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Magicienne, 1812
Type: Frigate ; Armament 42
Launched : 1812 ; Disposal date or year : 1845

8 Nov 1812 departed Portsmouth.

18 Jan 1813 captured a U.S. privateer the 14 gun schooner Thrasher, with 80 men.
4 Jun 1813 captured vessel Leo.
5 Jun 1813 captured vessel Tickler.
24 Apr 1817 it was announced that copies of accounts of sale and proceeds' of the capture of the Thrasher, Leo, and Tickler, were to be lodged in the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty, on the 12 May 1817. Unfortunately though, for those entitled to the prize money from that time on things didn't seem to go as smoothly as they shoulda : the estate of the agent responsible for paying the prize money had gone bankrupt and therefore subsequent payments of the prize money were made in instalments, thus, presumably, not amounting to the full sum due.
25 March 1822 notice was given that distribution of the dividends received by the Treasurer of this Institution, from the estate of Messrs Lark and Woodhead, in the undermentioned prize cases, will commence on 10 Apr next. Whether any dividends were paid in the interim I know not, but the final dividend of 5¼d. in the pound due in this respect, didn't become due to be paid by the Examiner of Prize Accounts until 2 Jul 1850.

21 Jul 1813 arrived Portsmouth with a convoy of transports, from Lisbon (3rd).

19 Aug 1813 Has made the preparatory sailing signal at Portsmouth for the transports bound to Passage and they are now dropping down to the easternmost part of Spithead, and will sail in the morning, should the wind be fair.

May - Aug 1813 Magicienne and Constant, stationed off the north coast of Spain to assist the patriots.

22 Mar 1814 captured a U.S. privateer, the 7 gun Adeline, with 35 men.

15 Jun 1814 arrived Portsmouth from Lisbon.

5 Jul 1814 came into the Portsmouth harbour.

15 Apr 1816 departed Plymouth for the East Indies.

Port Louis, Mauritius 28 Feb - 2 Mar 1818 one of over forty vessels which were sunk or went ashore in the harbour during a hurricane. See extract from log.

circa 14 Jul 1818 departed Mauritius for the Island of Cargados to pick up the remnants of the crew of the ship Cabalva, wrecked on 7 Jul.

Port Louis, Mauritius 25 - 26 Jan 1819 extracts from log of a further hurricane.

Port Louis, Mauritius 26 - 29 Mar 1819 extracts from log of a further hurricane.

1830 Sheerness

9 Jan 1831 departs Woolwich tomorrow for the Downs.

20 May 1831 is ordered to be cut down to a corvette, similar to the Curacoa.

29 Oct 1831 the squadron under the command of Rear- Admiral Warren, weighed anchor from the Downs for the Scheldt, but, on approaching the Dutch coast, the squadron met with a severe gale and thick weather, when the Admiral ordered them to disperse and make the best of their way back to the Downs.

1 Nov 1831 departed Woolwich for the Downs.

9 Nov 1931 departed the Downs and squadron under Rear- Admiral Warren, for Portsmouth with the Revenge.

10 Nov 1831 arrived Portsmouth from the Downs.

12 Nov 1831 departed Portsmouth for Rio Janeiro and East Indies.

10 Feb 1832 arrived at Bengal from England.

10 Mar 1832 arrived Trincomalee.

22 Apr 1832 departed Trincomalee for Madras and Penang.

Jun 1832 in Malacca Straits.

Summer 1832 operations up the rivers in the Malay peninsula, preventing supplies reaching the Bajah of Nanning by water. See p. 270 at at

15 Aug 1832 arrived Singapore from Malacca.

29 Aug 1832 left Singapore for Batavia.

3 Oct 1832 arrived Trincomalee from Batavia.

31 Jan 1833 left Madras on a cruise.

12 Feb 1833 arrived Calcutta from Madras.

27 March 1833 cruising in the Bay of Bengal.

23 Apr 1833 left Singapore on a cruise.

7 May 1833 arrived Batavia from Singapore and departed the 8th on a cruise to the north-west.

31 May 1833 arrived Madras from Trincomalee and departed 10 Jun on a cruise.

16 Jun 1833 arrived Bengal from Trincomalee.

5 Nov 1833 arrived China from Manilla.

20 Jun 1834 Is reported to have gone to Zanguebar.

2 Aug 1834 Preparing at Mauritius for a passage to Zanzibar and to cruise of the coast of East Africa.

20 Jul 1834 arrived Bombay from Zanguebar.

18 Oct 1834 departed Bombay for Colombo.

14 Mar 1835 arrived Portsmouth from China, Madras (15 Dec), Mauritius (10 Jan), St Helena (2 Feb), and off Fayal 2 Mar, after three and a half years abroad, and having departed some 74,000 miles, which included time spent in the Canton River and at Manilla.

