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Magicienne, 1781
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 32
Taken from the French in 1781 ;
Disposal date or year : 23 Aug 1810
Disposal Details : Aground with Sirius, in the harbour of Grand-Port, Isle-de-France, when advancing to the attack of a French squadron. Set on fire to avoid her falling into the hands of the French. Captain Lucius Curtis
Tons (BM) : 968

Between Jan and March 1797 captured the French privateer Fortune on the Jamaica station.

Between Jan and March 1797 captured the French privateer Poisson Volant on the Jamaica station.

Feb 1797 captured the Spanish privateer cutter, name unknown, 6 guns, on the Jamaica station.

6 Apr 1797 ship's boats captured, sank, and burnt 13 sail held at Cape-Roxo.

22 Apr 1797 attack on shore forces and vessels in Carcasse bay.

27 Dec 1797 Magicienne and others captured the French privateer Brutus off Porto Rico.

Between Jun 1798 and 10 Feb 1799 captured the Spanish privateer Julie, schooner, 4 guns, 12 men on the Jamaica station.

30 Oct 1798 arrived at Port Royal, Jamaica, with a French schooner and her prize, a sloop laden with taffia.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. W. Ogilvy. On the Jamaica station.

24 Apr 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Santa Margarltta, Inconstant, and Magicienne, with a large convoy from the Downs, among which are the Queen, Upton Castle, and Kent, East Indiamen, and the Royal Admiral, with convicts for Botany Bay.

5 May 1800 Portsmouth, departed with the Beaver, 18 guns, on a cruise;

21 Oct 1800 Plymouth, departed to join the Channel Fleet, with dispatches.

17 Nov 1800 ships' boats destroy French 20-gun ship-corvette Réolaise in Port Navalo and capture a merchant vessel.

5 Dec 1800 Plymouth, arrived. Circa this date reports having been off the Isle Oleron, S. E. by S. two Leagues, that after a short chase captured, between the Isles of Rhe and Oleron, a French sloop laden with wine and brandy for the use of the combined fleet at Brest, and have sent her to Plymouth. See p. 71 of Naval Chronicle 1801 Vol 5 - Jan - Jun.

13 Dec 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Boadicea on a cruize.

10 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth, the Castle, of London, from Jamaica for London, with a valuable cargo of rum, sugar, &c. worth £40,000, taken by a French, privateer, and recaptured by the Magicienne.

11 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth the merchant ship Castle of London, Capt. Rawson, bound from Surinam to London, with sugar, cotton and coffee, detained on 26 Dec 1800, by the French privateer L'Arreige, of 18 guns, and was sent into Rochelle, where she arrived on 3 Jan 1801, but nearly getting on the rocks the French prize crew departed for shore to obtain assistance, during which time her mate, Mr. Anderson, and a black seaman, the only people remaining from her original crew, backed the sails, tacked and stood out to sea. Although chased, they got away, and soon afterwards fell in with the Magicienne, who provided men to help take the Castle to Plymouth.

11 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth a small French sloop, laden with wine and brandy, detained by the Magicienne.

14 Jan 1801 came into Plymouth Sound the Bon Success, French Bark, with wine from Bourdeaux, prize to the Magicienne.

20 Jan 1801 captured the French ship letter of marque Le Huron, when in company with the Doris ; see below for details.

30 Jan 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound the frigates Magicienne, and Thames, from a cruise off Bourdeaux, with two French East Indiamen, viz, L'Huron, of 20 guns, and 70 men, and passengers ; and L'Aurore, of 18 guns, and sixty-five men, and passengers, after a chase of several hours. They were captured within six leagues of Bourdeaux, and are prizes with three brigs (not yet arrived), to the above frigates and the Doris. They are both laden from the Mauritius for Bourdeaux, with spices, nankeens, silks, cochineal, coffee, tortoise-shell, ivory, &c. The L'Huron was chased for thirty-two hours. They lay at the Mauritius three months to avoid our cruisers, but the British frigates taking some prizes, left the coast for Madras, when L'Huron and Aurore sailed directly for Europe. 31 Jan 1801 in Plymouth Sound where the commanding officer writes to his Flag Officer reporting the capture of the French ship letter of marque Le Huron on 20 Jan 1801, bound from the Isle of France, to Bourdeaux, which I accompanied into Plymouth ; she turns out to be a remarkably fine ship, which sails well, and is pierced for twenty guns, had eighteen mounted, but threw them all overboard, except four, during the chase; I think her a vessel well calculated for his Majesty's service ; the cargo is of great value, and consists of ivory, cochineal, indigo, tea, sugar, pepper, cinnamon, ebony, &c.

