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Meteor, 1823
Type: Survey ship ; late Bomb ; Armament 14
Launched : 25 Jun 1823 ; Disposal date or year : 1846
BM: 378 tons

13 Sep 1828 with Capt. David Hope in command, departed Plymouth, with the Orestes and Britomart in company, en route for Tangier, to demand the return of two British merchantmen captured by Barbary pirates. In view of the lack of a positive response by the Emperor of Morocco a blockade of Tangier had to be put into force before they were released. A notification relative to the Blockade of Tangiers during November, December, 1828, was the Proclamation of the Governor of Gibraltar, published 24th Nov. 1828 :-
Whereas it has been officially announced to me by Commander David Hope, Senior Officer of His Majesty's Ships of War in the Bay of Tangier, that, in consequence of the refusal of the Emperor of Morocco to accede to the just demands of His Majesty, Commander Hope had, pursuant to his Instructions, put the Port of Tangier into a state of Blockade ; I do, therefore, hereby publickly notify the establishment of the Blockade of the Port of Tangier, and that the same will be maintained and enforced in the most effective manner.
Gibraltar, November 24, 1828. George Don, By command, General and Lieutenant- Governor.
S. R. Chapman, Civil Secretary.

18 Nov 1828 blockading the port of Tangier.

19 Jan 1829 is shortly due to depart Tangier Bay for Malta, the blockade having been raised yesterday.

29 Apr 1829 was reported to be at Malta when the Neva transport, arrived today, departed from Valletta.

28 Oct 1829 refitting Vourla .

16 Dec 1830 remains Smyrna due to the political situation.

5 Jan 1830 was expected at Paros from Napoli di Romania.

6 Feb 1830 at Egina.

3 Apr 1830 at Valletta, surveying Morea, Cdr R. Copeland, in command.

9 May 1830 in the Archipelago.

19 Feb 1831 at Smyrna.

Mar 1831 remains at Smyrna.

4 May 1831 in the Archipelago.

Previous to the 3 Sep 1831 departed from Smyrna for Napoli.

14 Mar 1832 arrived Gibraltar, with the mail for Malta.

29 Mar 1832 departed Malta for England.

20 Apr 1832 arrived Spithead from Malta.

23 Apr 1832 came into Portsmouth Harbour to be paid off into ordinary.

3 May 1832 paid off.

4 May 1832 re-commissioned by the same officer, Commander Coupland.

6 Oct 1832 was reported to be departing Gibraltar for Lisbon with the Ætna and Raven, to join Adm. Parker's Squadron, lying on and off the Tagus.

1832 Meteor renamed Beacon, survey ship