18 Apr 1835 has been commissioned at Portsmouth this week.

2 May 1835 her 32 pounder of 49 cwt., are to be replaced with 32 pounder of 39 cwt.

13 Jun 1835 was taken out of the dock at Portsmouth yesterday.

15 Aug 1835 At Spithead. Sails in the near future for Lisbon.

10 Nov 1835 arrived Cadiz.

12 Aug 1836 was reported to be at Cadiz.

2 Nov 1836 reported to be at Cadiz.

14-15 Feb 1838 the weather reported to be moderate at Cadiz, and loosed her sails, whereas gales were experienced at Gibraltar.

28 Dec 1839 Portsmouth, In Basin.

14 Mar 1840 Volunteer First Class, G. W. Rice, appointed to the Magicienne.

25 Apr 1840 Captain Frederick Thomas Michell, appointed to the Magicienne, vice Burnett, deceased ; Midshipman T. G. Carmichael, appointed to the Magicienne.

16 May 1840 Mates L. D. T. Provost and O. Bentall, appointed to the Magicienne.

6 Jun 1840 Portsmouth goes out to Spithead on Monday.

13 Jun 1840 Portsmouth, has received her orders, and will sail on Monday for the Mediterranean.

27 Jun 1840 Lisbon, departed for Malta.

3 Jul 1840 arrived at Cadiz,

8 Jul 1840 arrived Gibraltar with Prince Ernest of Saxe Coburg Gotha on board.

18 Jul 1840 Midshipman G. Wenthrope, appointed to the Magicienne.

5 Sep 1840 Mate James Yorke Peterson, appointed to the Magicienne.

15 Jul 1840 departed from Mytelene for the coast of Syria.

19 Aug 1840 arrived at Beyrout from Malta.

22 Oct 1840 in the vicinity of Scanderoon, off the coast of Syria.

8 Nov 1840 at Scanderoon and the neighbourhood. See of 15 Dec 1840.

14 Dec 1840 Marmorice Bay, expected shortly.

Aug - Nov 1840 Capture of Acre and operations on the coast of Syria. Turkish Medals awarded to the Officers and Men employed during the Campaign. 16 Oct 1844 those onboard between 9 Sep - 10 Oct 1840, and at the bombardment of St. Jean D’Acre, on the 3 Nov 1840, will be paid their respective proportions of the grant voted by Parliament for the said services.

12 Feb 1841 at Malta, is due to sail shortly to relieve the Talbot at Constantinople,

17 Mar 1841 arrived at Constantinople to relieve the Talbot.

7 Aug 1841 Captain R. L. Warren, appointed to Magicienne.

27 Sep 1841 in the Bosphorus.

11 Oct 1841 arrived Malta, from Constantinople.

25 Oct 1841 Malta, will receive pratique in a few days.

31 Oct 1841 departed Malta for Suda.

11 Dec 1841 Lieutenant Herbert G. Austen appointed to the Magicienne.

23 Nov 1841 at Suda.

17 Dec 1841 Mate H. G. Austen, has been promoted to Lieutenant and is appointed to the Magicienne.

26 Dec 1841 was at Suda.

14 Mar 1842 reported to be at Suda.

21 May 1842 arrived Beyrout and departed the following day.

4 Jun 1842 arrived Malta from Alexandria.

27 Jun 1842 departed Malta for Smyrna to relieve the Aigle.

30 Jul 1842 arrived Malta from Tunis. It is understood that she will depart shortly for the Smyrna station, taking provisions etc for the Beacon and Magpie, surveying in the region of Paros.

8 Aug 1842 departed Malta for Smyrna, calling at Paros en route with supplies for the Beacon and Magpie.

15 Sep 1842 at Smyrna.

30 Sep 1842 departed Smyrna for Vourla.

8 Oct 1842 at Vourla, and reported to be due to be relieved by the Belvidera shortly.

9 Nov 1842 at Smyrna.

Log of H.M. S. MAGICIENNE, commanded by Captain Purvis, R.N., Mauritius, Feb. 28, 1818. This log is in Civil Time.

Hour. Wind.


Ther. Remarks.

February 28, 1818.

