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Lyra, 1808
Type: Brig-sloop ; 10 guns
Launched : 1808 ; Disposal date or year : 1818
BM : 240 tons ;

7 Mar - Apr 1809 had arrived in Basque roads. 11 Apr the use of fire ships, explosion-vessels, and Congreve rockets against the French fleet at Basque roads and the results thereof.

Plymouth 20 Feb 1811 Sent in the American brig Adolphus.

Plymouth 9 Jun 1811 arrived from Corunna (5 Jun).

Plymouth 19 Jun 1811 departed with victuallers under convoy for Corruna.

Plymouth 4 Nov 1811 arrived from the coast of Spain.

Jun-Aug 1812 details of various operations carried out by the Venerable, Magnificent, Surveillante, Rhin, Medusa and Lyra, in collaboration with the Spanish off the north coast of Spain in expelling the French from their country.

Plymouth 10 Aug 1812 arrived from the coast of Spain.

Plymouth 15 Aug 1812 departed for the coast of France.

10 Feb 1813 the net proceeds of the Adolphus, captured by the Lyra on 17 Feb 1811, will be paid on board the Cadmus on the 10th day of February next, or on her arrival in port ; and the shares not then claimed etc...., which suggests to me that the ship's company of the Lyra, or a part of it was transferred to the Cadmus.....unless the Cadmus was in company with the Lyra when the capture was made ?

Plymouth 11 Jan 1813 arrived from Corunna.

Falmouth 27 Feb 1813 arrived from the Eastward.

Plymouth 2 Apr 1813 Has detained and sent an American ship, from Bourdeaux, up the River to London.

27 Apr 1813 Lyra and Surveillante captured a U.S. privateer, the 6 gun schooner Tom, with 36 men.

Plymouth 5 May 1813 Has detained and sent in the American schooner, Tom, from Charleston, bound to Bourdeaux.

May - Aug 1813 Surveillante, Lyra, Royalist and Sparrow, stationed off the north coast of Spain to assist the patriots.

Plymouth 5 Jun 1813 Has detained and sent in the American schooner Ann and Eliza, from Bayonne, for America.

Plymouth 17 Dec 1813 arrived with a convoy from Passage.

Feb 1814 officers and men of the Porcupine, Lyra, Woodlark, and Martial involved in operations off the mouth of and in the river Adour.

Portsmouth 9 Jun 1814 departed for Bordeaux.

Falmouth 5 Oct 1814 departed to the westward.

Plymouth Dock 9 Nov 1814 Is ordered to the Mediterranean, with dispatches.

Plymouth 12 Nov 1814 departed for the Mediterranean.

Corunna 8 Dec 1814 arrived from Cork (23 Nov).

Deal 31 Jul 1815 arrived from a cruise.

Portsmouth 23 Jan 1816 arrived from the Downs.

9 Feb 1816 departed from Spithead, with the Alceste, for the Far East with Lord Amherst on a diplomatic mission to China. See p. 231 at

21 May 1816 Alceste is reported to have arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on the 26 Feb, bound for China.

2 Nov 1816 Alceste anchored off the island of Lin-tin ?

Portsmouth 27 Oct 1817 arrived from Bantry Bay.

Lyra would not appear to have been present when the Alceste was wrecked - one therefore wonders how far the she accompanied the Alceste?