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Melampus, 1785
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 26 x long 18 pdrs. ; 2 x long 12 pdrs., six long 9-pounders ; 8 x carronades, 32-pounders, total 42 guns, (1794), but classified as a 36
Launched at Bristol in 1785 ;
Disposal date or year : 1815
Complement: 257
Tons (BM) : 947

Plymouth 26 Jul 1785 arrived from Liverpool.

23 Apr 1794, A squadron of frigates under Sir John Warren engages a French squadron of 4 frigates off the Channel Isles, capturing 3, which were added to the Navy List : the Babet, as a sloop, the Engageante, as a hospital-ship, and the Pomone as a cruising 40-gun frigate.

9 May 1795 the frigates Melampus, Captain Sir Richard John Strachan, Diamond, Hébé, Niger and Syren captured a valuable convoy off the coast of France.

3 Jul 1795 the frigates Melampus and Hébé captured part of a valuable convoy off St. Malo.

14 Oct 1795 Melampus, Captain Sir Richard John Strachan, and Latona pass between the island of Groix and the mainland of France and exchange fire with shore batteries.

15 Oct 1795 Melampus and Latona, and later the Orion and Thalia, and later still the Pomone and Concorde, departed in chase of the two French frigates, the Tortue and Néréide, and the corvette Eveillé, 16. However, the closeness of the shore and prevailing weather conditions meant that the chase for the frigates was aborted. But the Eveillé was less fortunate, and was taken by the Pomone and the Thunderer, 74, which had also appeared on the scene.

15 Apr - 15 May 1797 Mutiny at Spithead for improved pay and victuals etc. See p. 524->

30 May 1797 in the Downs - the after effects of the Mutiny at Spithead rumble on - see p. 524->

5 Jun 1797 at Cuxhaven - see p. 526->.

14 Jun 1797 off Harwich - see p. 526->.

28 Jun 1797 in the Downs awaiting a court martial on men in the Beaulieu - see p. 526->.

5 Oct 1797 captured the French privateer Rayon.

16 Jan 1798 Melampus and Seahorse captured the French privateer Belliqueuse on the Irish coast.

23 Jan 1798 captured the French pivateer-corvette Volage, which was added to the British navy as a 20-gun ship.

25 Aug 1798 in Belfast Lough, Doris and Melampus informed by the Havick that three French frigates had landed troops at Killala in the county of Mayo - see p. 58->

29 Aug 1798 At sea off Lough Swilly - see p. 61->.

4 Sep 1798 Doris and Melampus weighed and are endeavouring to beat through between the Mull of Cantire and Fair Head - have examined some ships and pressed 2 seamen - the 3 French frigates departed on 26 Aug - see p. 60->.pdf.

18 Sep 1798 in search of a brig that was reported to have anchored about 20 leagues to the S.W. of Lough Swilly - see p. 63-64-->.pdf.

1 Oct 1798 at Lough Swilly. The Admiralty instructs the Doris and Melampus to go to Killala bay, off which we might expect to meet Captain Faulknor of the Diana and put ourselves under his command - see p. 67->.

7 Oct 1798 off the Staggs of Broadhaven - see p. 68->

9 Oct 1798 At sea, W.N.W. of Urris Head - see p. 69->

10 Oct 1798 Joined a squadron, including the Canada 74, Robust 74, Foudroyant 84 and Magnanime 44, under Commodore Sir J. B. Warren, in search of a French squadron reported to be heading for Ireland.

11 Oct 1798 off Eagle Island and attempting to rejoin squadron, with the Ethalion and Anson. French squadron sighted and signal for general chase given - see p. 71->

12 Oct 1798 after sunset, when headed towards Killybegs sighted 2 unknown vessels, capturing one which turned out to be La Resolue, 36 - blowing a gale - see p. 74->

19 Oct 1798 towed prize into Greenock - see p. 75->

9 Nov 1798 at sea off Lambay Isle - see p. 75->

12 Nov 1798 arrived Plymouth for 3 week refit - see p. 76->

11-12 Oct 1798 signal for a general chase made by the Commodore. Commodore Warren's action with French squadron, and capture of the Hoche, 74, and frigates: Embuscade, Coquille, Bellone.

