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Magicienne, 1781
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 32
Taken from the French in 1781 ;
Disposal date or year : 23 Aug 1810
Disposal Details : Aground with Sirius, in the harbour of Grand-Port, Isle-de-France, when advancing to the attack of a French squadron. Set on fire to avoid her falling into the hands of the French. Captain Lucius Curtis
Tons (BM) : 968

Between Jan and March 1797 captured the French privateer Fortune on the Jamaica station.

Between Jan and March 1797 captured the French privateer Poisson Volant on the Jamaica station.

Feb 1797 captured the Spanish privateer cutter, name unknown, 6 guns, on the Jamaica station.

6 Apr 1797 ship's boats captured, sank, and burnt 13 sail held at Cape-Roxo.

22 Apr 1797 attack on shore forces and vessels in Carcasse bay.

27 Dec 1797 Magicienne and others captured the French privateer Brutus off Porto Rico.

Between Jun 1798 and 10 Feb 1799 captured the Spanish privateer Julie, schooner, 4 guns, 12 men on the Jamaica station.

30 Oct 1798 arrived at Port Royal, Jamaica, with a French schooner and her prize, a sloop laden with taffia.

1 Jan 1799, Capt. W. Ogilvy. On the Jamaica station.

24 Apr 1800, Portsmouth, arrived the Santa Margarltta, Inconstant, and Magicienne, with a large convoy from the Downs, among which are the Queen, Upton Castle, and Kent, East Indiamen, and the Royal Admiral, with convicts for Botany Bay.

5 May 1800, Portsmouth, sailed with the Beaver, 18 guns, on a cruise;

21 Oct 1800, Plymouth, sailed to join the Channel Fleet, with dispatches.

17 Nov 1800 ships' boats destroy French 20-gun ship-corvette Réolaise in Port Navalo and capture a merchant vessel.

5 Dec 1800, Plymouth, arrived.

13 Dec 1800, Plymouth, sailed with the Boadicea on a cruize.

17 Feb 1805 Convoy to West Indies

5 Feb 1806. Magicienne joined squadron under V.-adm Duckworth confirming that an enemy squadron was at St Domingo. 6 Feb a French Squadron was sighted leaving Santo-Domingo. the action of Santo-Domingo Roads commenced ; 2 French ships (Impérial and Diomède) run ashore and 3 (Alexandre, Jupiter, Brave) taken ; the wash-up ; the casualties ; more wash-up.

8 Feb 1806 ships' boats of Acasta and Magicienne brought away Captain Henry and his people, and afterwards set fire to and destroyed Diomède and Impérial.

Between the 1 Jan 1806 and 1 Jan 1807 captured the Spanish privateer El Carmen, 2 x 4 pdrs. & 18 men.

29 Dec 1809 recaptured the HEIC ship Windham.

latter end of March or beginning of April 1810 the naval force arrived off the Isle of France, consisting of the Iphigenia, Leopard and Magicienne, was joined on the 24th by the Néréide, from the Cape.

May 1810 off Port-Louis.

7-8 Jul 1810 operation to take the Isle of France. 21 Aug 1834 second and final payment of prize money for the Isle of Bourbon due to be paid.

23 Aug 1810 action with a French Squadron in the harbour of Grand-Port, during which the frigate Néréide was captured and the Magicienne and Sirius went aground and were burnt.