1 Feb 1801 on board L'Huron, French East Indiaman, captured and sent in last Friday, the dispatches for Bonaparte from the Mauritius, were discovered concealed in a box with a false bottom, and forwarded to the Earl of St. Vincent.

3 Feb 1801 arrived Plymouth the French chasse marie, La Bonne Annie, laden with wine and brandy, bound from Bourdeaux for Morlaix, detained by the Magicienne.

7 Feb 1801 departed Plymouth Sound for the Channel Fleet the Magicienne, of 32 guns ; Thames, of 32 guns, and Eurydice, of 24 guns.

11 Feb 1801 the squadron described below parted company with the Channel Fleet, and stood to the S.W., with a fresh wind from the Eastward, with a view to tracking down Contre-amiral Ganteaume's squadron, which due, apparently to intelligence errors at the Admiralty, sent R.-Adm. Calder to the West Indies, which turned out to be a wild goose chase, Ganteaume being in the Mediterranean. The Squadron consisted of : the Prince of Wales, 98, R.-Adm. Sir R. Calder ; Pompée, 80 ; Juste, Spencer, Courageux, Montague, Cumberland, 74s ; Thames, and Magicienne, frigates ; Telegraph, brig.

13 Feb 1801 made Cape Ortegal ; captured and destroyed a Spanish brig, laden with wine.

15 Feb 1801 experienced an exceedingly violent storm, in which the Montague lost her main mast, and the Magicienne, and Telegraph, were separated from the squadron. The Montague rigged jury masts and made her way to the Tagus.

22 Feb 1801 detached from the Channel Fleet to the squadron chasing Gantheaume's squadron.

12 Apr 1801 the Magicienne was at Barbadoes with a French privateer brig L'Impatient, her prize, when the Falmouth packet Townshend arrived Barbadoes from the Leeward Isles. The Townshend departed Barbadoes for Martinique, where she found the Unity frigate, and Cayenne (Cyane) sloop of war, the later accompanying her to Dominica : at Antigua she found the Southampton, and at St Kitt's L'Aimable frigate, with the Actaeon Danish brig of war, which had been captured at St Thomas's, and also found the Amphitrite frigate, and Daphne, 20, putting together a convoy for England. After landing her mails at the several West India Islands she arrived at Tortola on 5th May. Whilst at Tortola the Townshend observed the Amphitrite and Daphne pass by with a convoy for England. 8 May the Townshend departed Tortola accompanied by HM ship Hornet. [Regret the absence of some dates, but not always given, so have given details provided so that with a map you can give the details some background.]

18 Apr 1801 arrived the Magicienne (which parted in the storm off Cape Ortegal), with a prize corvette of 16 guns, which by mistake had attacked the Magicienne in the night. In this encounter the frigate lost 2 men, but the loss on the corvette was considerable. On entering the harbour the Magicienne ran aground and injured her copper.

19 Apr 1801 completed the squadron with provisions, &c. Supplied the squadron of Lord Seymour with several cables, boats, water casks, and volunteer marines. Also attached to his squadron the Cumberland and Magicienne ; the Thunderer being annexed to the squadron of Sir R. Calder, in want of repair. Prepared to sail, but the wind being unfavourable the squadron had one day's respite, being the first since they left England. Received here four days of fresh beef and some vegetables. Sailed the packet for England, with the Retribution frigate, formerly Hermione, to convey her through the Windward Passage. Also sailed four homeward bound merchant ships under convoy of the armed merchant ship Thetis.

22 Jun 1801 departed Port Royal with a convoy for England. She reports that a fever on board took the lives of 37 men on the passage. She also brings a large sum of money on account of the merchants.

6 Aug 1801 spoken with on the Grand Banks with a convoy of 40 sail from Jamaica.

9 Sep 1801 arrived in the Downs the Magicienne, with the homeward-bound Jamaica convoy, most of which departed for the River, some letters being dropped off at Deal to be sent up to London overnight.

