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Miscellaneous notes : RN, Coastguard, Revenue, Smuggler and some Merchant Vessels working on the Dorset coast


Date of Source Notes
20 Jun 1628    Capt Jno. Endicot, with his wife and Company, sail in the ship "ABIGAIL" from Weymouth for Maumkeak, New England etc.
01 Dec 1641 Circa Dec 1641 Golden Grape ashore near Wyke Regis
01 Jan 1765 The following incidents occurred during 1765 : Dutch East Indiaman Hoop ashore off Fleet ; Squirrel stranded near Abbotsbury ; French frigate Zénobie ashore in Chesil Cove.
29 Jun 1790 Yesterday the safe arrival of the PIGOT, off Portland, from Bengal and Madras, was announced at the East India House. She left St. Helena the 5th May, with the following passengers: from Bengal: Richard Johnson and Robert Air Esqs., with Mrs Bristow and 3 children. from Madras: John Holland, Esq., late Governor of Fort St. George ; Theodore Corbet ; Alexander Johnstone ; Mrs Ross and 3 children ; Master Joseph Latour ; Miss A Latour and Miss A Sydenham. The BERRINGTON was to leave Bengal for England the 10th February last. A court of directors was held for the purpose of reading the various dispatches, but the letters for individuals we understand were not come up from Portland.
01 Jan 1794 1794. Portland Portmaster, John HARVEY, is said to have first mooted the idea of the Portland Breakwater, commenced some 50+ years later and partly completed in 1872 and finally completed circa 1900.
21 Jul 1794 Artois frigate is reported to have arrived at Portland Roads with despatches and news from the West Indies.

Extract of a letter from an officer on board the Artois frigate, dated off Portland Roads July 15, 1794

"Lord Charles Fitzgerald has just parted out ship for London, with despatches to the Admiralty, which he received from a West Indiaman we board in the chops of the Channel. The Master of this vessel has told us that when he left St. Vincent's, there were arrived at Guadaloupe 8 French line of battle ships and 5 frigates.

"After convoying a Dutch West India fleet from Cork to the Land's End, we stood again for the Irish coast, in company with the Raisonable, and Trusty, men of war ; and falling in with two French frigates, we gave them chase from three o'clock on Sunday p.m. until with o'clock on Monday a.m. when the Artois, being a remarkable fast sailer, came up with them. They seeing our consorts so far astern of us, hove to, with intent to engage us, but when we found that their weight of metal was so very superior to ours, that we must fall a sacrifice, at such immense odds, it was deemed prudent to put about, and stand from them. The moment they perceived this, they crouded all sail they could, and made for the French coast. Had either the Trusty or Raisonable been able to come up, we certainly should have brought these Carmagnel frigates on a visit to Portsmouth. We were at quarters all Sunday night."

18 Nov 1795 Transports CATHARINE, VENUS, PIEDMONT, GOLDEN GROVE, AEOLUS, a part of Admiral Christian's fleet, en route for the West Indies, with troops and stores, and merchant vessel THOMAS, en route for Oporto, wrecked on Chesil Bank, between Wyke Regis and Chesil Cove, Portland.
01 Jan 1797 During the year 1797 the MARQUIS OF WORCESTER, West Indiaman, came ashore at Weymouth
16 Jun 1797 The Alcmène frigate, with the fleet under convoy for Lisbon, which sailed on Tuesday from Weymouth, are put back again, the wind coming round to the westward.
01 Jan 1798 During the year 1798 the DUCHESS OF YORK, of Liverpool, was lost with all hands at Portland Bill
01 Jan 1799 During the period 1st - 29th Jan 1799,

Two brigs, with iron from Cardiff to London, have been captured by a French privateer, retaken by the PIGMY cutter, and brought into Portland, with the cutter.

An unarmed vessel was captured off Portland by French privateer, and

The ANN & SUSAN (American Ship), Captain Fricker ?, was captured off Portland by privateer, 18 guns and carried into Cherbourg.

