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Magnificent, 1806
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : 1806 ; Disposal date or year : 1843

Portsmouth 1 Jan 1807 arrived to join the Channel Fleet.

21 Mar 1810 involved in the expedition in the Adriatic against the island of St.-Maura.

24 June 1811 Reported to be off Corfu.

18 Jul 1811 off Toulon.

Plymouth 12 May 1812 Has gone out of the harbour.

Jun-Aug 1812 details of various operations carried out by the Venerable, Magnificent, Surveillante, Rhin, Medusa and Lyra, in collaboration with the Spanish off the north coast of Spain in expelling the French from their country.

Plymouth 10 Aug 1812 arrived from the coast of Spain, with wounded officers.

Plymouth 27 Aug 1812 departed to the westward.

Plymouth 10 Sep 1812 arrived from off Brest.

16 Dec 1812 narrow escape of the Magnificent in the entrance to Basque road. A brilliant bit of seamanship !

Plymouth 23 Dec 1812 arrived from the coast of Spain.

Plymouth 11 Jan 1813 Remains.

Plymouth 31 Jul 1813 departed for the Channel fleet.

Plymouth 6 Nov 1813 Sent in the American ship Amiable, Captain Hewin from Coperneals, to America.

Plymouth 5 Mar 1814 departed on a cruise.

Portsmouth 12 Jun 1814 departed with a squadron for Cherbourg to bring back to England 10-12,000 Russian Guards.

Portsmouth 20 Jun 1814 Returned from Cherbourg without the Russian troops.

Portsmouth 6 Jul 1814 Appointed to take the next West India convoy.

Portsmouth 3 Aug 1814 Remains with the West India convoy.

Portsmouth 24 Aug 1814 departed with a convoy for the West Indies.

Portsmouth 1 Sep 1814 departed from St. Helen's with the convoy for the West Indies.

Cork 4 Sep 1814 arrived with the outward bound West India Fleet from Spithead.

Cove 7 Sep 1814 Has made the signal to weigh to the West Indies convoy, and are proceeding to sea.

Jamaica 12 Nov 1814 arrived with a convoy from Portsmouth and Cork.

Deal 10 Jul 1815 arrived with a part of a convoy from the West Indies.

Portsmouth 17 Jul 1815 arrived from the Downs.

1825 Fitting out as a Convalescent Ship at Port Royal, Jamaica.

Portsmouth 27 Dec 1825 departed for Port Royal, Jamaica, where she will be used as Flag Ship in the West Indies.

Plymouth 29 Dec 1825 arrived from Spithead, en route to Port Royal.

13 Mar 1826 Flag Ship for V.-Adm. Sir L. W. Halsted, at Port Royal harbour, Jamaica, writes to J. W. Croker, Magnificent having relieved the Serapis on the 9 Mar.

Jamaica 10 Aug 1829

1830 Receiving Ship, Jamaica

Jamaica 28 Apr 1835 also reported to be serving as the hospital ship at Port Royal.

19 Jul 1835 receiving ship Port Royal.

28 Jul 1839 Lieutenant Thomas H. Page (additional), appointed to the Magnificent ;

12 June 1840 Mr. R. lago, from the Magnificent, has bean appointed first engineer of the Dee steam-vessel ; Commander Sharer, stationed at Jamaica, vice Richards, to the Magnificent.

22 Aug 1840 Gunner W. Craven appointed to the Magnificent.

5 Sep 1840 Lieutenant Henry Wingrove, appointed to the Magnificent ;

4 Mar 1841 at Jamaica.

3 Apr 1841 Lieutenant E. B. Tinling, acting, appointed to Magnificent (late Charybdis), vice Fitzgerald, appointed to Racehorse.

3 Apr 1841 Lieutenant Edward Barnaby Tinling, of the Magnificent, promoted to the rank of commander.

3 Apr 1841 Assistant-Surgeon George Doak, of the Magnificent, promoted to be acting surgeon of the Sappho ;

3 Apr 1841 Commander J. C. Fitzgerald (late Magnificent), appointed to Racehorse, vice Harris invalided.

3 Apr 1841 Lieutenant Michael De Courcy, appointed to Charybdis (late Racer), vice Tinling, to Magnificent

3 Jul 1841 Mate W. R. Surridge, appointed to Magnificent.

4 Sep 1841 Captain John C. Fitzgerald ; Volunteer 1st Class J. Rowley ; Commander E. B. Tinling, from the Magnificent, appointed to the Racehorse ;

1842 receiving ship Port Royal.

9 Apr 1842 it has been announced that the Magnificent will be replaced by the Imaum shortly.

23 May 1842 the Hampshire Telegraph reports that Mr. Drysdale, second in command, was court martialled for being drunk and he was dismissed the service. [Looks as though there may be problems with the name since I don't appear to be able to find the name in the Navy List. Ed.]

11 Nov 1842 it is noted that the Imaum arrived Port Royal, Jamaica, to replace the Magnificent.

1843 sold at Jamaica.