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Maida, 1806
Type: ; Armament 74
Taken : 6 Feb 1806 ;
Disposal date or year : 1814
BM : 1898 tons ;

6 Feb 1806 a French Squadron was sighted leaving Santo-Domingo. The action of Santo-Domingo Roads commenced ; 2 French ships (Impérial and Diomède) run ashore and 3 (Alexandre, Jupiter, Brave) taken.

26 Jul 1807 departed as a part of a fleet of 38 vessels for Copenhagen and was present from 15 Aug - 20 Oct 1807 for the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of Danish Fleet by Adm. Gambier.

25 Jul 1814 put up for sale at Portsmouth : Maida, of 74 guns and 1898 tons. The purchaser, of each of the ships lying at Portsmouth is to give a bond, with two sureties for £3000, not to sell or otherwise dispose of the said ships, but to break them up within twelve months from the day of sale. Persons wishing to view the ships and vessels, must apply to the Commissioners of the Yards for notes of admission for that purpose. Catalogues and conditions of sale may be had here, and at the yards. R. A. Nelson, Secretary.