14 Jan 1799 Arrived Plymouth, the Providence, of Poole, laden with fish and oil, from Newfoundland, bound to Poole : she had been taken by a French privateer, and was retaken by the Nymphe. N.C.
6 Feb 1799 Plymouth, arrived the Fly, 18, with his prize, La Gleneur, of six guns and thirty-two men from Cherbourg, captured off Portland the 4th instant, after a long chase. N.C.
08 Feb 1799 Weymouth, the sloop Recovery, Swain, master, from London to Weymouth, with groceries, drove on shore near this place, the sea making a clear breach over her; which, with the inclemency of the weather, rendered the lives of her crew very precarious : but, to the credit of British seamen be it spoken, five brave fellows volunteered to save the crew, which they effected by launching their boat from the Esplanade, and so forced her through the sea. N.C.
10 Feb 1799 Poole, about six o'clock on Friday evening this town was greatly alarmed by the cry of fire, which had broke out in a sailmakers loft on the quay, by the chimney of a small iron stove getting so hot as to set fire to the partition that it went through, and there being a great quantity of canvas, sails, rope, &c. in the loft, it was instantly in one general blaze. The fire then communicated itself to the adjoining house and work-shop of Mr. Knight, block-maker, which was also very soon destroyed, as well as the house belonging to Mr. Bent, both being built chiefly of wood, and having no partition wall. At this period it looked truly awful and tremendous, and it was expected a great part of the store-houses and buildings in that neighbourhood must have been destroyed; but through the wonderful exertions and courage of the men belonging to the troop of Royal Horse Artillery, the second regiment of Worcester Militia, and the Wallace Fencibles, the further progress of the fire stopped. N.C.
17 Apr 1799 Plymouth arrived the Echo, of Poole, for Newfoundland, with coals, salt, &c. taken by a French privateer, and retaken by the mate and a boy of twelve years old, who seized the helmsman, forced him below with two French seamen, battoned them down, and brought them safe into this port. N.C.
11 Oct 1800 A boat belonging to the Sheerness cutter, in coming on shore on Tuesday night, at Weymouth with four persons on board, by which accident, one man was drowned.
1 Jan 1801 Arrived the Earl of Chesterfield packet, Capt. Wood, with Guernsey and Jersey mails.
9 Jan 1801 the hired cutter Constitution, Lieut. W. H. Faulknor, was captured by two large French cutters off Portland, Dorset : she was re-taken the same day by the brig Harpy and revenue cutter Greyhound.
Circa 30 Jan 1801 arrived Poole, Dorset, the Harriot, Sabin, from Newfoundland.
12 Feb 1801 Arrived Poole, the Hope, Netherwood, from Portsmouth
12 Feb 1801 Arrived Poole, the William and Catherine, King, from Newcastle
12 Feb 1801 Arrived Poole, Mermaid, Gilbert, from Southampton
12 Feb 1801 Arrived Poole, William, Cockram, and Nelson, Silver, from London
12 Feb 1801 Arrived Poole, William and Mary, Boynes, from Bridport
12 Feb 1801 Arrived Poole, Good Intent, Ballard, from Cowes
12 Feb 1801 Departed Poole, the Industrious, Aldridge, for Southampton
12 Feb 1801 Departed Poole, the
12 Feb 1801 Departed Poole, the Active, Williams
12 Feb 1801 Departed Poole, the Nana, Cornish
12 Feb 1801Departed Poole, the George, Strickland
12 Feb 1801 Departed Poole, the Endeavour, Soper
12 Feb 1801 Departed Poole, the Mary, Hatchard, for Portsmouth
11 Feb 1801 a letter from on board the Greyhound cutter, dated Dartmouth. Being yesterday off Punck Knoll, these days better known as Puncknowle, (pronounced ‘Punnle’) Dorset, at eleven o'clock in the morning, received information from the Lieutenant at the signal post, that a privateer had captured a brig in the S.W. We immediately gave chase in that direction, and at twelve o'clock saw three sail ahead, standing to the southward, a cutter, sloop, and brig ; at four o'clock had the pleasure of re-capturing the brig, being the Mary Jemima of Exeter, laden with a very valuable cargo of groceries bound to that port. We shifted prisoners, and made sail after the sloop, and at half past five came up with and re-captured her, which proved to have been the Vine, of Neath, laden with barley, last from Weymouth. They were both taken by La Dorade, French cutter privateer, of 16 guns, and her consort at a distance (being those that captured H.M. cutter Constitution, which had got a long way to windward of us. By the time we took the vessels, night coming on, we lost sight of the enemy. This morning, being off Berry Head, and it blowing very hard, we were obliged to bear up for Dartmouth, where both the prizes are safely arrived.
18 Apr 1801 arrived Weymouth the Greyhound revenue cutter, Captain Wilkinson, with Le Petit Pirate, French lugger privateer, belonging to Brest, Captain Ouselure Septan, with 24 men, pierced for 12 guns, but mounting only 4 four pounders, and captured off Portland after a chase of seven hours. She had been out three days from St. Maloes, and had made no capture, but during the cruise before she had taken three West Indiamen, one of them the Apollo, which was afterwards cut out of St. Maloes by the boats of HM frigate Trent, Capt Sir Ed. Hamilton.
9 Nov 1801 9 Nov 1801 the Friendship No. 1, gun-boat, in coming for this port (Plymouth] to be paid off, went on shore on Portland, and was lost, the crew were happily saved.
18 Feb 1802 The sloop Two Friends, John Tunning, master, from Weymouth, bound for London, with butter and stones, ran upon the Goodwin Sand, about 3 o'clock this morning, and immediately sunk ; the master and crew saved themselves in their own boats. For the record blocks of rough stone from the Isle of Portland are usually measured in tonnes, about 20 tonnes max these days, ( so we aren't talking about pebbles of the Chesil Beach.
15 Mar 1802 The Betsey, of Boston, master John Manchester, from Weymouth, with oats, is on shore near the North Pier, Dover, and they are lightening her, and it is hoped she will be got off on the next tide.
24 Oct 1802 The Zephyr, Orfeur, from Civita Vechia, after a passage of 34 days reports that on 30 Sep she spoke with the Harriet, of Poole, John Sabbin, master, 6 weeks from Newfoundland.
7 Nov 1802 The whaler Post Roseway, from the South Seas, arrived in the Downs 24 Nov., spoke the brig Hope, of Poole, bound from Newfoundland to Poole.
10 Jan 1803 The Two Friends, from Charleston, is reported to have arrived off Portland
27 Jan 1803 Exeter Flying Post, as dated, reports the loss of the Hope, of Poole, Capt Deane, bound from Newfoundland to Lisbon, with fish, when going into the harbour at Lisbon, with very little wind, was driven by the current on the South Carchouses, and the ship, master, crew and passengers were lost.
2 Jun 1803 The Providence of Cherbourg, from Ceote for Antwerp, is taken and sent into Portland Roads, by the Long Dog cutter......and they say keep Portland Weird ;-) I guess it has ever been thus with that one :-)
6 Jun 1803 Arrived Weymouth the Brilliant privateer from a cruise, with a large French West India ship.
12 Jul 1803 The Nemesis frigate captured off Portland a French lugger privateer, and recaptured an English brig which the privateer had taken.
01 Aug 1803 The Eliza, of London, Capt Donnelson, from Rotterdam, bound to Bristol, with brandy and other goods, experienced much distress off the Edystone, by the sea breaking in upon her, which stove in a boat and water casks and other damage. On Saturday last, off Portland she picked up 8 hogsheads of French wine, floating in the water, and passed through up to one hundred more of the same sort, from which it was conjectured that a French vessel must have been lost near the Island.
Circa 10 Aug 1803 the Dutch ship Mercury, from the West Indies, has been taken by the English privateer Integrity and was brought into Weymouth.
Circa 24 Sep 1803 arrived Spithead the Eliza schooner, bound from Bourdeaux to Embden, laden with brandy and detained by the Ant schooner off the Isle of Portland.
24 Sep 1803 departed Spithead the Ant schooner to cruise off the Isle of Portland.
5 Nov 1803 the Sally, Hart, of Portland is reported to have been captured by a Dutch privateer and sent into Christiansand.
Lloyds List 6 Apr 1804The Thetis, Pust, from Poole, is lost on the Coast of Spain ; only a passenger survived.
do do 30 Mar 1804Atlanta, Tullock, departed Poole for Newfoundland
do do 30 Mar 1804Success, Robinson, do.
do do 30 Mar 1804Alice, Warren, do.
do do 30 Mar 1804Love & Unity, Priner, do.
do do 1 Apr 1804Industry, Clements, do.
do do 1 Apr 1804Garland, Collis, do.
do do 1 Apr 1804Fanny, Carpenter, do.
Lloyds List of 10 Apr 1804The Lord Nelson of Poole, for Newfoundland, was taken by the French, retaken by the Resolution, privateer of Guernsey and taken to the Island.
6 Jun 1804Since my last the Lion, Pitt, with stone, from Portland now arrived Exmouth.
29 Jul 1804Jane, Allen, arrived Poole from Cork.
29 Jul 1804Bulbery, Miller, arrived Poole from Newfoundland.
29 Jul 1804Success, Robinson, departed Poole for Newfoundland.
12 Jul 1804arrived off Portland, the Gibraltar, 74, Capt Ryves, from the Mediterranean, with a convoy for Spithead.
Sep 1804Thomas, 13, and William, 10, Tims, were committed to Dorchester gaol charged with attempting to sink the schooner Betsy off the Isle of Portland, and did not deny it, only regretting the ship did not sink before the master had time to run the vessel ashore, having discovered that there was 6 feet of water in the hold. On reaching shore the 2 boys made their escape, which led to the suspicion that they might be guilty, and they were eventually apprehended, one at Poole, the other at Blandford.
Circa 23 Jun 1804 the Indefatigable has recaptured the Bilboa, laden with stone from Portland, and sent her into Spithead.
05 Sep 1804 The King and his entourage sailed from Weymouth to Portland Castle in the royal barges, accompanied by the yachts Royal Sovereign, Royal Charlotte and Princess Augusta ; royal salutes were exchanged with frigates the Aeolus and Crescent. A visit to Tophill was made, to enjoy the views, and lunch taken at the Portland Arms. The party returned to Weymouth by sea at 3.30 pm.
15 Sep 1804 departed Spithead for Poole, the Millbrook schooner, to pick up a convoy to take to Plymouth, where the sloop Wolfe will accompany them to Newfoundland.
16 Oct 1804 the sloop Melcombe, of Weymouth, laden with Portland stone for Southampton, ran on the shingles at about 9 O'clock in the evening. The master, Mr Miles Proose, age 87, and his son, and one more man, made up the crew. The son had lost his hand, but by great exertion dragged his father up the shrouds and held him there for several hours before the violence of the sea claimed him and the other man. The son was discovered in the morning, at day light, hanging on to the mast, and was saved by the boat from the frigate acting as guardship at Hurst Castle and the Needles. Soon afterwards the boat is said to have sunk into deep water.
Circa 27 Oct 1804 the schooner Dolphin, laden with Purbeck stone from Swanage, was captured off Brighton by a French privateer, but recaptured by the Rattler and brought into Spithead.
Circa 17 Nov 1804 James Jarvis, convicted at the last Dorset Assizes of assaulting Groves, Lees, and Bridgewater, Officers of the Revenue, was sentenced to three months in prison.
Circa 17 Jan 1805arrived Portsmouth the Dragon, 74 guns, from the Channel Fleet, for repairs, having been ashore during the recent gales at Portland.
Circa 21 Jan 1805in the Admiralty Sessions at the Old Bailey on Wednesday Benj Waterhouse, age 16, and Thos Canterbury, were found guilty of damaging the vessel Five Brothers of Weymouth, by boring holes in her bottom, and were sentenced to 14 years transportation.
Circa 16 Jan 1805the Fly, Green, from London to Bridport, is on shore near Weymouth, and full of water.
22 Jan 1805the Diligent, Carter, from Weymouth to London, was captured and carried into Calais.
4 Feb 1805arrived Poole, the Cyrene, from St Michael's, with damage.
6 Feb 1805arrived Poole, Frederick, Storey, from Limerick.
10 Feb 1805departed Poole, the David, Wilkinson, for Newfoundland.
11 Feb 1805the Urania, Thomas, from Lisbon, arrived Poole yesterday, in 14 days, and brings much advice of much damage sustained by the shipping there : the Edgell, Carroll, of Poole, is lost with the greatest part of her cargo ; the Nancy, Roe, has met with considerable damage ; the Goodridge, Lander, is much damaged ; the Chatty, Seagar, has lost anchors and cables ; and the Henry, Wanhell, carried away her bowsprit. LL
12 Feb 1805the Blandford of Poole, is wrecked off Newhaven. LL
20 Feb 1805arrived Plymouth the Spring, of Poole, from Lisbon, lately captured off Scilly, by the Swan privateer of St Maloe's and recaptured by the Sirius.
12 Mar 1805arrived Plymouth the Beaver, of and from Poole, Capt Holmes, from Liverpool.
Circa 16 Mar 1805the Lark, Norton, from Newfoundland for Poole, has been captured and taken into France.
17 Mar 1805arrived at Poole, the Britannia, Brown.
20 Mar 1805The Pomona, from Sunderland, with coals for Topsham, was captured close in to Portland, by a French brig privateer, and was subsequently recaptured by the Greyhound revenue cutter and carried into Weymouth, the Pluto sloop of war going off in pursuit of the privateer.
Circa 1 Apr 1805 the Anna Margaretta Dorothea, from Stettin to Cadiz, is detained by the Greyhound revenue cutter and was sent into Weymouth.
Circa 1 Apr 1805the Mary, ----, from Poole to Newfoundland, had been taken, retaken, and is arrived at Plymouth.
2 Apr 1805arrived Plymouth the brig Beaver, of and from Poole, laden with pipe clay &c., bound to Liverpool, captured on the 20th Mar off Land's End, by a French privateer, and retaken on the 24th by the frigate Decade.
7 Apr 1804arrived at Poole, the Lively, Bryant, from Newfoundland.
16 Apr 1805arrived at Poole the Jane, Gallop, from Oporto.
C 29 May 1805the Friends, Ranshaw, from Poole and Waterford, for Newfoundland, has been taken by the Sylph, 20, French corvette, and is retaken by HMS Rosario.
Jun 1805the Resolution, a Dane, bound from Poole to Leghorn, has been captured and taken into Algerseras and condemned.
c 26 Jun 1805the John of Hull, Cork, master, from Poole to Hull, with pipe clay, is carried into Ramsgate having been deserted by her crew.
6 Jul 1805it is reported in England that the Liberty, Williams, from Newfoundland, to Poole, is totally lost at Newfoundland. Re reports from ships passing through that area there was a lot of ice about.
29 March 1806 Copy of a Letter from Admiral Montagu, Commander in Chief of HM Ships at Portsmouth, to William Marsden, Esq., dated 29 Mar 1806.
Sir, Be pleased to inform my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty, that the Greyhound Revenue Cutter, commanded by Mr. Richard Wilkinson, arrived here this Afternoon, having taken, off the Berry Head, and sent into Weymouth, La Princesse Caroline de Granville, French Lugger Privateer, commanded by Louis Colar, carrying Six Brass Four-Pounder Guns, Swivels, and small Arms, and rowing Eighteen Oars. She had been out Three Days from Granville, and was manned with Thirty-eight Men. I have the Honor to be, &c. Geo. Montagu.
22 Jun 1808 HMS Belle Poule, with the fleet under convoy for the Mediterranean, sailed from Portland Roads on Monday.
05 Jan 1809 Plymouth Jan 2 - Arrived the Telemachus, of Poole, laden with salt fish, from Newfoundland, captured by a French privateer, and re-taken by the Encounter gun brig.
Circa late 1809: Lieutenant Matthew GRAY reports in his entry in the Naval Biographical Dictionary that prior to sailing in HMS Thalia to the West Indies, in one of the frigate's boats, and while in attendance of the King, off Weymouth, assisted in saving the royal barge ; an occasion on which the late Sir Harry Neale lost his son.
03 Feb 1810 Plymouth 31 Jan Arrived the French brig privateer Le Duguay Trouin, of Brest, which she left on the 2d inst., was captured on the 19th following, off the Penmarks, after a chase of 36 hours, in which she threw all her guns overboard, by HMS Narcissus, of 36 guns. She is a very fine vessel, and a very fast sailer, and mounted 14 guns ; she was captured this cruise the sloop Bon-Adventure, bark Emulation, brig L.O., brig Maria and brig Providence. The Maria is from Newfoundland, with a cargo of fish, bound to Poole, and was re-captured by the Narcissus ; which ship was captured a Dutch galliot, with a cargo of flour, from Bourdeaux, to North Bergen, both of which are expected here. It is stated that the Duguay Trouin scuttled the Providence and Bon-Adventure, both laden with fruit, the Masters of which vessels arrived in the privateer. She also captured a brig from Newfoundland, which, after plundering of several articles, she permitted to proceed on her voyage.
18 Jan 1811 Portsmouth Jan 16 Arrived the Dove brig, of Weymouth, with tallow, recaptured in the Channel.
05 Feb 1811 The Invincible Buonaparte, French corvette privateer, of 18 guns, on Friday se'nnight, in long. 15.30 lat. 47 captured the smack Sir Sydney Smith, of Portsmouth, with a cargo of timber from Prince Edward's Island, which she kept in possession one day, and the put the crews of the following vessels, which she had capture, on board the Sir Sydney Smith, and liberated her, viz. Brig Princessa, of Portsmouth, which she burnt ; Clyde of Leith, which she burnt ; L'Amitie, of Jersey, from Honduras, with mahogany, which she sent to France ; brig Hore, of Poole, from Newfoundland, which she sent to France ; and ship Belona, from Plymouth for Boston, with wine and brandy, which she burnt. The Sir Sidney Smith arrived at this port yesterday.
07 Feb 1811 Plymouth Feb 4 Arrived the brig Swallow of Poole, Captain Chelmers, from Alicante (in ballast) ; left Gibraltar the 20th ult. with a fleet under convoy of HMS Undaunted, but parted company the day after.
22 Aug 1811 Dartmouth, Aug 13 Arrived yesterday the master of the James, of South Shields, and the Parkstone, of Poole. These two ships were taken last Friday morning by the Eleanor French privateer, of 14 guns and 100 men. They were put on board the cartel at sea, on condition that two Frenchmen should be exchanged for them.
28 Oct 1811 Mr Way, of Bridport harbour, lately made an experiment on some Scotch firs. He selected three trees, and had them prepared for extracting turpentine, by cutting a hollow six inches from the ground, and then taking the bark off for a space of about 18 inches above it, from the sappy-wood. This was done in April, and the turpentine began and continued to run under very disadvantageous circumstances, such as cold and rainy weather, until October, when he collected from the three trees about 2½ lb. of turpentine. Mr. Way thinks that large quantities of tar might be obtained from the knots and limbs of the Scotch fir when cut down, and that the charcoal made from it would not be injured by the tar being first extracted.
21 Nov 1811 Dover Nov 18 A sloop from Weymouth to London, stone laden ; she was taken by a French privateer, and retaken by one of our sloops of war.
17 Dec 1811 Weymouth Dec 14 Put into our Roads yesterday, a large convoy to Lisbon ; some of the seamen who came on shore from the fleet report that six privateers came into the fleet after they sailed, and they are fearful that they took four or five sail, as that number are missing ; one of them a large ship, belonging to Plymouth. The convoy sailed again this morning, with a fine breeze at North. Three large luggers sailed from Cherbourg on the 10th inst.
25 Jul 1812 Torbay Jul 22 Passed by the Berry Head at 8 o'clock pm, the Sealark schooner, with a French privateer lugger, taken between Portland and Bury Head, after a smart action.
23 Sep 1812 St. John's Aug 18 On Monday arrived here Captain Gamble, with part of his crew and passengers, belonging to the ship Royal Bounty, of Leith. This vessel, on her voyage from Hull to Prince Edward's Island, was attacked on the 1st inst. to the southward of St. Peter's, by the Yankee privateer, of 18 guns and 120 men. Captain G. being unapprised of the war, was in some degree unprepared for the American, who chased him under English colours, but on coming near, hoisted the American flag, and commenced the engagement. The Royal Bounty had 10 guns, 18 men, and four passengers, one a female. Captain Gamble sustained the unequal conflict for an hour and a quarter ; when having the boy who was at the helm killed, himself wounded, together with his second mate, boatswain, and cook, the colours were struck ; several shots were fired afterwards one of which wounded the chief mate. The Americans then ordered all the people on board the privateer, where the wounded received surgical assistance, but the others were treated very harshly, having their clothes, some of which they wore, taken from them. Two Americans were badly wounded, and it is supposed some were killed, but this was not acknowledged. The American Master was quite enraged at the resistance he had met with from Captain G. The privateer shortly after boarded the Thetis, of Poole, from Sydney, with coals, which was set fire to, as was the Royal Bounty. At eleven at night, Captain G. with his crew were set adrift in the boat. They reached the land of Placentia Bay the next morning, and after receiving the most hospitable treatment, were provided with a conveyance to St. John's.
31 Oct 1812 Poole Oct 29 The Duro, Tucker, from Halifax, bound to this port, was captured on Friday last off the Ramehead, by a French privateer pierced for 18 guns, but only 16 mounted, and 120 men ; she is called the Sans Souci. She sailed the day before from Morlaix, in company with three others ; Captain Tucker and all his crew (except one man left on board the Duro) landed at Sidmouth, having been permitted to quit the privateer when near the Isle de Bas in a boat, and they fortunately, notwithstanding the late heavy gales, crossed the Channel in safety.
19 Nov 1812 Portsmouth Nov 17 The French privateer captured last week off the Isle of Wight, fell in with the Susanna transport, Captain Robertson, on the 10th inst. off Portland, when an engagement commenced between them which lasted for nearly four hours during which the privateer several times to board the Susanna, but was repulsed, and ultimately obliged to sheer off.
27 Nov 1812 Poole Nov 25 Arrived the Mary Ann, Hardy, from Newfoundland ; left St. John's on the 29th ult., with Admiral Duckworth, in the Antelope, and a fleet of about 30 sail.
07 Jan 1813 Portsmouth, Jan 5 Arrived the James, Richardson, from Surinam ; sailed from thence in company with seven others ; the 31st October, and parted from them in a heavy gale of wind from the S.W.; and on the 29th, in sounding, passed the Susan, Rutter, from Halifax to Poole.
12 Jan 1813 Poole, Jan 10 The Benjamin, Collins, which arrived here on Wednesday last, left Bilboa ten days ago. The Master reports, that on the day of his departure, a very considerable French force had taken possession of that place.
12 Feb 1813 Weymouth Feb. 9 A French lugger privateer was seen from Portland this morning.
12 Feb 1813 Weymouth Feb. 9 Early this morning we heard of a vessel driven on shore, about six miles to the westward of Portland ; but on our arrival at the spot, she was totally gone to pieces, and we are sorry to add, all on board had perished.
12 Feb 1813 Weymouth Feb. 9 The Chesterfield packet, bound from hence for Guernsey and Jersey, with a mail, has returned without landing it, she having fallen in with a lugger privateer near Alderney, and exchanged several shots.
17 Jul 1813 Weymouth Jul 14 Put into the roads the Albion and Primrose, with a large fleet under convoy for British America.