P.M. SSE     Wind SSE. P.M. fresh breezes and squally ; heavy rain at times;
at 3 sent party on board the Agile (a detained schooner) to take her lower yards and topmasts, and secure her afresh; observed a chasse-marée upset in the middle of the harbour; sent the barge to her assistance ;
  Squally falls 29.6   at 6 a pilot came on board, in consequence of the fall of the barometer, and threatening appearance;
        at 8 squally;
        at 12 midnight strong gales, heavy squalls.
March 1, 1818.

    Wind SSE. A.M.2.10, strong gales, heavy squalls, and rain, blowing excessively hard; the best bower bent to a mooring-anchor; ship driving , slowly; got the spars out of the rigging, S E,
  SE     at 2.40 a merchant ship drove athwart us, and carried away the jib and flying-jibboom, with gear; then went clear and upset ;
        at 3 a schooner drove athwart us, remained some time, and then drove on shore;
        at 4, blowing a complete hurricane, ship still driving; drove on board the Prince Regent, merchant ship; carried away the ensign staff, and cut the stern down to the cabin windows; carried away her jib-boom, and sprung her bow-sprit; jolly-boat swamped and went down; the barge went adrift, and stove her broadside in with the Prince Regent's anchor; made fast a cable to the careening hulk; ship aground; heeling very much to port;
  ESE 28.0   ESE, at 6 a brig drove athwart us ; carried away her mainmast, and went on shore ; daylight, hurricane still unabated; observed all the ships in harbour (except the American brig Jason), forty-one in number, were either on shore or sunk; found the main and mizen channels shitted with the violence of the wind, and the hammock-cloths, rails, and boards blown away ;
        at 6 parted the sheet-cable ; the hulk parted her mooring-chains, and we drove on shore at the point of the entrance of the fort;
  NE     NE, ship heeling very much to starboard; sounded round the ship, end found ten feet water from the fore to the main chains, seventeen feet under the stern, and eighteen feet under larboard bow;
        at 8 hard gales, with heavy squalls and rain; issued a gill of spirits to ship's company ;
at 9 more moderate ;
noon, strong breezes and squally;
    29.5   found as the weather moderates the water shoaled fast ; under starboard forechains only seven feet, astern fourteen, and on the on the larboard bow fifteen feet;
P.M.       NE between 2 and 3
P.M. fresh gales and squally, with rain;
        at 4 fresh breezes and rainy weather; attempted to heave the ship off by the single bower fast to mooring-anchor;
        at4.30 found anchor coming home;
    ENE, at 7 and 8 fresh breezes and cloudy weather; easterly at 10.30 ;
        midnight, moderate, with rain.
March 2, 1818.
A.M. ESE     Wind ESE at 8 A.M..

Extract from the Log of H. M. S. MAGICIENNE, moored in Port Louis, kept by George Evans, Midshipman.

Hour. Wind.      Bar. Ther.


Monday, January 25, 1819.
A.M. SE     A.M. Moderate breezes, with rain at times,
11 SE by S     11. Strong breezes and squally; down royal and top-gallant-yards, and struck top-gallant-masts.
Noon       Noon. Ditto weather.


SSE 29.79 79 1.30. Got top-gallant-masts on deck; sent a launch to the port-office for cables to secure the ship; the barometer having fallen greatly, struck lower yards and topmasts; run out one 12-inch hawser to an anchor on shore ahead; secured it on board, and secured the other cables afresh.
6       At 6 strong gales, with rain; employed securing boats, &c. ; several ships in the harbour broke from their moorings; got the awnings down, and jib and spanker-boom in
6.30       6.30. A brig off Magazine Point parted her stern moorings, and swung alongside our starboard quarter ; fast moored her afresh; pointed the yards to the wind.
        At 2 hoisted the barge in, and hauled second cutter and jolly-boat upon shore; sent a party to secure the Voyageur, and a 12-inch hawser to the Shawfield to secure her; got the top-gallant-yards and skysail-masts out of the rigging.
7 SW ½ W 29.14 76 At 7 strong gales, with hear squalls.
7.40 SSW 29.10 76¼ 7.40. Blowing a perfect hurricane from SSW.

At 8 hurricane increasing; saw the flash of a gun to the westward.

8.30   29.14 77
8.40 NW rising   8.40. The wind shifted to the N W, more moderate; barometer rising; pointed the yards to the wind.
12   29.68 77½ 12. More moderate.
Hour. Wind. Bar. Ther. Remarks.

Tuesday, January 26, 1819.