13 Oct 1798 capture of the Résolue by the Melampus.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. G. Moore. Refitting at Plymouth.

Mar 1799 captured the French privateer Mercure, 16 guns and 103 men, from St. Maloes, in the Bay of Biscay.

2 Mar 1799 Plymouth, arrived French Corvette La Zelie, 18 guns, and 94 men, captured by the Melpomene, in site of the Melampus.

15 Apr 1799 captured th« French privateer brig Le Papillon, of Nantz, 14 guns and 123 men, after a chace of 25 hours. 16 Nov 1799 head-money and proceeds arising, and the salvage for the recapture of the Mentor of Poole will be paid on arrival at Cork.

19 Apr 1799 a letter from the CO of the Melampus, "at Sea, I Have the honour to inform you, that yesterday morning, in lat. 50 deg. 23 min. north long. 15 deg. 20 min. west, we chased a ship, which, on our firing at her hoisted French colours. The wind blowing exceedingly hard at N.W. with a very high sea, she got before the wind when within half gun shot of her, and setting all possible sail, obstinately persisted in attempting to escape. After carrying away our studding sail booms, we continued firing our chase guns, when she suddenly gave a broad yaw to windward, instantly overset, and in the space of two minutes she went down, and not an atom of the wreck could be seen. The greatest exertion and the utmost expedition was used in bringing the Melampus to the wind as near the spot as possible, with a view of saving these unfortunate people, but nothing remained on the surface. I find, by the information of the Captain and Officers of Le Papillon, which departed from Nantz about the same time with this Ship, and who knew her, both from her appearance and the signals she made to us, that she was Le Nantois, of fourteen twelve and six pounders, and 150 men ; and I am very sorry to add, that, from other circumstances, there is no room for doubt, that the Master and part of the crew of the Echo, of Poole, which she had taken, were amongst the sufferers on this melancholy occasion.— I am &c. G. Moore."

26 Nov 1799 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise. She is to take on board 40,000 dollars from the Spanish treasure to pay the Russian and British troops in Channel Isles.

30 Nov 1799 Plymouth, departed for Portsmouth.

2 Dec 1799 Portsmouth, arrived from a cruise.

11 Dec 1799 Portsmouth, is come into harbour to refit.

24 Feb 1800 Portsmouth, departed the Melampus, for Cork, to take a convoy to the West Indies.

Circa 24 Mar 1800 Lieutenant P. C. Handfield is appointed Third Lieutenant of the Melampus, vice Lt. C. W. Ellison.

Between May and August 1800 on the Jamaica station, captured a Spanish felucca privateer, name unknown, 1 gun, 36 men.

29 Jan 1801 the packet Princess Amelia arrived Port Royal, Jamaica, from Martinique and whilst there the Surprise, Le Decade, Tisiphone, and Swallow arrived from their cruises, and the Melampus with two Spanish prizes.

3 Nov 1801 the Falmouth packet Leicester, Steel, arrived Port Royal, Jamaica, where the Santa Margarita, Crescent, Carnatic, Retribution, Topaze, Mosquito/Musquito, and Abergavenny were present. During the Leicester's stay at Port Royal the HM ships Bourdelais, Snake, Echo, Ambuscade, Tisiphone, Calypso, Juno, Sans Pareil, Melampus, Pelican, Captain, Goliah/Goliath, Brunswick, and Elephant arrived there.

19 Jan 1802 arrived Spithead the Ambuscade, 36, Captain the Hon. John Colvill, from Jamaica. She sailed from Port Royal on the 7th of December, and left there R.-Adm. Montagu, in the Sans Pareil, with H.M. ships Carnatic, Abergavenny, Crescent, Melampus, Juno, Circe, Bourdelais, and Tisiphone. The following ships were also there, having been detached from the Channel fleet, and arrived at Port Royal on the 26th of November, viz. Goliath, Elephant, Captain, Ganges, and Brunswick.