Weymouth Jul 15 The above ships are now getting under weigh with their convoys, with a fine breeze at North.

29 Jul 1813 Penzance, Jul 25 Arrived the brig Susanna, Parrot, master, from Madeira, for London ; she was taken yesterday, in sight of Scilly, by the American privateer Argus, who had taken the Salamonca, Row, from Poole to Newfoundland, and burnt her. The Argus is cruising within four hours' sail of the land, and has lately taken dispatches to France from the American Government.
03 Aug 1813 Poole Aug 1 On Thursday morning last four fishing smacks of this port, viz. Lord Nelson, Hope, Friend's Goodwill, and the Robert and Sally, sailed to dredge for oysters on the French coast, just within Jersey, which they had been accustomed to do without molestation ; on the following morning, however, they were chased by a longboat full of hands, on which the Lord Nelson and the Hop[e crowded all sail, and made off, but the Friend's Goodwill and the Robert and Sally were captured and carried into a French port. The crews of these two boats are composed of 6 men and 6 boys ; among them are two fathers and their 5 children.

9 Aug 1813 Pool, Aug 6 Robert and Sally and Friend's Goodwill, fishing boats, taken a week ago off Cape La Hogue, and carried into Cherburgh, are liberated, with their crews, after five days' close imprisonment.

16 Aug 1813 Bristol, Aug 13 Arrived the following ships from the Leeward Islands: Steadfast, Hopewell, Severn, Dockfour, Bristol, Volunteer, Frederick, Edward, Colin, Bush, Dreghorn, and the Thames. The Betsey, Meriweather, from St. Vincent's, and the Mariner, Gilbert, from St. Croix to Bristol, were taken on the 11th inst. nine leagues to the westward of Lundy, by the Argus American sloop of war, who burnt the latter and gave up the crews and passengers a brig, the Eleanor, laden with pipe-clay, from Poole to Liverpool, which she captured at the same time, in which vessel they have arrived here. The Argus cut out of the fleet on the 9th inst. a brig from Guadaloupe to Bristol, which she gave up to the crew of an outward-bound vessel from Cork, taken and burnt by her off Baltimore, During her cruise the Argus had captured 16 vessels, and destroyed them, of which one was the sloop John and William, from Poole to Liverpool. The Captain and officers of the Argus behaved very generously to the crews and passengers of the two Bristol ships, whom they permitted to carry with them in the Eleanor all their private property.
16 Oct 1813 Portsmouth Oct 14 Arrived the Riga packet from Buenos Ayres, captured about 18? leagues off Portland by a French privateer, and recaptured by the Eridanus.
16 Oct 1813 Poole Oct 14 There has been an appearance of privateers hovering about this coast since Sunday last. On Tuesday one was seen in chase of a loaded sloop, and another vessel was in sight of suspicious appearance. Yesterday a lugger was seen from Swanage to be making for a stout ship from the westward, about five leagues in the S.S.E. hauling in for the Needles ; the wind casting to the N.W. she presently bore away to the Southward. The lugger hove to and kept her station. No cruisers have made their appearance.
27 Oct 1813 The Flying Fish schooner, Bate, master, arrived at Portland, 22d of Oct., from Malaga, bound to London, after a passage of 26 days, with very bad weather. She spoke on her passage with the following ships: On the 29th Sep., the Ferrett schooner, Sevel, master, from Alicant to Newfoundland, in lat. 36. Long. 7.0. as well. On the 2d of Oct. in lat. 36. 30. long 8. 20 HM schooner Mackerel, from Cadiz to England, all well. On the 6th of Oct., in lat. 38. Long 9. 28. HMS Venerable, with a fleet under her convoy, running to the southward with a fair wind. On the 11th of Oct. in long 11. S.W. HMS Niemen, with a fleet for Bermuda, all well, and convoy all safe. On the 12th Oct., the Dart, of Dartmouth, from Oporto to Newfoundland, all well, our one day.
16 Nov 1813 Dover Nov 13 The sloop Friends Goodwill, of Poole, when on shore last night, at eight o'clock, to the westward of Dungeness, near Lydd, and is a complete wreck, and it is feared that all on board have perished.
31 Jan 1814 Plymouth Jan 26 Arrived the brig Harvest, of Pool, from Newfoundland, captured by an American privateer, and recaptured by the Orestes sloop of war ; and the armed schooner Havannah from Marlborough Head to Nantz, captured by the Conquestador.
15 Mar 1814 Weymouth, Mar 12 Arrived the Sir Sydney Smith hired armed vessel from Jersey.
13 Apr 1814 Portsmouth Apr 11 Sailed the Comet, 20, for Poole to collect convoy for Newfoundland.
19 Jul 1814 Portsmouth Jul 17 Arrived the Phœnix transport, having sailed from Quebec the 15 Jun, under convoy of HMS Dover ; was separated on the 24th in a heavy gale of wind and foggy weather, in the gulph of St. Lawrence ; on the 30th spoke with HMS Granicus, off the NE end of Cape Breton, from England three weeks ; on the 7th of Jul spoke with the brig Cruizer, of Poole, out 5 days from Newfoundland, bound to Poole, all well.
19 Jul 1814 Portsmouth Jul 17 Arrived the Phœnix transport, having sailed from Quebec the 15 Jun, under convoy of HMS Dover ; was separated on the 24th in a heavy gale of wind and foggy weather, in the gulph of St. Lawrence ; on the 30th spoke with HMS Granicus, off the NE end of Cape Breton, from England three weeks ; on the 7th of Jul spoke with the brig Cruizer, of Poole, out 5 days from Newfoundland, bound to Poole, all well.
23 Aug 1814 Portsmouth Aug 21 Sailed the Sprightly cutter, for Weymouth
30 Aug 1814 Weymouth Aug 27 Arrived the Francis Freeling packet, with mail from Guernsey and Jersey.
30 Aug 1814 Weymouth Aug 27 Sailed yesterday from Portland Roads, with the wind at North, the Newfoundland fleet, under convoy of the Derwent sloop of war.
10 Sep 1814 American privateer Chasseur captured the Commerce, and the Fox, both of Poole ;
21 Sep 1814 Portsmouth Sep 19 Sailed the Dexterous, 12, for Weymouth.
26 Sep 1814 Scilly, Sep 21 The Harmony of Poole, Louis, to Newfoundland, was taken the 29th ult. in lat. 48 long. 46. By the Amelia privateer, of Baltimore, given up, and arrived at Londonderry the 18th inst. The privateer captured the same day, the Collins, Patterson, bound to Quebec ; the Nancy, of Poole, bound to Newfoundland ; and a brig, name unknown.
19 Oct 1814 In a letter of 26 Sep it states The Indian Lass was chased into Graciosa a few days ago by 2 American privateers, one of which narrowly escaped capture by the Pique frigate, which anchored here for supplies on the 23d inst., on her return to Barbadoes. The Nancy, from Poole to Newfoundland, was retaken between 1st and 5th ult. by the Pique frigate and sent to Barbadoes.
28 Oct 1814 Portsmouth Oct 26 The Three Brothers, the brig Bacchus, of Poole, from Newfoundland to Gibraltar, and the Atlantic, of Liverpool, from Bourdeaux for Pensacola, were captured by the Wasp, the 24th ult.; the two former being plundered, were sunk ; the latter sent for America. The Captains of the above vessels, with several of the people, have arrived in HMS Bombay, from Madeira, whither they had arrived in a French vessel.
28 Oct 1814 Falmouth Oct 24 Arrived the Wanderer and Achates brigs from Cork ; they are ordered to take the fish vessels from Poole to the Mediterranean.
09 Nov 1814 Portsmouth Nov 7 Arrived the Tyrian, 18, from Weymouth
09 Nov 1814 Portsmouth Nov 7 The Griper sloop of war will relieve the Zephyr, in the service of waiting on the Princess Charlotte at Weymouth
09 Nov 1814 Portsmouth Nov 7 The Griper sloop of war will relieve the Zephyr, in the service of waiting on the Princess Charlotte at Weymouth
11 Nov 1814 Ramsgate Nov 9 The Speedwell packet of Poole put into the pier for shelter.
12 Nov 1814 Portsmouth Nov 10 Sailed the Griper, 10, to join the squadron off Weymouth.
14 Nov 1814 Weymouth Nov 11 Arrived HMS Leviathan, with Mr. Canning and family on board for Lisbon ; she has sailed again for that destination.
21 Nov 1814 Falmouth Nov. 16 Arrived off this port the Sir Peter galliot, from Malaga for London ; was captured on her passage by the Syren American privateer, of Baltimore, which privateer had also taken on the 23d ult. the Grace, of Poole, for Alicant and Cadiz, and sent her to America, and put the crew on board the Sir Peter.
20 Dec 1814 Portsmouth Dec 18 Arrived the Zephyr, from Weymouth
20 Dec 1814 The Zephyr arrived at Spithead on Saturday morning, from a long attendance on Princess Charlotte, at Weymouth. HRH left that place on Thursday, for Cranborne lodge, with her health, we are happy to say, perfectly re-established. The Princess, previous to her departure, made several donations to the various charitable institutions.
26 Dec 1814 Weymouth Dec 23 Arrived the Integrity, Swatridge, from North Yarmouth ; William and Francis, Beale, and the Martha, Carrol, from London. The French ship remains on shore, but cannot learn her name.
29 Dec 1814 Weymouth Dec 29 The French brig [Amitie?] which was driven on shore near Portland, was got off last night, and is now at anchor between the island of Portland and this port.
02 Jan 1815 The Amitie, from Havre, to Bourbon, lately on shore near Portland.
26 Mar 1815 26 Mar 1815 the Abercrombie East Indiaman was wrecked off Portland : crew lost.
29 Mar 1815 Weymouth Mar 27 I beg to inform you that orders have been received at this port, from the General Post office, London, to put the packets on the war establishment.
29 Mar 1815 Weymouth Mar 27 Loss of the Alexander East Indiaman. It has blown a hard gale of wind the whole of yesterday and last night, from the SSW and it is with heartfelt regret I inform you of the loss of the Alexander East Indiaman, from Bombay, bound to London ; she was driven on shore on the Chesil Beach, opposite Wyke Regis, during the gale of last night, about 2 miles west of Portland, and I am sorry to add, that the Captain and all the crew and passengers are lost, except four lascars and a woman. The ship is gone to pieces and very little of her cargo can be saved.
31 Mar 1815 Weymouth Mar 29 Arrived a French fishing boat with six military officers from Caen.
31 Mar 1815 Weymouth Mar 29 But very little of the cargo of the Alexander East Indiaman has been saved. There have been taken up from the wreck, the bodies of 39 Lascars, and 7 Europeans ; amongst the latter are Captain Campbell, Captain or Lieutenant Brooks, Lieutenant Hodges ; Mr. Jackson and two children ; Mr. Black, chief mate ; Antonio, gunner's mate ; and Francisco, seaman ; altogether about 50 bodies are thrown up by the sea, but the above only are at present recognised.
08 Aug 1815 Portsmouth Aug 5 The Northumberland, Bucephalus and Ceylon were between St. Alban's and Portland, at ten o'clock this morning, with every prospect of reaching Plymouth in the course of the day, off which port is is supposed the Bellerophon will meet the Northumberland, to put Buonaparte on board, to be conveyed to the island of St. Helena.
08 Aug 1815 Portsmouth Aug 5 The Northumberland, Bucephalus and Ceylon were between St. Alban's and Portland, at ten o'clock this morning, with every prospect of reaching Plymouth in the course of the day, off which port is is supposed the Bellerophon will meet the Northumberland, to put Buonaparte on board, to be conveyed to the island of St. Helena.
08 Aug 1815 Portsmouth Aug 5 The Northumberland, Bucephalus and Ceylon were between St. Alban's and Portland, at ten o'clock this morning, with every prospect of reaching Plymouth in the course of the day, off which port is is supposed the Bellerophon will meet the Northumberland, to put Buonaparte on board, to be conveyed to the island of St. Helena.
08 Aug 1815 Portsmouth Aug 5 The Northumberland, Bucephalus and Ceylon were between St. Alban's and Portland, at ten o'clock this morning, with every prospect of reaching Plymouth in the course of the day, off which port is is supposed the Bellerophon will meet the Northumberland, to put Buonaparte on board, to be conveyed to the island of St. Helena.
15 Sep 1815 Admiralty Office Sep 13 Sir. Having laid before my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty your letter of this day's date relative to the situation of the merchant vessels from Jamaica, lately under convoy of HMS Warrior, which have not yet arrived in port, I am commanded by their Lordships to acquaint you , for the information of the Committee for managing the affairs of Lloyd's, that their Lordships have ordered the Admiral at Plymouth, if the wind should be easterly, to send out any disposable vessels he may have, with water and provisions for those merchant ships, and to assist them into port, directing such vessels as he may send to cruise for ten days or a fortnight, or until the wind shall become quite fair for the trade to come in. My Lords, however, direct me to observe that they cannot hope that more than one or two small vessels are in a state to be sent on this service, as all the ships at Plymouth are ordered to be paid off. I am &c., J. W. Croker To: Mr. John Bennett, Jun. Lloyds.