12.30   29.62 77½ A.M. 12.30. Strong gales and squally ; a hulk astern parted her stern moorings and swung under our stern.
4 N 29.80 75½

At 4 heavy gales, with rain; at daylight every vessel in the harbour on shore. with the exception of two brigs; one ship on Tonnelieo reef dismasted, and another on shore near her, with her masts standing and signal of distress up; sent an officer on board her; sent a party to moor the hulk astern, and another party to heave the Voyageur off.

  NNE   .
8       At 8 dark cloudy weather, with rain.
9   29.80 75½ At 9 sent the lugger St. Jaques out to the Wolfe's Cove on shore off Fort Tonnelieo, to take her cargo out.
10       At 10 squally, with rain at times.
Noon       Noon. Moderate and cloudy.
P.M.       P.M.Moderate breeze and cloudy; got the jib and spanker-booms out, and got the top-gallant-yards and skysail-masts in the rigging; swayed the gaff up; sent the Voyageur with an officer to the Wolfe's Cove to assist in unloading her; hove a brig off Magazine Point; sent a boat to tow the St. Jaques up with part of the Wolfe's Cove's cargo.
Midn.       Midnight. Moderate and fair.

Extract from the Log of H.M.S. MAGICIENNE, moored in Port Louis, kept by George Evans, Master.

Hour. Wind.      Bar.     Ther. Remarks.

Friday, March 26, 1819.

A.M. ESE     A.M. Moderate and cloudy.
P.M. E by S     P. M. Ditto.

Saturday, March 27, 1819.

Midn. ESE     Midnight. Strong squalls of wind and rain.
A.M. E by S     A.M. Squally, with rain; received on board the crew of the tender, and gave her to the Liverpool.
  E by S     Midnight. Strong squalls of wind and rain.

Sunday, March 28, 1819.

1 SE     A.M. Fresh breezes and squally.
4       Came on board a pilot to unmoor the ship; sent a launch a-head to weigh the small bower anchor, but finding the barometer falling, and other indications of bad weather, let it go again.
10.30   29. 90 80½ 10.30. Heavy squalls of wind; struck top-gallant-masts.
11 SSE      
12   29. 77 83½ Strong breezes and equally.
1       P.M. Ditto.
2 SSE     Small spars out of the rigging.
3   29. 74 82½ 3.10 Got top-gallant-masts on deck.
5   29.70 81½  

5.45. Fresh gales and cloudy; struck lower yards and topmasts; in jib and spanker-booms ; down gaff, and pointed the yards to the wind.

6 SSE 29.70 81
7   29.70 80
8 SSE 29.69 80 At 8, strong gales and heavy squalls, with rain.
9   29.66 79¾  
10 SSE 29.66 79¼  
11 SE by S 29.66 79½ At 11, gale increasing; squalls much more violent; wind veering round to the eastward.
12   29.46 79½ Midnight. Gale increasing violently ; expended forty fathom four inches four additional lashing for the cables.

Monday, March 29, 1819.

1 SE by S 29.26 79

A.M. Blowing a hurricane ; thick haze and sprays.

2   29.24 781

At 2.18, the ring of the anchor on shore, to which the best bower cable was clinched, gave way, in consequence of which the ship drifted on shore on the larboard bilge, bringing home the small bower anchor and carrying away a 7¾ inch hawser; hove in the best bower cable.

3   29.16 77
3.19       At 3.19, hurricane more violent ; observed H. M.S. Liverpool on shore, astern of us, and a number of merchant ships.
4 8 28.98 77 At 4, more moderate, wind round ; ran out the best bower cable again, and clinched it; ran out the sheet cable on the larboard-quarter, and clinched it.
4.30 NE     At 4.30, quite moderate, wind veering round fast to NE ; ship still aground ; carried away the messenger in trying to heave the ship off; rove a purchase on the cable.
6 WNW 28.98 78  
6   28.99 78  
7 NW 29.70    
8   29.20  

At 8, strong gales and squally; carried away the purchase-fall.

9   29.32  
10   29.40 79  
12 NW 29.42 80 Noon. Ditto weather.


      P.M. Strong gales and squall ; up lower yards; rove a purchase-fall, and lashed the purchase-blocks afresh ; endeavoured to heave the ship off. but finding the tide lowering and the ship fast aground, with but twelve feet water under the lee-main-chains, deferred, and commenced lightening the ship.
2 N      
3   29.60 80  
7 NNE      
8   29.71 791 At 8, moderate, and squally with rain.
12       Midnight. Dark cloudy weather.