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Melampus, 1820
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 46
Launched : 10 Aug 1820 ; Disposal date or year : 1906
BM: 1089 tons

1 Jan 1820 building or ordered to be built, with a circular stern.

Jul 1830 Plymouth

Plymouth 2 Jan 1836 it is rumoured that she is to be prepared for sea service.

Early 1846: operating in the South America and River Plate

5 Dec 1846 H.M.S. Castor, Captain Graham, now at New Zealand, has been ordered home : she will be relieved by the Melampus, 42, Captain Fitzgerald, from the Brazil station.

7 Aug 1847 As soon as the Melampus arrives the Castor will proceed to England, having been commissioned her full time. Whereas the Castor commenced her passage home in July, on the arrival of the Dido.

7 Aug 1847 H.M. Navy.- The following is a list of the officers of H.M.S. Melampus and Dido, daily expected on this station. See below.

20 Dec 1848 East Indies.

30 Aug 1851 East Indies

1854 Harbour Service

1860 Portsmouth, re-rated as a 42

1870 Roman Catholic Chapel, Portsmouth

1879 Roman Catholic Chapel, Portsmouth

1886-1891 lent War Dept

7 Aug 1847 Melampus, 42, Captain J. N. Campbell; Lieutenants- R. B. Miller, Henry Phelps, T. Gresham. B. S. Pickard, and E. H. Blake ; Marine Officers 1st Lieutenant, J. W. Winne ; 2nd Lieutenant, E. C. Domville, Master, E. F. Cavell ; Chaplain ---------- ; Surgeon, Frederick Crellin ; Paymaster and Purser, Charles Walker (act.) ; Naval Instructor, Samuel Blackburn ; Assistant Surgeon, J. A. R. Harvey.