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Meleager, 1785
Type: Frigate ; 5th rate ; Armament 32-gun , 12-pounder
Launched on the River Medway in 1785 ;
Disposal date or year : 9 Jun 1801
Disposal Details : Wrecked on the Triangles in the Gulf of Mexico : crew saved. Captain Hon. T. Bladen Capel.
Tons (BM) : 682.

Early Aug 1794, Meleager departed Bastia with Lord Hood in the Victory in pursuit of a French squadron, which sought safety of Gourjean bay. Leaving a squadron to blockade the French the Admiral returned to Corsica to continue operations. Due to stormy weather driving the British out to sea the French squadron was able return to Toulon.

9 Mar 1795, the Mediterranean fleet departed from Leghorn, sighting the French fleet the following day. At daylight on the 13th Adm Hotham sent out the signal for a general chase which ended the following day with the capture of the Ca-Ira and Censeur and the fleets heading off in opposite directions.

14 Jun 1795 the fleet, whilst on a cruise, was joined by a squadron from Gibraltar and England off Minorca.

7 Jul 1795, a part of a small squadron under Commodore Nelson, on a cruise, chased by the Toulon fleet. The following day, approaching San Fiorenzo bay, after discovering the British Fleet, the French abandoned the chase.

8 Jul 1795, the fleet, at anchor at in San-Fiorenzo bay, once aware that the French fleet was close by, gave chase. It was sighted on the 13th and later the order was given for the general chase, but apart from the loss of a 74 by the French the result was inconclusive and resulted in not a little criticism, the consequence perhaps being Admiral Hotham's resignation on 1 Nov 1795.

6 Aug 1795, Admiral Hotham put to sea on a cruise, sighting the French fleet in Toulon road.

Circa 8 Aug 1795, Captain Nelson on a cruise along the coast of Italy with a small squadron, including the Meleager. On the 26th, in the vicinity of Vado, the boats of the squadron cut out or destroyed a number of vessels, without the loss of a man.

23 Apr 1796 the Agamemnon, Diadem, Meleager, Captain George Cockburn, and Peterel, detached to cruise off Vado.

25 Apr 1796 Lana bay. The Peterel and boats from the Agamemnon, Diadem, Meleager, cut out 4 French merchant vessels.

By 31 May 1796 Commodore Nelson's squadron, augmented by the Blanche, and Speedy.

31 May 1796 Oneglia. The boats from a part of Cdre. Nelson's squadron, despite heavy fire, bring off 6 heavily laden transports.

20 Nov 1798, departed from Portsmouth, with a convoy, for the Leeward Islands, experienced much bad weather, in which her convoy had been separated.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. C. Ogle. In the West Indies.

Circa 26 May 1799 last Monday a melancholy accident happened on board the Meleager frigate, of 32 guns, lying in Portsmouth, harbour. As two seamen were employed in cleaning out the magazine, their light by some accident communicated to the powder, which instantly exploded and blew them to atoms. Fortunately the quantity of powder was but small, otherwise the whole ship must have been blown up.

22 Jul 27 Oct 1799 the Meleager captured 1 merchant vessel, and when with the Greyhound captured 2 privateers : 1 of 12 guns, another of 2 guns ; and 6 merchant vessels.

5 Oct 1801 is is reported in the newspapers in England that the Meleager was lost on the 21 June last. The officers and men were saved and are reported to have arrived Jamaica in the Apollo.