9 Sep 1801 the Magicienne, Overyssel, Amazon, Leyden, Alkmaar, York, Isis, Shannon, Gannet, Hound, Gier, and Autumn sloops ; Volcano, Vesuvius, Terror, Discovery, Zebra bombs ; Victoire, Nancy & Akers, fire ships ; the Locust, Plumper, Bold, Eclipse, Ferriter, Snipe, Minx, Jackall, and Mallard, gun vessels, apart from seven gun brigs who were about to depart that evening with the Eugenie and Diligence for the Coast of France ; remained in the Downs overnight.

11 Sep 1801 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

13 Sep 1801 arrived Sheerness, from the West Indies.

22 Sep 1801 came into harbour at Sheerness to be repaired. Wind at North blows hard.

11 Oct 1801 at Sheerness, and has been ordered to prepare to be paid off following the recent signing of the Peace of Amiens.

18 Nov 1801 remains in dock at Sheerness.

3 Dec 1801 at Sheerness.

30 Dec 1801 remains at Sheerness.

1 Feb 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Magicienne frigate, lying in Sheerness harbour, to try James Ayton, a Seaman belonging to the Zealand guard-ship at the Nore, on a charge of absenting himself from the said ship without leave. After a short deliberation the charges against him being fully proved, he was sentenced to receive 150 lashes, and to be imprisoned in the Marshalsea for six calendar months.

1 Feb 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Magicienne frigate, lying in Sheerness harbour, to try Acting Lieut. Pasley, late belonging to the Beanlieu frigate, for scandalous expressions and charges against Capt. Poyntz, of the said ship, and absenting himself without leave while sent on duty at Plymouth Dock. After mature deliberation, the Court found that part of the charges had been fully proved against him, and sentenced him to be dismissed his Majesty's service, and rendered incapable to serve again as an Officer in the Navy.

3 Feb 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Magicienne frigate, lying in Sheerness harbour, to try John Cook, alias Harris, a Jew, for desertion from his Majesty's cutter the Dolphin. After a short deliberation, the charge being fully proved, he was sentenced to receive 150 lashes.

4 Feb 1802 departed Sheerness, the Magicienne, Iris, Waaksamheid, frigates ; and sloop Sophie, for the Great Nore, to be paid, and then to proceed to the westward.

19 Feb 1802 paid wages at the Great Nore and departed for the West.

21 Feb 1802 arrived in the Downs, from Sheerness.

25 Feb 1802 departed the Downs with the Conqueror, 74, for Plymouth.

27 Feb 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from the Downs, under convoy of La Magicienne, 36, the Conqueror, 74, under jury masts.

5 Mar 1802 arrived Torbay from a cruise.

Circa 24 Apr 1802 Captain H. Vansittart apptd to the Magicienne.

26 Apr 1804 departed N Yarmouth.

3 May 1802 the Barfleur, London, Irresistible, Ramillies, Magicienne, and Sirius, departed Torbay yesterday evening with a light air, to be paid off at Plymouth and Portsmouth, leaving just the fire ship Magaera, and sloops Childers, Atalante, and Sylph off Brixham.

4 May 1802 arrived Spithead the Magicienne, 44, Captain Ogilvy, from Torbay.

11 Jul 1802 several guns of distress were distinctly heard from the eastward, in consequence of which the Immortalite, 38, Captain Owen ; and Magicienne, 36, Captain Vansittart ; and La Pique, 36, Captain Young, instantly hoisted anchors and got under weigh from Spithead. Since their sailing we learn that it is the Woolwich storeship aground near the Oars in coming round from the Downs.

21 Jul 1802 departed Spithead the Diamond, Captain Elphinstone ; Revolutionaire, Hon. Captain Capel ; Magicienne, Captain Vansittart ; Pomone, Captain Gower ; Alcmene, Captain Stiles ; and Alarm frigate, Captain Parker ; Sophie, Captain Rosenhagen, and the Racoon, sloops of war, Captain Rathborne, for Lymington and Jersey, to convey the Dutch troops from those places to Cuxhaven.

