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Malabar, 1818
Type: 3rd rate ; Armament 74
Launched : Bombay 28 Dec 1818 ;
Disposal date or year : 1905
BM: 1715 tons

1 Jan 1820 built of teak.

28 Dec 1818 Floated out of dock at Bombay.

1830 Plymouth.

15 Jan 1831 has been taken to her moorings up the river, having undergone her triennial inspection, and had defects made good.

22 Oct 1832 taken into dock at Plymouth to be prepared for service with the squadron now lying in the Downs.

End of 1832, a part of a squadron of vessels involved in the blockade of the ports of Holland, which was defying the great Powers with regard to the Belgian question. See p. 270-1 at

9 Nov 1832 has taken in her guns.

15 Nov 1832 moved out of the harbour into Plymouth Sound.

22 Nov 1832 departed Plymouth for the eastward.

5 Dec 1832 departed Deal.

6 Dec 1832 arrived Spithead.

5 Jan 1833 left Spithead for the Downs.

15 Jan 1833 in the Downs.

14 Feb 1833 in the Downs.

13 Mar 1833 left Deal for the North Sea on a cruise.

21 Mar 1833 at Downs : is in need of repairs to her capstan.

25 Mar 1833 left Deal for Portsmouth.

17 Apr 1833 Malta, refitting.

8 Jun 1833 awaiting the arrival of the Flag Officer at Malta.

6 Aug 1833 departed Dardanelles for Napoli.

23 Nov 1833 refitting at Vourla Bay.

18 Feb 1834 in harbour at Valletta.

5 Mar 1834 departed Malta on a short cruise.

23 Mar 1834 in Valletta harbour.

29 Apr 1834 remains Malta.

24 Jul 1834 paid off at Plymouth.

5 Oct 1834 departed Plymouth for the Mediterranean, with 100 boys who will be distributed amongst the ships on the Mediterranean station.

19 Dec 1834 at Vourla Bay and due to sail shortly for Smyrna.

27 Jan 1835 A fire is reported to have broken out in the bread room, but was soon extinguished, although, being moored close to the powder magazine at Malta, there was much initial apprehension.

9 Feb 1835 departed Malta with a squadron for the Vourla, where it arrived circa 15 Feb.

1 Jul 1835 with the Mediterranean squadron, in the Levant, off Cape Sapienza.

26 Aug 1835 has departed Malta with a squadron to Cadiz.

14 Nov 1835 is reported to be on the south coast of Spain and is instructed to join the Mediterranean fleet.

29 Jun 1836 arrived Lisbon from Cadiz.

8 Sep 1836 arrived Lisbon.

11 Sep 1836 is reported to be in the Tagus.

29 Oct 1836 is reported to be in the Tagus.

25 Jan 1837 in the Tagus where it is reported that influsenza was endemic amongst the British squadron, causing a number of deaths.

27 Feb 1837 in the Tagus.

16 Apr 1837 reported to be in the Tagus.

31 Oct 1840, Mate H. C. Harston, formerly of the Malabar, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

22 Jul 1841 Plymouth, is fitting for the flag of Sir C. Adam,

20 Aug 1841 Plymouth, has been commissioned this week in Hamoaze.

4 Sep 1841 her marines joined.

21 Aug 1841 Captain G. R. Sartorius appointed to the Malabar ;

30 Aug 1841 28 Aug 1841 Commander John Macdonnell ; Lieutenants A. P. Ryder, W. Hamley, C. M. Mathison, and W. F. Robinson ; Master J. C. Barlow ; Purser G. B. Harrison ; Surgeon J. Hatton ; Assistant-Surgeons Robert Hayward and Ernest Elliott ; Volunteers 1st Class Mr. Courtland, and H. Simpson, appointed to the Malabar ;

4 Sep 1841 Lieutenant J. Sanderson. (b) ; Mate F. P. Porteous, appointed to the Malabar ;

11 Sep 1841 Mate H. Wardrop (from the Excellent) and C. H. Simpson, appointed to the Malabar

4 Sep 1841 Plymouth, the marines have embarked.

11 Sep 1841 Lieutenant G. F. Mends ; Chaplain Rev. P. G. Hill, appointed to the Malabar.

18 Sep 1841 Mate H. Wardrop, appointed to the Malabar

16 Oct 1841 Mate H. Bayly ; Volunteer 1st Class Logic Augustus Whimper, appointed to the Malabar.

6 Nov 1841 at Plymouth, fitting for sea.

7 Nov 1841 Plymouth, was towed into the Sound by the Avon steamer.

13 Nov 1841 Surgeon A. Stewart ; Second Master Horatio Norway, appointed to the Malabar.

25 Nov 1841 departed Plymouth for the Mediterranean, but put back on Monday due to the strong westerly gales.

16 Dec 1841 Plymouth Sound, is still detained by the weather.

18 Dec 1841 Plymouth Sound, departed again for Gibraltar.

18 Dec 1841 Mate R. Chambers ; Naval Instructor W. S. Soorvey, appointed to the Malabar.

20 Dec 1841 Carpenter George C Hurst appointed to the Malabar.

24 Dec 1841 arrived Gibraltar from Plymouth.

8 Jan 1842 was at Gibraltar when the steam ship Montrose stopped off briefly before departing for England.

21 Jan 1842 was at Gibraltar.

25 Jan 1842 at Cadiz, under orders to depart to Gibraltar. 40 men were on the sick list and 2 had already died.

27 Jan 1842 was at Gibraltar.

2 Feb 1842 departed Gibraltar for Cadiz, where the vessel was reported to be on the 4th inst.

17 Mar 1842 at Gibraltar.

5 Apr 1842 departed Gibraltar for England.

27 Apr 1842 arrived Plymouth from the Mediterranean, last from Gibraltar. She is to be paid off and supposed to be re-commissioned shortly. Her officers and ship's company have been turned over to the America.

5 May 1842 is to prepare for sea, destination as yet unknown.

13 May 1842 having made good her defects is now in the Sound preparing for her passage to Brazil, taking 50 First Class Boys for distribution amongst the Squadron on the Station.

5 Jun 1842 departed Plymouth Sound for Rio de Janeiro with supernumeraries for vessels on the South America Station.

19 Jun 1842 called at Santa Cruz en route for the Brazils.

23 Jun 1842 arrived Teneriffe, en route to Rio.

30 Jul 1842 at Rio de Janeiro.

14 Aug 1842 at Rio de Janeiro.

21 Sep 1842 at Rio de Janeiro.

Jan 1848 Portsmouth, in Ordinary (reserve)

1848-1879 Coal Depot, Portsmouth

1883 Renamed Myrtle

1890 Coal Depot, Portsmouth.