16 Sep 1815 Lloyds, Sep 15 Two of the Warrior's convoy from Jamaica are accounted for this morning viz.- Posthumous, for London, arrived off Weymouth, parted from the fleet on 9th August ; Colombus, for Greenock, arrived there.

01 Nov 1815 Poole, Oct 30 The Ebenezer, of this port, with coals from Newcastle is on shore in Studland Bay, having been obliged to cut from her anchorage in last night's gale. It is expected she will be got off.
21 Nov 1815 Plymouth Nov 18 Arrived the Wanderer sloop of war, from Weymouth, to be paid off.
05 Jan 1816 Weymouth, Jan 3. Sailed yesterday, HMS Dispatch, having under her protection the Royal Charlotte yacht for London.
25 Jun 1816 On Saturday last two frigates ordered to be laid down at Plymouth Dockyard, upon the largest scale of any yet built. They are to be called the Lancaster and Portland. Their main decks are to be flush fore and aft ; to be built without ceiling (on Mr. Seppings' plan) to be filled in between the timbers, and rated at 50 guns ; they will, however, carry 60 guns each ; the long guns to carry 32-pounders, and the short guns 42-pounders, besides one 68-pounder.
21 Sep 1816 21 Sep 1816 The Princess Charlotte, from Madras and St Helena, landed Captain R. O'Brien at Weymouth, late of HMS Cornwallis. The Chameleon, Captain Low, had arrived safe at Calcutta from Madras, with the specie which the Challenger took out from Portsmouth
21 Nov 1816 Cowes Nov 19 Arrived the Rachael from London for Montserrat and William Henry, from London for St. Christopher's. Yesterday morning, about 4 o'clock, off Portland, the Rachael laying-to, was run on board by the William Henry ; both ships have sustained damage in their upper works. Captain Maxwell, in attempting to get on board the William Henry, fell overboard and was drowned, and one of the foremast men of the William Henry was killed. The William Henry is come into the harbour to repair ; the Rachael is in the roads.
02 Sep 1817 The Tigris, Captain Henderson, sailed on Saturday morning from Portsmouth, to cruise off Weymouth
04 Oct 1817 Portsmouth Sept 29 HMS Prometheus was very nearly swamped in the Race of Portland last Tuesday evening ; her stern and quarter boats were torn from the davits by the violence of the sea. HMS Cherub and a merchant ship were in sight but could render no assistance - being so far to leeward.
04 Oct 1817 Portsmouth Sept 29 HMS Prometheus was very nearly swamped in the Race of Portland last Tuesday evening ; her stern and quarter boats were torn from the davits by the violence of the sea. HMS Cherub and a merchant ship were in sight but could render no assistance - being so far to leeward.
04 Oct 1817 Portsmouth Sept 29 The revenue cutter Harpy captured a sloop off Portland last Wednesday night, with 300 kegs of spirits on board.
13 Oct 1817 Portsmouth Oct. 11 The Tiber, Capt. Dacres, came in this morning from Weymouth : previously to her arrival there was no vessel of any description at Spithead.
07 Jan 1818 Dartmouth Jan 5 Arrived of this port, the schooner Moira, of Ilfracombe, from Bristol, last from Plymouth, bound to Weymouth, with a general cargo, having lost her foremast and both topmasts in a severe gale from the S.W. last night ; the pilots will bring her in here if the weather permits it, otherwise they will endeavour to make Torbay.
10 Apr 1818 Friday, Apr 10, 1818, Affray between the Christchurch preventive boat's crew and a gang of smugglers, last week, ear Beacon Burny. when the latter rescued 150 casks of spritis, and beat the Custom-house officers most brutally and unmercifully, seems to be of a very serious nature. The officers were driven to the necessity of firing their pistols to save their own lives. Three of the smugglers are said to have been killed, and 13 wounded ; but the uninjured party of smugglers succeeded in removing the bodies of their shot companions to the woods adjacent, and their secret habitations.
05 Jun 1818 The private ship Sir Stephen Lashington is arrived off Weymouth, from Bengal, whence she is reported to have sailed the 2 Jan, from Madras 11 Jan, and from the Cape 21 Mar.
13 Jul 1818 Portsmouth Jul 11 On Wednesday the Tiber, Captain Dacres, sailed for Weymouth, to take the Lord Bishop of Salisbury and his suit thence to Guernsey and Jersey.
18 Aug 1818 Extract of a letter from the agents to Lloyd's at Westport, dated the 10th inst.: On the 3d inst. a three-masted Spanish vessel, rigged with lateen sails, of about 80 tons burden, laden with wine, brandy, geneva, spirits of aniseed, soap, paper, canvass, and twine, was seized in the act of smuggling, in Black Sod-bay, by Robert Bingham, a magistrate. On the crew, consisting of 11 persons, being brought up here, some of whom are men of colour, and the captain, mate, and two others, British subjects. The. circumstances of the case being considered suspicious, they have been examined, and the following is the captain's report:- His name, George O'Mallay, a native of this country, sailed from Buenos-Ayres with the rank of Lieutenant, on board an insurgent ship of war, commanded by Commodore Ross; that off Cape Finisterre they took a Spanish vessel called the San Carmon ; that he, the present crew, a Mr. Johnston, and four others, in all sixteen persona, were put an board said vessel : Johnston, as prize-master, in order that they should proceed with the prize to South America ; that being short of provisions, Johnston and four of the crew took the boat in order to board a vessel, then to windward, for the purpose of obtaining a supply, but that they did not return; they afterwards were forced by contrary winds on this coast, where they were detected selling the cargo, and the vessel seized. We have strong reason to suspect that the prize-master and the other men have been destroyed ; and that Mallay who is a native of this place, brought the vessel and cargo to this coast, in order to dispose of it At all events, they have acted as pirates; and as such they have been committed to prison. Memo. The prize-master and men landed at Weymouth the 2d inst.
05 Oct 1818 On Tues, the Hawke, Lieutenant Ward, cruising off West Lulworth, seized 50 kegs of foreign spirits, which were lodged at the Custom-house at Poole, on the following day.

The four smugglers taken by the above cutter off Portland, and delivered over to the magistrates at Poole, made their escape on Tuesday last, over the prison wall, by the assistance of a rope, and got off.

27 Oct 1818 Poole Oct 25 Last night a party from the Hawke revenue cutter, lying at Brawnsea, seized on the north shore, nigh at hand, 79 kegs of spirits. The smuggling- boat is said to have belonged to Weymouth or Portland, and was forced on shore at the spot she came to, blowing strong and very dark. The boat was swamped, but no lives were lost. One of the crew was taken, named John Davis.
13 Jan 1819 Weymouth, Jan 11 During the gale of last night, the sloop William, of Plymouth, was driven on shore on Portland beach, and the Captain, mate, and one man drowned. The only person saved is a boy, son of the mate. Greatest part of her cargo expected to be saved.
21 Sep 1819 By the Horton, arrived at Poole from Newfoundland, we have received papers to the 20th ult., in which it states that: HMS Carnation, Capt. Shiffner, arrived here on the 8th from the westward, and sailed again on the 16th, with his Excellency the Governor on board, for Trepassey.
21 Sep 1819 By the Horton, arrived at Poole from Newfoundland, we have received papers to the 20th ult., in which it states that: HMS Egeria, Captain Rowley, arrived on the 10th from Harbor Grace, and sailed on the 17th for Trinity.
21 Sep 1819 By the Horton, arrived at Poole from Newfoundland, we have received papers to the 20th ult., in which it states that: HMS Scrub, from Bonavista-bay, arrived here on the 1st inst., and on the 2d HMS Grasshopper, Capt. Buchan, in 28 days from Portsmouth, and sailed on the 8th for the northward.
21 Sep 1819 By the Horton, arrived at Poole from Newfoundland, we have received papers to the 20th ult., in which it states that: The Camel, store-ship, sailed in company with the Grasshopper for this place.
21 Sep 1819 By the Horton, arrived at Poole from Newfoundland, we have received papers to the 20th ult., in which it states that: HMS Scrub, from Bonavista-bay, arrived here on the 1st inst., and on the 2d HMS Grasshopper, Capt. Buchan, in 28 days from Portsmouth, and sailed on the 8th for the northward.
21 Sep 1819 By the Horton, arrived at Poole from Newfoundland, we have received papers to the 20th ult., We learn by a schooner arrived this morning (17 Aug), from Forto Bay, Labrador, that some time in July, HMS Tamar was set on shore by the current, during a thick fog ; at Large Point, on the coast of Labrador, and was obliged to cut away her main and mizen masts, and throw her guns overboard, before she could be got off again. She afterwards obtained two spars, and having refitted, proceeded to the eastward.
01 Jan 1820 29 Dec 1819. Weymouth. During the gale of yesterday and preceding night, the following vessels slipt or cut their cables in Portland Roads and ran for this harbour:- viz GAMBIER, from Southampton to Youghall ; SUSAN, SARAH and DOVE, from Sunderland ; and AVONMORE, from Youghall. The schooner ECHO from the Gambier, has been brought into the Lower Hole, having lost 4 of her crew on her passage, and the captain, mate and one man, are now sickly. She is put under quarantine.