27 Aug 1802 passed through Spithead from Lymington, the Pomone, Magicienne, and Alarm, with Dutch troops for Cuxhaven.

29 Aug 1802 sailed through the Downs for the Texel.

10 Sep 1802 by this date the Magicienne was disembarking her troops and stores in the Texel, but the Fortune and the Diamond were due and entered the Texel in a WSW gale in which no pilots would venture off. They struck several sandbanks, until eventually, owing to the Dover pilot mistaking a buoy, the Fortune went aground, the Diamond having anchored off the sandbank. In the course of the night the weather worsened and the masts of the Fortune were cut away, but nevertheless she lost her rudder and was starting to fill fast when the crew abandoned ship. The next morning the Diamond was eventually got into the Texel, leaving the recovery of the Fortune to a later date.

15 Sep 1802 once the weather moderated, with the assistance of the crews of the other vessels involved, the officers and men of the Fortune were able to refloat the Fortune, and anchor her safely whilst she was re-rigged with jury masts, to be accompanied to England by the Magicienne, Capt Vansittart.

24 Sep 1802 it is reported at Portsmouth, following the arrival of the frigates Diamond and Alcmene, that the Fortune, which recently went aground on a sandbank in the Texel, and was understood to have been lost, has been refloated and is expected shortly at Spithead, in the company of the Magicienne. It was understood that the Diamond also struck the same sandbank, but immediately lowered an anchor and was able to haul herself off.

24 Sep 1802 the Fortunée frigate, Captain Clements, which went aground on a sandbank on going into the Texel, is weighed, and is now on her way to this port, accompanied by the Magicienne frigate, Captain Vansittart.

7 Oct 1802 the 9th regiment of foot are expected here to relieve the 26th, or Cameronian regiment of foot, in Dock barracks ; the 9th embark on board the Amazon, 32, Magicienne, 36, and Amelia, 44, at Long Reach in a few days.

14 Oct 1802 arrived Sheerness.

17 Oct 1802 arrived in the Downs the Magicienne, with troops from Chatham, via Sheerness.

18 Oct 1802 departed the Downs for Plymouth, but put back due to contrary winds, and remains in the Downs.

25 Oct 1802 the wind having moderated and gone round to the N.W., the frigates Amazon, Galatea, and Magicienne, with troops on board from the 9th Regt., departed the Downs for Plymouth.

28 Oct 1802 arrived at Plymouth from the Downs this morning, the Galatea, and Amazon, with part of the 9th regiment of foot, who will have to remain on board until the strong winds subside. They separated from the Magicienne in gale force winds off the Isle of Wight, which came into the Sound later in the day at about three p.m.

30 Oct 1802 went up the Harbour and into Barn Pool the Galatea, Magicienne, and Amazon.
2 Nov 1802 went into Plymouth Sound, the Magicienne, 36, Captain Rainsford, and departed to the eastward.

5 Nov 1802 arrived in the Downs from Plymouth.

13 Nov 1802 departed the Downs for Portsmouth.

19 Nov 1802 arrived Spithead the Magicienne frigate, Captain Vansittart, from the Downs.

2 Dec 1802 departed Spithead the Magicienne frigate, Captain Vansittart, for Chatham, but the wind shifting to the eastward, she was obliged to bring to again at St. Helen's.

4 Dec 1802 departed Spithead the Magicienne, 44, Captain Vansittart ; Penelope, 36, Captain Broughton ; Autumn, 16, Captain Richardson, to the eastward.

5 Dec 1802 arrived in the Downs.

6 Dec 1802 departed the Downs for Chatham.

10 Jun 1803 has been docked at Chatham.

Circa 27 Jun 1803 Capt A. Mackenzie, apptd to the Magicienne.

7 Jul 1803 at Chatham, contract riggers are getting forward with the Magicienne, Capt M'kenzie.

28 Jul 1803 warped down from Chatham to Gillingham to take in their stores.

8 Aug 1803 arrived Sheerness from Chatham, and gone out to the Nore.

18 Oct 1803 arrived N Yarmouth.

20 Oct 1803 departed N Yarmouth on a cruise.

27 Oct 1803 arrived Sheerness.

15 Nov 1803 arrived in the Downs from a cruise off Flushing.

18 Nov 1803 remains in the Downs the Monarch, Utrecht, Raisonable, Magicienne, Squirrel, Amaranthe, Champion, Vulture, Hound, Merlin sloops ; Perseus, and Fury, bombs ; Seaflower, brig ; Starling, gun brig ; Findon, hired sloop, and the transports Plymouth, Supply, and Sussex Oak.

