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Liffey, 1856
Type: Frigate ; Armament 51
Launched : 6 May 1856 ; Disposal date or year : 1903
BM: 2654 tons ; Displacement: 3915 tons
Propulsion: Screw Complement: 545
Machinery notes: late 600 hp

Jan, 1846, Liffey, 50, Sir W. Symonds, timbers prepared, at Plymouth.

Jan 1848 Devonport, Building

20 Dec 1848 Devonport, Building

The Shannon (1855), Liffey (1856), Topaze (1858), Bacchante (1859), and Liverpool (1860) were on similar lines.

3 Jan 1856 The launching of the frigate Liffey, building in No 3 slip, Devonport Dockyard, is postponed from the first week of January to the month of March ; the hands being removed and employed on the gunboats building and to hasten their completion.

4 Feb 1856 Devonport. Ready for launching when tide may suit and orders be given.

3 Nov 1858 commissioned at Plymouth.

21 Aug 1860 departed from off the coast of Syria for Cyprus and Alexandria.

5 Sep 1860 at Alexandria.

10 Sep 1860 reported to be leaving Alexandria for Syria shortly.

1 Dec 1860 the Melpomene is reported to have departed from Valetta to relieve the Liffey, now reported to be at Alexandretta, but encountered a storm in which her spars and rigging were damaged and returned to Valetta for repairs.

11 Mar 1861 at Valetta, where a fresh case of Smallpox was reported on board.

9 Apr 1861 has gone out for a few days for cruise in the Malta Channel.

27 Apr 1861 the CinC has transferred his flag from the Neptune to the Liffey in order that the former can go to sea to carry out exercises.

2 Jul 1861 departed Valetta, with the Neptune and London, supposed for Messina, for about a fortnight.

17 Jul 1861 returned to Valetta from Messina with the CinC, although it is understood that the Admiral went up to Naples in the interim.

7 Sep 1861 at Naples.

27 Sep 1861 still at Naples.

21 Oct 1861 departed Naples for Corfu with despatches for the 1st rate Queen, and to remain.

16 Nov 1861 is reported to be under orders to return to England, but for the present remains at Corfu.

14 Dec 1861 arrived Gibraltar from Palermo, due to a diplomatic incident with the USA, known as the Trent Affair, under orders to join the North America squadron at Halifax, N.S. See Wikipedia for details.

12 Mar 1862 at Nassau, Bermuda.

12 Jun 1862 departed Bermuda for Plymouth, England.

2 Jul 1862 arrived Plymouth Sound in the evening.

16 Jul 1862 Devonport. Commissioned for Service in the Mediterranean.

15 Aug 1862 being coppered in No. 1 Dock at Devonport Dockyard.

6 Sep 1862 John Higgins saved the life of Boy Seaman Richard Clarke, who had fallen into the Hamoaze, and was subsequently awarded an RHS bronze medal for his bravery.

2 Oct 1862 departed Portland for Lisbon in company with the Edgar, Warrior, and Black Prince.

16 Oct 1862 arrived Gibraltar, 2 days from Lisbon, and relieves the Malacca, now off the coast of Spain, on the Gibraltar station.

6 Nov 1862 sails for Gibraltar.

14 Nov 1862 arrived Malta from Gibraltar.

1864 Mediterranean Station. Reports of Brain disease, Diarrhea, Fevers, VD etc., Heart, Intermittent Fevers, Rheumatism, and Scarlatina onboard. Number of Cases of Disease and Injury.

1868 West Indies

19 Jun 1869 To Madeira. Flying Squadron, World Cruise, Particular Service. For further info on the cruise see also extracts from the Sydney Morning Herald etc. and notes on the Liffey.

2 Jul 1869 Left Madeira for Bahia

2 Aug 1869 arrived Bahia

4 Aug 1869 Left Bahia for Rio de Janeiro

16 Aug 1869 arrived Rio de Janeiro

25 Aug 1869 Left Rio de Janeiro for Montevideo

6 Sep 1869 arrived Montevideo

12 Sep 1869 Left Montevideo for Cape of Good Hope

1 Oct 1869 arrived Cape of Good Hope

12 Oct 1869 Left Cape of Good Hope for Melbourne

20 Nov 1869 arrived Melbourne

7 Dec 1869 Left Melbourne for Sydney

12 Dec 1869 arrived Sydney

26 Dec 1869 Left Sydney for Hobart Town

2 Jan 1870 arrived Hobart Town

10 Jan 1870 Left Hobart Town for Lyttleton

19 Jan 1870 arrived Lyttleton

22 Jan 1870 Left Lyttleton for Wellington

24 Jan 1870 arrived Wellington

27 Jan 1870 Left Wellington for Auckland

2 Feb 1870 arrived Auckland

9 Feb 1870 Left Auckland for Yokohama

6 Apr 1870 arrived Yokohama

14 Apr 1870 Left Yokohama for Yeddo

14 Apr 1870 arrived Yeddo

17 Apr 1870 Left Yeddo for Yokohama

17 Apr 1870 arrived Yokohama

19 Apr 1870 Left Yokohama for Vancouver's Island

15 May 1870 arrived Vancouver's Island

19 May 1870 Left Vancouver's Island for Honolulu

16 Jun 1870 arrived Honolulu

23 Jun 1870 Left Honolulu for Valparaiso

14 Aug 1870 arrived Valparaiso

28 Aug 1870 Left Valparaiso for Bahia

6 Oct 1870 arrived Bahia

9 Oct 1870 Left Bahia for England

15 Nov 1870 arrived Plymouth Sound

1877 Converted to store hulk and machinery removed.

26 May 1878 Plymouth Sound, departed for Coquimbo, via Madeira, rescuing the crew of the German bark Anita of Hamburg, full of compustible materials, which caught fire after leaving Madeira.

Picture of the Liffey standing by the Anita.

25 Jun 1878 landed crew of the Anita at St Vincent, and departed for Porto Praya, St Jago, the clean the ship's bottom, before sailing for Bahia, Monte Video, the Falkland Islands, Cape Horn and Valparaiso, where they remained for 6 weeks before sailing for Coquimbo.

17 Nov 1878 Recommissioned at Coquimbo, and replaced the Nereus.

Apr 1886 Coquimbo

1890 Coquimbo. Store and Depot Ship.

1903 sold and hulked at Coquimbo.