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Mastiff, 1813
Type: Gun-brig ; Armament 12
Launched : 25 Sep 1813 ; Disposal date or year : 1851
BM: 184 tons

31 Dec 1825 departed Portsmouth to survey in the Mediterranean.

6 Jan 1827 employed on survey duties in the Mediterranean.

12 May 1827 Surveying on the Albanian coast.

4 Jun 1828 surveying in the Gulf of Egina.

29 Apr 1829 at Valletta.

16 Dec 1830 remains at Smyrna due to the political situation.

5 Jan 1830 remains Paros.

3 Apr 1830 at Valletta, surveying Morea, Lt. J. Wolfe, in command.

9 May 1830 about to sail on a cruise of the Gulf of Arta.

19 Feb 1831 at Smyrna.

4 May 1831 in the Archipelago.

Previous to the 3 Sep 1831 departed from Smyrna for Napoli.

29 Mar 1832 departed Malta, for England, with the Donegal and Meteor.

8 Apr 1832 arrived Gibraltar.

15 Apr 1832 departed Gibraltar for England.

2 May 1832 arrived Spithead.

10 May 1832 paid off, all standing, when the crew presented to Sergeant Edward Constant a handsome uniform sabre and silk sash for his conduct etc., whilst on board the Mastiff.

21 Jul 1832 departed Portsmouth for the Mediterranean to complete her survey.

Early Aug 1832 at Gibraltar when the packet Alban called for mail, en route from Constantinople, Malta and England.

21 Sep 1832 departed Malta for Constantinople.

Feb 1833 the R. H. S. silver medal was awarded to Mr. G. Johnston, mate, who saved a seaman named George Farley, at Napoli di Romania, on the 21st of June, 1831, and also of another seaman, named William Corbie, in Portsmouth harbour, in May last, at 10 o'clock at night, at great personal risk.

6 Mar 1833 Smyrna.

23 Nov 1833 Smyrna.

4 Dec 1833 Malta.

6 Jan 1834 In Valletta harbour.

18 Feb 1834 In harbour at Valletta.

23 Mar 1834 is shortly due to depart Malta to resume her survey of the Archipelago.

1 Oct 1834 at Smyrna.

27 Dec 1834 arrived at Malta from Vourla bay, to winter.

1 Jul 1835 reported to be surveying the coast in the Archipelago.

8 Nov 1835 is surveying in the Levant.

6 Dec 1835 arrived Malta from Smyrna in 6 days.

4 Feb 1836 has arrived Portsmouth from the Mediterranean.

12 Feb 1836 departed for Chatham to be paid off.

29 Mar 1840 Woolwich the Mastiff and the Fairy surveying vessels, and the Violet and Woodlark tenders, are to leave for their summer survey on the 7th of next month ;

20 Nov 1840 arrived Woolwich from survey duties at the Orkney Islands

9 Apr 1841 Woolwich, will he paid to-morrow, and sail for the North Sea, to resume her surveying duties during the season.

3 Jul 1841 Mate J. A. St. Leger, Mastiff, promoted to Lieutenant

4 Sep 1841 Mate E. J. B. Clarke (1834), of the Mastiff, promoted to Lieutenant.

13 Nov 1841 Woolwich, arrived from the Orkney Islands, and remains here during the winter.

27 Nov 1841 Acting Master Wells, of the Mastiff, promoted to Master.

11 Dec 1841 Second Master ----- Wells acting Master of the Mastiff, promoted to Master.

17 Dec 1841 Assistant-Surgeon J. Macbean promoted to be Surgeon, and reappointed to Mastiff.

26 Mar 1842 preparing for sea at Woolwich.

11 Apr 1842 has departed for the Shetland Isles.

16 Nov 1842 arrived Woolwich, with her tender Woodlark, for the winter season, after spending the summer months surveying the Orkney Isles.

20 Dec 1848 Woolwich.