1 Jun 1802 arrived Spithead the Melampus frigate, R.-Adm. Montagu, Captain Gosselin, from Jamaica.

6 Jun 1802 departed Spithead the Melampus frigate, Captain Gosselin, for the Eastward.

8 Jun 1802 passed through the Downs from Spithead for Sheerness.

11 Jun 1802 arrived Sheerness from the Downs, and then departed for the R. Thames.

Circa 11 Aug 1804 Capt Poyntz apptd to the Melampus.

17 Sep 1804 departed Spithead, the Melampus, Capt Oliver, to resume his command off Havre.

27 Nov 1804 arrived Spithead the Melampus, Capt Poyntz, from off the Eastward.

15 Dec 1804 departed Spithead to join the Channel Fleet.

12-14 Feb 1805 the Melampus, in company with the Hired Cutters Frisk and Rhoda, captured the French Gun Boats Nos. 169, 174, 277, 286. 287, and 311, and 2 others, off the Saintes, another being taken a little later by the Growler, 2 of the vessels arriving Mount's Bay Thursday last, one brought into Plymouth, and 2 more brought into Falmouth on Friday.

20 Feb 1805 arrived Plymouth, the armed brig Caroline, from Falmouth, with 4 French gun boats, prizes to the Melampus.

21 Feb 1805 arrived Plymouth the Malampus, and Rhoda cutter, with the Barzilla, Hurst, from Jamaica to London, captured on the 13th off Scilly by the French privateer General Perignon, and recaptured off the Ushant by the Melampus.

4 Mar 1805 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

8 Mar 1805 spoke with the Langley, of Leith, Robert Graham, master, from Lisbon with fruit, who reported that in lat 47.36 she was chased by an armed Spanish brig, 10 guns, but out-sailed her.

28 Apr 1805 arrived Plymouth from the westward with dispatches for the Government, and has been put in quarantine ; wind NW.

4 May 1805 has been taken out of quarantine.

9 May 1805 departed Plymouth to join the Channel Fleet.

1 Jun 1805 arrived Plymouth Sound under a press of sail with dispatches from Lord Nelson which were sent off express.

3 Jun 1805 departed Plymouth to the Westward.

13 Jul 1805 captured the Spanish privateer Hydra, sh. 28 guns, 192 men.

9 Nov 1805 prize and head money due to be paid shortly on captured French Gun Boats Nos. 169, 174, 277, 286. 287, and 311.

19 May 1806 departed from Plymouth as part of a squadron under R.-adm Sir R J Strachan to cruise off Madeira and the Canary islands. 8 Aug arrived Barbadoes. 18 Aug. having departed the squadron was separated by a gale.

14 Sep 1806 the Belleisle and Bellona and Melampus sighted and chased the French 74-gun ship Impétueux on shore.

Early 1807 Bellona and Triumph stationed off the coast of the Chesapeake watching French 74-gun ships Patriote and Eole, have problems with deserters, as did the Belleisle, Melampus, and the Halifax.

21 Jun 1807 Leopard arrived off Cape Henry, and anchored company with the Bellona and Melampus and on the 22d, re-anchored with the Triumph.

14 Dec 1809 off Guadaloupe, after a chase of 28 hours, captured the French 16-gun brig-corvette Bearnais, which was added to the British navy under name of Curieux.

9 Feb 1810 a part of a British squadron at Basse-terre which discovered the French frigate Néréide off the port and proceeded in chase.

28 May 1810 captured the French privateer Fantome at sea.

6 Dec 1811 arrived Plymouth from Halifax with a mail.

25 Dec 1811 to be docked at Plymouth and overhauled.

22 Feb 1812 Has been paid off.