessel Soleil, and the fact that the Portuguese Governor at Madagascar had issued a passport for the ship, which was French property and was engaged in the slave trade.

17 Oct 1825 had returned to the Cape of Good Hope from surveying at Madagascar and Delagoa Bay, and was refitting.

21 Oct 1825 to proceed shortly to survey the coast of Africa when a survey of has been completed here. Her tenders are reported to be the schooner Albatross and brig Barracouta.

11 Nov 1825 Table Bay.

28 Jan 1826 at Sierra Leone. 5 Apr 1826 Sierra Leone, is reported to have completed a survey of the 6 islands making up the Isles de Los, 70 miles south of here, and to have inspected the coast line from the Cape of Good Hope to her, looking for anchorages etc.

1827 Harbour Service.

1830 Convict Hulk, Chatham.

Feb 1842 receiving ship, Limehouse.