Brixham, Torbay, Dec 28. Early yesterday the wind shifted from SW to SSE, and has continued ever since to blow with great violence. The brig Sailerne, of Bergen, from London to Tenneriffe ; the New Harmony, from Sligo to London ; the Mary, of Weymouth ; from Dublin to London, with several small coasters, have cut and run for this harbour, after riding in great danger.

03 Jan 1820 Heavy snow is reported in South Dorset, with roads in the Bridport area being blocked by 8 foot drifts. Neither of the Weymouth coaches have reached Bath since Monday last.
2 Jan 1821 the Scourge got on shore during a strong gale on the rocks at Blacknor Point. The crew and much of the stores were saved. The Greyhound and Scourge arrived from Portland Roads to give assistance, but returned when it was realised that there was little hope of saving her./C:/Website/Naval/RN/Sailing_Ship_Thmb.jpg
09 Oct 1821 The Rosario, Capt. Maryatt, sailed Friday to cruise off Weymouth, for the suppression of smuggling. Last week, Lieut. White of the Preventive service there, made another seizure of 82 casks of spirits, and one cask of tea ; and Lieut. Sparks creeped up 43 tubs off Portland.
09 Oct 1821 Poole Oct 6, accounts in general from Newfoundland speak of the prospect as to the fishery as very unpromising for the present. The weather is much complained of : at St. John's they draw a very gloomy picture ; and it so now, what may be expect before the winter has ended ?
17 Oct 1821 The Charles Miller, of Wiscasset, from Havannah, was totally lost in Portland harbour during a gale on the 3 ult. [one wonders which Portland this refer to? ]
03 Nov 1821 The Gemima, bound to Liverpool put back to Poole yesterday, leaky, and would be obliged to discharge part of her cargo.
15 Nov 1821 Weymouth, Nov 12 : It blew a heavy gale yesterday from the southward, but abated during the night.
17 Nov 1821 The Mary of Weymouth, foundered off Redcar 4th inst., and it is supposed all the crew were drowned.
12 Jan 1822 The Sally, from Lisbon to Newfoundland, arrived at Poole yesterday, after having been out 72 days, and five different times in sight of the island.
22 Jan 1822 The Enterprise of and for Poole, sailed from Newfoundland 12th ult. and within three days after her departure, she lost her mainmast, rudder, bowsprit, stanchions, &c. and threw great part of her cargo overboard. On the 7th inst., she was fallen in with by the Ardent, arrived at Liverpool from Demerara, which towed her off Kensale, where she was taken in charge of by a pilot-boat, and carried into that port on Wednesday last.
21 Apr 1822 William Lewis, age 33, smuggler of Wyke Regis, killed by a shot from the Revenue Service vessel Pigmy
10 Oct 1822 Plymouth, Oct 6 - The Richard, from Jersey for Weymouth, was brought in here this day by a pilot boat, having been run foul of, on the night of the 26th ult., off Portland, by the Harrier, from London for Genoa, and was abandoned by the crew, being almost in a sinking state. They were taken on boar the Harrier, and landed here from that vessel on the 27th ult. The following day the paper reports that the Richard, from Jersey to Portsmouth, was carried into Plymouth on Sunday, with the loss of mainmast and bow stove in, having been picked up off the Dodman, without any person onboard.
17 Oct 1822 Yarmouth, Oct 15 - In the gale of Sunday night we are sorry to learn the loss of the Ranger revenue cutter, having struck on Hasbro' Sand. It is supposed she immediately fell on her broadside, and that every soul on board perished ; but providentially a boat with seven hands had been detached on particular service, and those poor fellows, with one man on shore sick, are the only survivors out of a crew of 40 men. From the situation in which HM brig Protector was seen just before the gale, great fears may be entertained for her safety. We are certain that five brigs and a sloop are lost near Winterton, among which we find the Hope, of Newcastle ; Hopewell, of Malden ; and Supply, of Sunderland.

Another letter of the same date says: "It is hoped that HMS Protector was not lost on Sunday night. The Nancy, of Weymouth, cut from her anchor under Corton yesterday, struck on Newcombe Sand, and unshipped her rudder, but it has been hung, and an anchor and cable put on board. The East Lothian of and from Dunbar for London, was brought into our roads this morning dismasted ; she was found of Dunlington by the Heron, of Shields. It is reported that the Hope, of Newcastle, was lost off Winterton on Sunday.

19 Nov 1822 The Warren, with butter, wheat, bees-wax, &c., from Flensburg for Naples, ran on shore eight miles to the east of Poole, on Friday night. She got as far as Portland, where she sprung a leak, and was bearing up for the island, when she took the ground. The crew are all saved. The whole of the cargo will be saved, but a considerable part of it is much damaged. It is uncertain whether or not the vessel can be got off.
03 Dec 1822 Poole Dec 1 - arrived the Lester, which sailed from this port the 11 Oct for Newfoundland ; on the 21st Nov in Long. 38, was obliged to bear up, having sprung her bowsprit and split her sails. On the 27th, long. 17. 30, she fell in with the wreck of the Mary Anne, of Aberdeen, from Quebec for London, out 23 days. Capt. Lander of the Lester, by exertion, got to the wreck, and took from the foretop twelve men, who had been there three days, with only half a biscuit per day, without water. The captain of the Mary Anne and a boy had been previously washed from the wreck and drowned. No part of the hull of the vessel was visible above water.
07 Jan 1824 In long. 14, the Harriet, arrived at Poole, fell in with the Paulina of Duxberry, laden with tobacco, from Richmond, bound to London ; the master having been washed overboard and drowned, neither of the remaining crew being able to navigate her, the Harriet kept her in company till her arrival off Poole, when she was taken charge of by a Cowes pilot.
22 Apr 1824 22-23 April 1824 Colville foundered off Chesil Cove. Ebenezer, on hire to the government with stores, stranded between Wyke Regis and Portland ; subsequently refloated in Portland Roads, after the removal of stores and equipment. Dutch galliot Johanna ashore in Portland Roads, under Sandesfoot Castle.
22 Sep 1824 Bridport, Sep 20 - The Prompt lost her boat from the stern on the 13th inst., near the Nore: mark inside, Thos. Fudge ; outside, Prompt, Bridport.
14 Jun 1825 Merchant vessel Vigilant ashore at Lulworth.
02 Nov 1825 Weymouth, Nov 10 - It has been blowing a tremendous gale from the N.E., the whole night. There are two schooners and five fore-and-aft vessels on shore near Portland Castle. The gale continues with unabated fury ; about 20 sail got under weigh at the first start of the gale and bore away to the westward. The only vessels now riding in Portland Roads are the Rose, revenue cutter, the Royal Louis, from Guadaloupe for Havre. The Union, Swatridge, from London for Topsham, and the Effort, Pitt, are on the rocks at the entrance of the harbour. The Hinchinbrook, Post office packet, which arrived yesterday from Guernsey and Jersey, lies in a dangerous situation at the mouth of the harbour.
01 Jan 1826 Penzance Jan 1, 1826 - The Commerce, from Poole to Newfoundland, was towed into Penzance pier yesterday, having carried away her foremast, bowsprit, main-topmast, and received other considerable damage in a gale on the 15th ult. in lat. 49. 52. Long. 30. 18.
25 Aug 1826 Poole, Aug 25, 1826 - The Martha, Samways, arrived here on the 8th inst., fell in with the David Shaw, of Liverpool, in lat. 46. 12. N. long. 45. 30. W. totally dismasted, water-logged, and without any person onboard.
25 Jun 1827 Portsmouth June 23 On Tuesday arrived the Hayden transport, Lieutenant Gill agent, from Malta and Gibraltar, bringing thence old stores, invalids, and passengers. She left Malta on the 30th of April, and Gibraltar on the 21st of May, having been detained at the latter place by strong contrary winds ; offered the Spanish steamer Reyna Amelia (late Royal George) £40 to tow the Hayden through the Gut, but the lazy indolent habits of the Spaniards were proof against the dollars. Left the Dryad, and the Colombian brig of war Libertad, at Gibraltar, the latter on the look-out for a Spanish corvette, which she had challenged. The Spaniards, greatly fearing her appearance had placed two gun-boats to give alarm should she show any symptoms of a hostile movement. The Hayden spoke on May 22, in lat. 35. 55. long 6. 28., the brig Nancy, from Liverpool to Trieste, out 15 days; and on June 17, the brig Malta, of Poole, to Gibraltar, out three days. The passengers by the Hayden are:- Captain Robert Gambier, R. N. and family: Captain Lindsay, 94th Regiment; Lieutenant Sanders, 95th Regiment, (in charge of the troops on board) : Dr. Calvert, D. A. D.. General Eschuder, and Mr. Savage, late surgeon of the Medina. The Hayden brought a mail from Malta, dated April 2. Hampshire Telegraph
01 Jan 1828 Poole, Dec 30 - The Briton, from Newcastle, struck the bar on Friday, and drove ashore, but has since come into harbour.
02 Jan 1828 Weymouth, Dec 31 - A boat, marked on the stern "Lovely Mary, of Teignmouth," was picked up off Chiswell cove, Portland, 28th inst.
17 Jan 1828 Poole, Jan 15 - During the gale on Sunday morning various accidents occurred to the shipping here at the quays, several being forced adrift and driven foul. The Amy, from Newfoundland, parted cable in the roads, and got upon the mud ; since off, without apparent damage.
18 Jan 1828 The Brutus of Portland, dismasted and abandoned, was fallen in with in lat. 38 long. 46 by the Apollo arrived off Plymouth
25 Jan 1828 Bridport Jan 22 - This morning part of the head rail of a vessel about seven feet long, with "Rock" upon it, head of water cask, marked "Draper," a bucket marked "Harwich," part of a booby-hutch and sundry other pieces of wreck, have been washed ashore.
28 Jan 1828 Weymouth Jan 25 - The Elizabeth-Ann, from Truro to London, has put in here with bows stove, &c., having been run foul of by a schooner during a fog on the 23d inst., off the Start.
07 Apr 1828 The brig Malta, from Poole, bound to St. Andrew's spoken to at lat. 49.2, long. 11.51, by the ship Washington.
13 Aug 1828 Weymouth Aug 11. Arrived the Elizabeth, from Riga for Marseilles, leak, pumps choked. Cargo (wheat) partially damaged.
22 Sep 1828 The Hampshire Chronicle states that the first report of the Dorset Association for the Preservation of Life from Shipwreck, has been published : it states that during 1826 arrangements were made to put in place to adopt plans made by the London Institution, and life-boats have been put in place at Portland and Studland Bay, and Major Manby's apparatus at Lyme, Charmouth, Abbotsbury, Fleet, Chiselborne, Osmington, Lulwortb Cove, Kemmeridge, (sic) and Swanwich, some the more dangerous points along the coast. In addition rewards have been made to individuals who have rendered assistance to vessels in danger.
17 Nov 1828 Poole, Nov 12 - The William, in heaving up her anchor, broke the palls of her windlass, and will be detained two or three days to repair.
17 Nov 1828 The Alert, from Poole to Hamburgh, was run on board of and sunk on the 12th inst., off Dungeness, by the Addison, from St. Petersburgh.
16 Mar 1829 Portsmouth 16 Mar 1829 On the 6th inst., the Eagle revenue cruiser, Lieutenant St. Quinton Commander, detained the sloop Eliza, of Poole, strongly suspected of having destroyed her cargo in the chase. Hampshire Telegraph.
16 Mar 1829 Portsmouth 16 Mar 1829 On Sunday last, the boat's crew in the Preventive service at the Nothe, on the Weymouth station, under the command of Lieutenant Hales, R. N., made a seizure of 140 casks of spirits, which they found after a diligent search, ingeniously concealed in a cavern near the Boiling Rock. Hampshire Telegraph.
16 Mar 1829 Portsmouth 16 Mar 1829 On the 6th inst., the Eagle revenue cruiser, Lieutenant St. Quinton Commander, brought to, off Portland, after a spirited chase, the sloop La Concorde, of Cherbourg with seven men, four French, and three English ; during the chase, the cargo was thrown overboard, ten casks were picked up and deposited in His Majesty's Custom-house stores at Weymouth. In two of the casks were found, carefully packed, nearly 1,000 yards of silk. Hampshire Telegraph.
20 Jul 1829 Weymouth Jul 17 Several of the ships which sailed from Portland Roads on the 15th, are returned again. Wind blowing strong at SW
01 Aug 1829 Cowes Jul 30 1829 The Lovely Maria reports that yesterday morning, about 1 o'clock, 4 leagues WSW of Portland, it being uncommonly dark, came in contact with the Matilda, from Cardiff to London, and such was the shock that the Matilda's foremast immediately went by the board ; the crew of the Matilda came on board the brig, and soon after the main mast was heard to go. The cabin boy was left on boad, and the weather was such that they could render him no assistance ; it is not known whether she sunk.