17 Feb 1804 has hoisted a signal at Sheerness recalling all officers.

22 Feb 1804 departed Sheerness for the Downs the Inflexible, Africaine, Magicienne, frigates, and the sloop Inspector.

23 Feb 1804 arrived in the Downs.

11 Mar 1804 arrived N. Yarmouth Roads the hired cutter Prince of Wales, Lieut Robert Cameron, with dispatches from Sir Sydney Smith, after a run of 11 hours from off Flushing, where the Antelope, Crescent and Magicienne were moored at the mouth of the Duerloo, which effectually stopt up that passage to Flushing ; in addition the brig Cruiser, and sloop Rattler were moored in the Wullings, 60-70 small vessels being anchored in the Roads, preparing for the invasion of England ; and the cutters Prince of Wales and Favourite have been busy reconnoitering and sounding between Cadland and Flushing, often in pistol shot of the Dutch batteries, which have withheld their fire since the first day.

Circa 24 Mar 1804 5 boats of volunteers from the Antelope and 4 from the Magicienne, from Sir Sydney Smith's Squadron, were preparing to cut out an armed brig near the Schaw when they were challenged by an armed schooner and had to retire with some losses, including 2 officers wounded.

8 May 1804 arrived at Sheerness from a cruise the Magicienne, Capt Mackenzie.

12 Jul 1804 arrived N Yarmouth Roads from off the Flushing Station, to refit.

24 Aug 1804 arrived N Yarmouth Roads this morning from the Texel, the Magicienne.

30 Aug 1804 departed N Yarmouth on Saturday with live bullocks and vegetables for the Texel and Flushing squadrons.

11 Sep 1804 departed N Yarmouth Roads.

15 Jan 1805 arrived in the Downs from Sheerness the Magicienne.

22 Jan 1805 arrived Spithead.

30 Jan 1805 ordered to fit for foreign service.

13 Feb 1805 departed Spithead with convoy to West Indies, to be joined off Falmouth by the sloop of war Lily and ships from that port for the convoy, the Magicienne goes to Jamaica and the Lily to Barbadoes.

14 Feb 1805 due to a strong westerly wind the convoy could not sail as reported, but put into Yarmouth Roads, Isle of Wight.

15 Feb 1805 departed Cowes with the convoy this afternoon and is now half way through the Needles, with little wind at N.E.

17 Feb 1805 departed Falmouth, the Lily, with vessels for the West Indies convoy, now passing Falmouth under the command of the Magicienne.

Circa 9 Mar 1805 is reported at Portsmouth to have seized the valuable Spanish brig Dichosa off the Western Isles, but not off the west cost of Scotland.

22 May 1805 arrived Plymouth the Leopard, Trusty, Eagle, and Iris, sloop Lily, storeship Abundance, and frigates Magicienne and Weymouth, with a convoy of transports, coasters, and colliers, some of which would appear to have been bound for the West Indies.

17 Apr 1805 the Magicienne, with her convoy from Portsmouth, spoke with the Falmouth packet Windsor Castle off Morant Point, circa 48 hours sailing from Jamaica.

5 Feb 1806. Magicienne joined squadron under V.-adm Duckworth confirming that an enemy squadron was at St Domingo. 6 Feb a French Squadron was sighted leaving Santo-Domingo. the action of Santo-Domingo Roads commenced ; 2 French ships (Impérial and Diomède) run ashore and 3 (Alexandre, Jupiter, Brave) taken ; the wash-up ; the casualties ; more wash-up.

8 Feb 1806 ships' boats of Acasta and Magicienne brought away Captain Henry and his people, and afterwards set fire to and destroyed Diomède and Impérial.

Between the 1 Jan 1806 and 1 Jan 1807 captured the Spanish privateer El Carmen, 2 x 4 pdrs. & 18 men.

29 Dec 1809 recaptured the HEIC ship Windham.

latter end of March or beginning of April 1810 the naval force arrived off the Isle of France, consisting of the Iphigenia, Leopard and Magicienne, was joined on the 24th by the Néréide, from the Cape.

May 1810 off Port-Louis.

7-8 Jul 1810 operation to take the Isle of France. 21 Aug 1834 second and final payment of prize money for the Isle of Bourbon due to be paid.

23 Aug 1810 action with a French Squadron in the harbour of Grand-Port, during which the frigate Néréide was captured and the Magicienne and Sirius went aground and were burnt.