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Madagascar, 1811
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Acquired : Captured, 26 May 1811, at Tamatave, by a British squadron under Captain Schomberg ; Disposal date or year : 1819
BM : 1114 tons

14 May 1811 the Astrea, Phoebe, Galatea, and Racehorse, departed from Port-Louis for Tamatave, Madagascar, arriving on the 20th, and, sighting the French squadron, made chase ; a severe action ensued resulting in the capture of the Renommée, and the subsequent surrender of the Néréide on the 25th at Tamatave. The Néréide, as the Madagascar, and Renommée, as the Java, were added to the Navy List.

Portsmouth 23 Mar 1812 arrived with East Indiamen, from St. Helena.

Portsmouth 27 Apr 1813 Is appointed convoy for Lisbon &c.

Portsmouth 28 Apr 1813 Remains.

Portsmouth 2 May 1813 Put back to St. Helen's with her convoy, having departed yesterday.

Portsmouth 4 Sep 1813 arrived from the Western Isles.

Portsmouth 4 Sep 1813 arrived from a cruise off the Western Isles.

Portsmouth 19 Sep 1813 Sails tomorrow with the transports for St. Andero.

Portsmouth 21 Sep 1813 departed, with a convoy of transports with reinforcements for Spain.

Portsmouth 3 Nov 1813 departed to join the Channel Fleet.

Plymouth 6 Nov 1813 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 19 Jan 1814 Retaken and sent in a Portuguese brig from St. Salvadore to Lisbon.

Plymouth 24 May 1814 arrived from Spain, with dispatches.

Aug 1814 a portion of the prize money resulting from the various actions in the Chesapeake became due for payment on 1 May 1835 : namely a dividend from the estate of the bankrupt agent Henry Abbott : no doubt one of the many fraudsters who ripped off matelots in those days : both officers and ratings being fair game.

Portsmouth 2 Aug 1815 arrived with a convoy of transports, with troops, from North America.

Sheerness 16 Nov 1815 Has been paid off at and re-commissioned and is fitting for Channel service.