Weymouth Aug 2 1829 The Plover, Buck, picked up, a little west of Portland, a boat marked "Lovely Maria, of Kirkaldy, James Oliphant, master.

01 Aug 1829 Weymouth Jul 29 The Briton, from Youghall, for London, and the North Ash of Dartmouth, came in contact 8 miles SSE of St. Alban's Head ; when the Briton sunk the mast and one man got on boad the North Ash, and landed at Portland ; 5 of the crew took to the boat, and landed here.

Torbay Jul 30 The North Ash from Sunderland, arrived here today, with loss of bowsprit, and much damaged, having been in contact with the Briton, from Youghall to London.

Weymouth Aug 1 The George and Henry, fishing smacks, picked up, three leagues west of Portland, a bowsprit, spanker boom, piece of top-mast, several pieces of deck plank, bulk heading, and the bottom of a boat painted red inside, "E.R." branded on apiece forming part of a box.

Cowes Aug 2 Twenty firkins of butter have been picked up and brought here, supposed to be part of the cargo of the Briton, from Youghall.

23 Sep 1829 The Elizabeth, from Poole to Newfoundland, has put into Falmouth, leaky
29 Sep 1829 Teneriffe Aug 1 The Lady Hope arrived here on 1 Aug from Portland and sailed for and was wrecked on the coast of Lansarotte.
11 Dec 1829 The Milton, of Newcastle, from Richebucto to Weymouth, was spoken with on the 21st ult., in lat. 60, long. 14, by the Turan, arrived at Penzance.
14 Dec 1829 The following vessels have arrived off Portland: Commerce from New York ; Jamaic, from Rio Janeiro ; and Thomas from Trieste
25 Dec 1829 Eastbourne, Dec 23 The Faith from London to Poole, was got off yesterday and proceeded.
06 Jan 1830 The Sarah, from Bridport to London, got in contact with a schooner, on the 3d inst. off Beachy Head, carried away her bowsprit, and had her bows stove in, but makes little water.
13 Jan 1830 Dover Jan 11 The following vessels from Dorset have put in through stress of the weather :

Ruby, from Poole, with wool and pipe clay, to Leeds.

Lark, from Bridport, with a general cargo, for London.

Bessey, from Poole, with wine and pipe clay, to Hull.

25 Jan 1830 Weymouth Jan. 19.- Wind S.E. The Mary from Youghal to Southampton, in attempting to get into the harbour last evening, grounded north of the bar, and got on the sand.

Weymouth Jan 22 - The wind blew hard last night from S.S.E., which hat driven the Mary more on shoal ground ; but, as the tides are lifting, she is expected to come off.

02 Feb 1830 Plymouth Jan. 30.- HM sloop Pandora (18), Commander the Hon. J. F. Gordon, arrived at this port yesterday from the East Indies. She was obliged to bear up off Portland by the strong easterly winds. We understand she sailed from Trincomalee on the 3 Sep ; from Madras on 22 Sep, the Isle of France on the 30 Oct. from St. Helena the 10 Dec, and from Ascension on the 16 Dec.
17 Feb 1830 Portland Roads. The Perseverance of Poole, Hutchins master, from St Ubes, laden with fruit and salt, met with a very heavy gale in long. 11, and was fallen in with off Portland, by the Emma, pilot boat, from Cowes, and towed into this port on Monday, having only the main mast and bowsprit standing : she is in a very leaky state - the crew are safe.
23 Feb 1830 Steam packet Meteor, bound for the Channel Isles, on the rocks in fog at Church Hope, Portland.
06 Apr 1830 Falmouth, April 3, Also arrived the naval transport Industry, Captain Cater, from Plymouth for Milford. Sailed the Emma, for St. Petersburgh ; the Hardinge, for St. Petersburgh ; the Briton, for Jersey ; the David, for Poole ; the Clementina, for London ; and the Minerva, for London.
27 Apr 1830 Weymouth April 24. It has blown a heavy gale the whole of last night from the W.S.W. About 30 vessels are riding in Portland Roads. Some of them have driven considerably, but no damage The Auguste, from Bordeaux for Rouen, having„ encountered a heavy sea off Portland this morning, is much strained. One of her cables was washed off the deck, and it is supposed the cargo will be discharged.
06 May 1830 Portland, May 4. Arrived the Isabella, from Bombay, sailed the 13th of December, and from the Cape of Good Hope on the 9th of March.
17 May 1830 Weymouth, May. 14, Arrived off port, the Duke of Bedford, from Bengal.
17 May 1830 Portland, May, I5, Off port, the Thetis, from Cette.
22 May 1830 Deal, May 20. The Swift, from Newcastle to Bridport, came on shore near Kingsdown, during a thick mist this day ; expected to be got off next tide.
22 May 1830 From Lloyd's The Rajah, from New Bedford has arrived off Portland.
17 Jul 1830 Weymouth, July 15. Off Port, the Hythe, from China.
07 Aug 1830 Poole, Aug 5. Arrived the Merope, from St. Andrew's, New Brunswick ; and the Hope from Newfoundland. The following arrivals are posted at Lloyd's: The Hero from Memel, at Bridport.
14 Aug 1830 Cowes. Aug 12. The August, from Havre to Marseilles, has put in here with the loss of a mainmast and considerable damage, having been in contact with an American vessel, name unknown, yesterday, off Portland. Three of the crew left on board the American.
19 Aug 1830 Weymouth, Aug 17. The Susan and Mary, from Sunderland to Dartmouth, got on the rocks near the Pier Head yesterday, but floated off to-day with assistance, without damage.
21 Aug 1830 The Despatch from Bridport, has been towed into Ramsgate, with the loss of bowsprit, &c. bound to London.
25 Aug 1830 Jerusalem Coffee-House, Aug 24. The Buckinghamshire, from China, has arrived off Portland ; sailed from thence the 11th March, passed Anjer 3d April, passed the Cape 14th June ; sailed from St. Helena 1st July.
08 Sep 1830 Portsmouth. Sep 6. Arrived off Portland, the Constitution, from the Cape of Good Hope.
09 Dec 1830 Portland Dec 7 The Sophie of Nantes, from Havre, for Dunkirk, is on shore at the SE part of Portland, and totally wrecked,. Two of the crew saved ; master and boy drowned.
02 Jan 1831 Poole, Jan 2 - The Thomas and Adah picked up, on the 21st ult., off Beachy Head, one cask of oil, marked "C N 18"," and delivered up the same at this port.
28 Jan 1831 Weymouth Jan 25 The Mary from Dantsic to this port, was spoken with on the 24th November on the coast of Norway, and has not since been heard of.
01 Feb 1831 Lowestoffe Jan 29 During a heavy gale last night, from the NE and ENE, the Britannia of Shields, Spey of Newcastle, and Neptune of Poole, parted from their anchors and chains ; and about 20 sail ran for Harwich, with the loss of anchors and chains.
03 Feb 1831 Portland 1 Feb It blew very hard last night from the south, with heavy squalls of snow and rain. Several vessels riding in the Roads, bound to the westward, are all well this morning.
14 Feb 1831 The schooner Mary and. Susan, of Exeter, from Poole for Liverpool, with a cargo of clay, struck on the. outer rocks of the Manacles, on the morning of the 7th instant and immediately sunk. The crew were saved and landed at Falmouth.
07 Mar 1831 Bordeaux, Feb 26 The Monne Magdalaine, from Caayenne, arrived here on the 22d inst., spoke on the 13th, the Ellen, hence to Mauritius, and took on board the mate of the Albion, of Poole, which vessel was run foul of by the Ellen on the night of the 8th. The Ellen received some slight damage in her rigging, but it is feared the Albioin upset.
15 Apr 1831 Brixham Apr 12 A pipe of brandy, marked L. G. F. (in a heart) S. 87, was picked up yesterday off Portland, by the Anna Maria, and landed here this morning. It appears to have been but a short time in the water.
17 May 1831 The Prosperous, from Weymouth, ran on the rocks on the north coast of Guernsey on the 22d inst., and sunk in deep water. Crew and part of materials saved. Vessels spoke with: The Prince Eugene, of Poole, for New York, 10th ult. lat. 40.30 long. 60.36.
03 Aug 1831 Ramsgate, Aug 1 Arrived the Britannia, from Riga, with loss of rudder anchor, and cable, having been assisted of the Goodwin Sand, bound to Bridport.
30 Aug 1831 Poole Aug 28 A boat belong to the Four Johns, which sailed hence on the 18th inst. for Hull, was picked up on the 24th inst. off Fairleigh.
01 Sep 1831 Pool Aug 28 Picked up on Wednesday last, a boat, marked outside "four Johns, Leeds," and inside "Charles Scott." The Four Johns sailed for Goole the 19th inst.
19 Sep 1831 The Ranger, Bell, from Archangel to Poole, arrived UK for quarantine.
10 Dec 1831 Weymouth, Dec 8. The masts of the Atlas, on shore at Portland, have been cut away, and, if the weather continues moderate, the vessel may be got off – she now lies on the beach. Portlanders deem it their bounden duty to impress upon the minds of masters of vessels, in case of ship-wreck in the West Beay, to keep below deck till the tide ebbs, when every assistance will be rendered by the people on shore.

12 Dec 1831 Weymouth, Dec 9. The Atlas, from Rotterdam to Charleston, on shore in Chiswell Cove, is become nearly a wreck.

15 Dec 1831 Weymouth, Dec 13 On the evening of the 12th inst. it blew a tremendous gale from S.S.W., accompanied by severe storms of thunder and lightning. At 10 pm the remains of the brig Atlas became a complete wreck ; the greater part of her wood-work went to sea. The numerous vessels riding in Portland Roads are all well.

14 Dec 1831 Bridport Dec 12 - A tub of butter, marked with ink, "B. Durphy, Newe Youghal, S." and branded on the side, "Youghall, 222," has been picked, and appears to have been but a short time in the water. Several other tubs have been picked up to the eastward, and it is reported than an achor-stock and some blocks have been washed on shore to the westward.
15 Dec 1831 Weymouth Dec 13 - On the evening of the 12th inst. it blew a tremendous gale from S.S.W., accompanied by severe storms of thunder and lighning. At 10 p.m. the remains of the brig Atlas became a complete wreck ; the greater part of her wood-work went to sea. The numerous vessels riding in Portland Roads are all well.
26 Dec 1831 Guernsey Dec 22 - The Venus, from Poole, in working down on Saturday, carried away the mast, and was taken in tow by some boaats, but owing to a heavy sea parted in the night.
28 Jan 1832 Lisbon Jan 14 Intelligence has been received of the total loss of the John and Elizabeth of Poole, from Newfoundland, near Ericeira, during the late gales, and it is feared the crew drowned. The stern, mainmast, and some other articles, have been washed on shore.
09 Feb 1832 Bridport Feb 7 - The stern of a long-boat, marked "Samuel of Liverpool," in the inside Almanar Leary, was picked up on the beach yesterday
01 Mar 1832 Margate, Mar 20 - The Alice, of and for Bridport, from Sunderland, is totally lost on the Kentish Knock this morning. The master and crew took to the boat, and were picked up by the brig London, of Scarborough, arrived here.
08 Mar 1832 Bridport, Mar 6 - The Swallow, from Plymouth, was wrecked this morning west of the harbour. Crew saved. Wind s.W. strong gale.
26 Mar 1832 Margate, Mar 23 - The Sincerity, of Weymouth, struck upon the Long Sand this morning, but got off without damage.
17 May 1832 Ramsgate May 15 - The Despatch, from Bridport to London, came in last night, with quarter stove and mainsail damaged, having been in contact with a brig off the North Foreland. She proceeded today.
07 Jun 1832 Jersey Harbour, Newfoundland, Apr 2 - The Amy, of Poole, from St. Andrew's, New Brunswick, to Trinity, is on shore at Dunzic Cove ; she had been 15 days in the ice

. Apr. 24. The Amy has been abandoned by the master and crew, who have proceeded to St. John's.

22 Jun 1832 Weymouth Jun 19 Arrived the Lively cruiser, from Oporto.
23 Jun 1832 Swanage June 20 - Arrived off port, the Royal Sovereign, from the Mauritius and the Cape.
28 Jun 1832

Fatal Affray.- On Thursday, as Lieutenant Knight (1811), of the Lulworth Preventive Station, was going, accompanied with one of his men, of the name Duke, to meet his men on duty, he unexpectedly fell in with a party of smugglers, who, the moment they discovered him, threatened in a most menacing manner, being all armed with swingles, if he advanced to kill him. Lieut. Knight halted, and after consulting with his man advanced, when the party immediately surrounded and fell on them. Lieut. K. fired a shot over their heads, and afterwards, in his own defence, amongst them : his man Duke also fired amongst them. Lieut. K. and Duke, placing themselves back to back, continued to contend with them, but at length were overpowered by numbers, and beaten by the ruffians most unmercifully, and until they were apparently lifeless ; after which they dragged Lieut. K. a short distance, and threw him over the cliff, leaving Duke for dead an the ground. This occurred about a mile and a half westward from Lulworth, on the coast. Lieut. Stocker, of the Osmington Station being out on duty [off shore], happened to be near, and seeing flashes of fire, answered by signal, and hastened with all possible speed to their assistance ; on his landing, the smugglers had all retired, and after a short time he found Lieut. Knight lying on the beach quite insensible and nearly lifeless. He got him immediately removed to his residence, and medical assistance was promptly had, but he died the following even. Several of his ribs were broken, and considerable laceration of the lungs, &c. with other mortal internal injuries; the external injuries were of the most violent description, and bore ample testimony of the brutality exercised by these lawless marauders on their unfortunate victim. Lieut. Knight was buried on Tuesday, the 3d of July, at Weymouth, the officers and men of the neighbouring Preventive stations attending. A long train of naval and military officers and gentlemen, connected with the customs, the post-office, and other government offices, followed, tendering this last mark of respect to the memory of a deserving and meritorious officer, and which closed the melancholy spectacle. Lieut. Knight was much respected, and his premature death has excited general regret. It is a remarkable circumstance that this occurrence happened on his birthday, he having attained the age of 42 on Thursday. His disconsolate widow and family of five children are left as a bequest to the country, whose liberal and generous sympathy will no doubt be exerted to alleviate the heart-rending distress, inseparable from such a sudden and lamentable catastrophe. The goods which were landing, and procured the dreadful result, were taken by the Preventive men, twenty-nine tubs. We hear that Duke, the man who accompanied Lieut. Knight, and stood so bravely contending with him, is likely to recover, although battered and bruised to an alarming degree.

His Majesty has offered a reward of £1000 for the apprehension of any person connected with this desperate affray.

14 Jul 1832 The Emerald, arrived off Portland, from Jamaica, experienced hurricane on the 7th ult., in lat. 29, long. 71 ; lost misenmasts and main-topmast.
15 Aug 1832 Weymouth Aug 13 - The Superb (steamer), from London for Exeter, ran on shore last night, in a fog, near the Bill of Portland ; she has got off, and brought in here, very leaky ; part of the cargo is damaged. Crew and passengers all well.
20 Aug 1832 The Otter, bound to Newfoundland, has put back to Poole, leaky.
22 Aug 1832 Poole Aug 19 - Arrived the Hero from Memel.
30 Aug 1832 Newhaven Aug 28 - The Despatch, from London to Bridport, came on shore in out bay this morning, and very shortly became a total wreck. The Captain and crew saved by prompt exertions rendered by Lieutenant Rawstone, of the Coast Guard, and his party, assisted by Manby's apparatus. A very small portion of either cargo or materials saved.
12 Sep 1832 Poole Sep 9 - Arrived the Mercury, from Quebec ; Active, and Commerce from Newfoundland ; and Lion from Memel.
15 Sep 1832 Weymouth Sep 13 - The Thomas Coutts was all well on the 6th March last, in lat. 32.31 south, long. 52.35 east, outward bound.
19 Sep 1832 Vessels spoken with: Prince George, of Alloa, from Leith for Quebec, 25th ult., lat. 50.7 N., long. 36. W, by the Active, arrived at Poole.
03 Oct 1832 The Mary from Sydney, has arrived off Weymouth ; sailed from thence on the 28th May.
10 Oct 1832 Weymouth Oct 8 - Last night it blew a heavy gale form S. to S.W., with thunder and lightning. This morning more moderate from N.W. A great number of vessels are riding in Portland Roads. All Well.
14 Nov 1832 The Henrietta, from Batavia to Amsterdam, was carried into Portland Roads the 12th inst., by the Sylvia, revenue cutter, with 300 tons of coffee, and 60 tons of sugar.
15 Nov 1832 Weymouth Nov. 13 - The Dutch ship Clara Henrietta, from Batavia, has been detained by the Sylvia, revenue cutter, and is now lying in Portland Roads.
21 Nov 1832 Weymouth, Nov 20 - The Maria, from Genoa to Amsterdam, has been brought into Portland Roads by the Eagle revenue cutter [in accordance with the current blockade of Dutch ports by the French and British.]
21 Nov 1832 Weymouth, Nov. 22. The Maria, from Genoa for Amsterdam, is detained by the Eagle revenue cutter.

The Danish schooner Emily, from Oporto, was fallen in with yesterday by the Hero pilot boat, and towed in here, with the loss of foremast, bowsprit, and windlass, bows stove in, and other damage, having been in contact with an American ship. The crew are safe, two of them got on board the American.

29 Nov 1832 Mary put back to Poole on Tuesday, after being on the banks of Newfoundland.
03 Dec 1832 Poole, Nov 29 - Arrived the Montague, from Newfoundland.
05 Dec 1832 Weymouth, Dec 3 - One half pipe, marked "1448, Salter and Son, Exon" and one quarter cask were picked up on the West Beach yesterday. It has blown a very heavy gale all night from W.S.W., and continues. About 20 sail are riding in Portland Roads, all well.
05 Dec 1832 The Snap Dragon, of Dartmouth, is totally wrecked near Bridport.
19 Dec 1832 Vessels spoken with: The Melantho, of London, for St. Domingo, 13th inst., Scilly bearing N.E. 70 miles, by the Venus, arrived at Poole. The Virginia, from Hamburgh for Philadelphia, 13th inst. lat. 49.30 long 12. W. ; the Luna, from London for Sydney, 14th inst., Scilly E.N.E. 50 miles, all well, by the Faith, arrived at Poole.
19 Dec 1832 Weymouth, Dec 17. - A small vessel belonging to Penzance, with oranges, foundered this morning off West Bay. Only one of the crew saved.

20 Dec 1832 Weymouth Dec 18. The vessel sunk in West Bay is the Corkrump, from Teignmouth for Dartmouth.

19 Dec 1832 19 Dec 1832 The Rose, from Poole to London, put into Ramsgate yesterday, with bows stove and loss of bowsprit, having been in contact with a schooner off Brighton.
21 Dec 1832 Weymouth Dec 18. - Arrived off port, the Panther, from Demerara.
22 Dec 1832 Portland Dec 20 - A boat painted black, with a white streak and marked "Ark, of Brixham, John Smallbridge." Has been picked up, and brought in here.
27 Dec 1832 The Pomona, from Cowes to St. Michael's put into Weymouth with five feet of water in her hold
29 Dec 1832 The Perle, from Amsterdam to Bonleaux, has been towed in here, with the loss of masts, &c., having been run into off the Lizard by the Albion, From Newfoundland, arrived at Poole.
31 Dec 1832 Poole, Dec 27 - Arrived the Meridian, from Newfoundland.
07 Jan 1833 Bridport, Jan 4 - The French brig Bon Pere, of Fecamp, bound to Lisbon, in ballast, foundered on the night of the 2d inst., about 20 miles south of Portland, Crew arrived here in their long-boat.
14 Jan 1833 Poole Jan 10 - Arrived the Robert, from Bilbao.
22 Jan 1833 The Mercury of Poole, from Bilboa, was lost in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, on the 2d ult., and two of the crew drowned.
30 Jan 1833 Poole, Jan 27 - Arrived off port, the Heart of Oak, from the Mediterranean ; and Love and Unity, from Denia.
01 Feb 1833 The Fame, from Poole to Newfoundland, put into Cork, after being out 28 days, and in sight of land.
04 Feb 1833 On Wednesday se'nnight the Tartar, Lieutenant Porter, revenue cruiser, chased and secured a suspicious-looking vessel, which, on being captured, was found to contain 160 tubs of contraband spirits, which were, on the following day brought to HM warehouse in Poole. The crew also, consisting of four Englishmen and three Frenchmen, were taken and lodged in our gaol.
08 Feb 1833 The Susannah and Jane, of Portland, was wrecked on the Blackwater Bank, near Wexford, on the 1st inst.
11 Feb 1833 Poole Feb 6 - The Dolphin, from Trinity to St. John's, Newfoundland, is arrived here in a leaky state, having been unable to effect her passage on account of the quantity of ice on the coast. she was in the ice 6 days, and driven 300 miles through it.
15 Feb 1833 Bridport Feb 13 - A fishing boat, marked "William Moore," with some nets, was picked up about three miles east of this port, a total wreck. Crew supposed to be drowned.
20 Feb 1833 The Iris, from London to Belfast, put into Portland roads, has lost boom and sails ; master killed.
22 Feb 1833 Poole Feb 20 - It has blown a heavy gale all last night, and still continues. The Castilian Maid, and John and William, drove from their anchors, but are now in safety.
26 Feb 1833 Falmouth, Feb 23 - The Foyle packet, arrived here from London, passed, on the 20th inst., off Portland, the Charlotte, with her ensign flying, union downwards.
27 Feb 1833 The City of Londonderry steamer, from London to Dublin, weathered the gale, and put into Poole, which place she left on the 21st inst. for her destination.
01 Mar 1833 Lyme [Regis] Feb 25 - A quantity of wreck, a ladder branded P.H., five studding sailyards, supposed belonging to a brig, with part of the stern, deck, &c., and large quantities of oats have been found this morning.
02 Mar 1833 Falmouth Feb 27 - The Piet Heit, from Rotterdam for Surinam, has put in here with her ballast shifted, pumps choked, sails split, and loss of quarter-deck boat. On the 25th inst., 20 leagues S.W. Scilly, passed the hull of a brig, waterlogged and abandoned, foremast gone, yellow sides with ports, billet head painted white, and about 200 tons. On the 20th inst., saw a brig founder 10 leagues S.W. of Portland, in a gale.
05 Mar 1833 Weymouth Mar 2 - The Abeona, from Milford, has become a total wreck in Lulworth cove ; crew cargo and materials saved.
09 Mar 1833 Poole, Mar 6 - arrived the Joseph, from Cadiz.
13 Mar 1833 Sunderland Mar 9 - The Seaflower, of Weymouth, in proceeding to sea this morning, got upon the South Caunch, but was got off without much damage.
20 Mar 1833 The Jubilee, from Plymouth, put into Weymouth, bound to London, stern stove, and boom carried away, having bee struck by a sea.
01 Apr 1833 The Simon Taylor ; from Mauritius, has arrived off Portland ; sailed the 27th Nov.
02 Apr 1833 The Cassiopria, from Singapore, has arrived off Poole ; sailed on the 5th Nov., and from St. Helena on the 13th Jan.
03 Apr 1833 Portland Apr 1 - Arrived the Julia, from Charleston.
09 Apr 1833 The Columbine, from the Mauritius, has arrived off Portland, sailed on the 11 Dec.
12 Apr 1833 Portland Apr 10 - Arrived off, the Amphion, from Cadiz.
15 Apr 1833 The Marquis of Hastings, from Bombay, has arrived off Weymouth ; sailed the 2d of December ; Colombo the 29th ; St. Helena the 20th of February.
30 Apr 1833 The Oristella, arrived off Portland from Vera Cruz passed in lat. 42. long. 41. a ship abandoned, the hatches and cabin windows open, the masts standing, topsail and top-gallant yards across, and new - none of them painted ; sails unbent, and running rigging unrove ; the hull. rudder. and tiller in good order.
02 May 1833 2 and 4 May 1833 - The Mars, of Poole, from Tampico to Mobile, foundered in lat. 20., long 95. ; the master and two of her crew picked up at sea by the Henry, arrived at Franklin.
21 May 1833 Portland May 19 - Arrived off port, the Emma, from Singapore
21 May 1833 Poole May 19 - Arrived off port, the Gratitude, from Dominica.
28 May 1833 Weymouth 25 - Arrived the Reynard, from Stettin.
30 May 1833 Portland, May 28 - Arrived off port, the St. Vincent's Planter, from Jamaica.
11 Jun 1833 The Zephyr, and Aid, from Riga, have arrived at Bridport.
12 Jun 1833 The Farmer's Increase, of Wisbeach, bound to Poole, has put into Ramsgate with loss of bowsprit, anchor, and chain.
13 Jun 1833 Hamburgh, June 4.- The Wharf, from Poole, got aground on the Friburg Sand on the 29th ult., and was obliged to discharge the greatest part of her cargo, apparently without damage. She was assisted off on the 2d inst., and arrived here.
15 Jun 1833 Tenby, Jun 13 - The Liberty arrived here, boarded, on the 4th inst., the brig Commerce, of Poole, abandoned and loss of rudder, lower masts, and bowsprit standing, lower yards on deck ; sails, anchors, cables and everything moveable taken away ; hatches off, and making no water, in lat. 46.36. N., long. 23.55. W.
15 Jun 1833 Weymouth Jun 12 - Arrived the Catherine, from Charente.
11 Jul 1833 Weymouth Jul 9 - A large boat, marked "Peace of Guernsey, Daniel Udion," was brought into harbour by the brig Resolution, from Newcastle, for Lisbon. She was picked up off the Isle of Wight, full of water, and upon her beam-ends.
15 Jul 1833 Poole Jul 11 - Arrived the Sisters, from Newfoundland. Off the port, the Hope, for Newfoundland.
17 Jul 1833 Poole Jul 14 Arrived the John and Isaac, from Newfoundland.
22 Jul 1833 Poole Aug 19. Arrived the Meridian from Quebec.
27 Jul 1833 The Emmeline, of Poole, is reported to have sustained damage and lost bowsprit and topgallant masts, off Oporto, by a vessel falling on board her.
01 Aug 1833 The Commerce, of Poole, with her lower masts and fore-topmast standing, and abandoned, was fallen in with on the 10th inst. in lat. 49.9 N., long. 8. W., by the Franklin, arrived in the Texel.
07 Aug 1833 Poole Aug 4, arrived the Fanny, from Newfoundland.
16 Aug 1833 Weymouth Aug 14 - The Meanwell, bound to Milford, struck on the rocks at the entrance to this harbour, and has put back to repair.
21 Aug 1833 Poole Aug 18. Arrived the Montague, and Lister, from Newfoundland.
29 Aug 1833 Poole Aug 25. Arrived the Reaper from Quebec.
12 Sep 1833 Weymouth Sep 7 - The Hope, from Falmouth, will be obliged to discharge, being leaky, and pumps choked.
16 Sep 1833 Poole Sep 13. Arrived the Ceres from Oporto.
16 Sep 1833 Weymouth, Sep 12. Arrived the Paris, from Quebec.
17 Sep 1833 Holyhead, Sep 11. Arrived the Ouse, from Poole, dismasted, bound to Liverpool.
18 Sep 1833 Poole Sep 16 - The Russell, bound to Newcastle, in proceeding to sea on the 14th inst., struck on the Hooksand, put back leaky, and with serious damage, and must discharge to repair.
25 Sep 1833 Portland - Arrived the Harvest from Liverpool.
30 Sep 1833 Weymouth Sep 27. The Preston sailed from Guernsey for Rochester on the 20th Aug, and ha not since been heard of.
05 Oct 1833 Bridport Oct 1 - Arrival the Albion, from Riga.
05 Oct 1833 The Richard, from Dunkirk, and the Rue, to Liverpool, foundered off Portland on Wednesday evening ; crews saved.
05 Oct 1833 St John's, Newfoundland - Arrived the Ruby Castle, from Newcastle ; George, from London ; Reliance, and Highlander, from Liverpool. Captain Stenworth, of the brig Julia, of Carbonear, on Sunday last, 22 days from Poole, fell in with on the 9th of August, lat. 47.19 N., lond 37. W., the ship Frances Mary, of Waterford, principally laden with deals, waterlogged and abandoned ; initials P.P.N. on the stern ; her rigging and loose materials had been taken away.
16 Oct 1833 Poole Oct 13 - Arrived the Lord Wellington, from Newfoundland.
21 Oct 1833 Weymouth Oct 17 - Arrived, Ann, from Gijon.
30 Oct 1833 Poole Oct. 27 - The Lindon, arrived here, reports that on the 2d ult. westward of Hare Island, the master of the brig Polly, of Newcastle, came onboard and reported that, in lat. 48.38, N., long 50., the Polly, in a fog, came in contact with the Yerinthe, of St.Malo, which is supposed to have sunk, as she could not be seen after 8 hours search. Crew saved by the Polly ; and landed at St. Peter's, Newfoundland. The Polly has received a damage which will require a survey.
13 Nov 1833 The Chatham, from Newfoundland to Poole, was abandoned at sea at the 19th ult.
25 Nov 1833 Spoke with the Matilda, from Liverpool, for Lima, on the 15th inst. in lat. 50.12, long. 10, by the Lester, arrived at Poole.
26 Nov 1833 Poole Nov. 23, Arrived the Flora, from Newfoundland.
29 Nov 1833 Poole Nov. 27 Arrived the Dove, from Newfoundland, with considerable damage and part of the cargo thrown overboard, having been on shore.
30 Nov 1833 Weymouth Nov 28. A French fishing smack got on shore at the entrance of the harbour yesterday, and has become a wreck. Crew and materials saved. [Other south coast ports are reporting gales in the Channel].
03 Dec 1833 Weymouth Dec 1 - The Copse, from Leith to Jamaica, put in here yesterday, with loss of bulwarks, stanchions, cookhouse, and cargo shifted, having been struck by a sea on the 28th ult.
04 Dec 1833 Weymouth Dec 2 - The Copse, from Leith to Jamaica, grounded yesterday morning during a fog, but was got off the following tide, without much injury.
10 Dec 1833 Weymouth Dec 8 - The Flower steam packet was struck by a sea yesterday during the gale, and has put back with loss of boats, midship, bulwarks, etc. It has blown a strong gale since midnight. The whole of the outward-bound remain in Portland-roads, apparently all well.
13 Dec 1833 Poole Dec. 10 - Arrived, Elizabeth, from Lisbon.
14 Dec 1833 Weymouth Dec 11 - Arrived the Venus, from Lisbon.
14 Dec 1833 The Favourite, 18, Commander G. R. Mundy, which ship was obliged to put into Portland-roads, owing to adverse winds, got under weigh on Tuesday, and proceeded to Cadiz, and Malta.
16 Dec 1833 Portsmouth, Dec 14. Either from the magnitude of the contemplated expedition from Toulon to the north coast of Africa, or from a strong, suspicion that it is intended by the Russians to send their Black Sea squadron into the Mediterranean, the British Government have considered it expedient to make some preparations for augmenting our active naval force. The Ganges, 84, Bellerophon, 80, and President, 52, at this port ; the Calcutta, 84, Minden, 74, and Portland, 52, at Plymouth; the Blenheim, 74, and Worcester, 52, at the Eastward, are ordered to be rigged and filled with their ground tiers of water by the crews of the flag-ships at their respective stations. The three ships in this harbour have been brought down from their stations in ordinary to moorings off the dockyard.
16 Dec 1833 Portsmouth, Dec 14. The Favourite, 18, Commander G. R. Mundy, which ship was obliged to put into Portland-roads, owing to adverse winds, got under weigh on Tuesday, and proceeded to Cadiz, and Malta.
16 Dec 1833 The Perseverance sailed from Torbay on the 30th October, for Newfoundland, and has put back to Poole.
19 Dec 1833 It has blown a strong gale here since yesterday noon, from S.W. to W.N.W. the outward bound in Portland Roads (35 sail) are riding well.
21 Dec 1833 Fame arrived at Poole.
23 Dec 1833 Weymouth Dec 17 The brig Limerick, of and from London for Charente, missed stays and went on shore at 5 pm, last evening about a mile to the eastward of this port ; crew saved. It has blown a heavy gale all night at S.W. HMS Romney and about 50 vessels are riding all well in Portland Roads.
23 Dec 1833 Weymouth Dec 17 - the brig Limerick [see below], of and from London for Charente, missed stays and went on shore at 5 pm, last evening about a mile to the eastward of this port ; crew saved. It has blown a heavy gale all night at S.W. HMS Romney and about 50 vessels are riding all well in Portland Roads.
23 Dec 1833 Portsmouth Saturday Dec. 21. The Romney troop-ship, Mr. J. Wood, commander, with the depot companies of the 51st and 94th Regiments on board, put into Portland-roads on Thursday.
24 Dec 1833 Portland, Dec 22 - Arrived the William Irving, from Prince Edward's Island.
24 Dec 1833 Weymouth Dec 22 - The Saxony, from London for Charente, on shore to the eastward of this port, has filled with water, and it is feared will become a wreck. Her materials and stores have been landed. She was erroneously reported in Saturday's list to the be Limerick. The outward-bound, about 50 sail, remain in Portland Roads, all well.
25 Dec 1833 Weymouth Dec 23 - There are 73 sail of vessels at anchor in Portland Roads, apparently all well.
25 Dec 1833 Deal, Dec 23 - The Russell, from Sunderland to Poole, remains with the outward bound.
30 Dec 1833 The Romney, with the depot companies of the 1st and 94th regiments on board, sailed from Portland Roads on Wednesday, for Cork.
31 Dec 1833 Poole Dec 28 - Arrived the Earl Selkirk, from St. Andrew's New Brunswick.
01 Jan 1834 A cask of brandy marked on the head "Salignac & Co. - Cognac," and each side of the bung "S & Co. 2" was picked up yesterday off Portland, by the Triumph, bound to Bombay.
02 Jan 1834 The Perseverance, from Newfoundland, has put into Poole, with damage and part of her cargo thrown overboard.
06 Jan 1834 The present season has been a very unfortunate one for the merchants of Poole, as a great number of vessels have been prevented by the heavy gales of wind from accomplishing their voyages to Newfoundland. The brig Hero, meeting with many heavy gales of wind, was obliged to put back
08 Jan 1834 Poole Jan 6 Captain Walker of the Trinity, arrived here, reports that in lat. 42.20, long. 24.45, he fell in with the ship Asia, of London, timber laden and water-logged, with foremast, fore-topmast, and bowsprit standing, and a white table cloth or shirt hanging to the foreshrouds. No person on board.
09 Jan 1834 Weymouth Jan 7 It has blown a strong gale here all night from the S by W to WNW, but the whole of the outward-bound in Portland Roads, have rode well.
10 Jan 1834 Weymouth Jan 8 The Atlanta, from Rio Janeiro, put into this port yesterday, with loss of bulwarks, stanchions, sails, and part of her cargo (coffee) thrown overboard. It has blown a heavy gale all night at SSW. The outward-bound remain all well at Portland Roads.
11 Jan 1834 Weymouth Jan 9 The Lord Nelson, grounded on the Gunfleet on the 7th inst., ws got afloat again by assistant, with loss of anchor and chain, kedge, and warp.

Vessels spoken with : The Panther of Yarmouth, from Liverpool to Montevideo, on 27 Oct., in lat 17.11 S, long. 32.17 W., the Mary Ann of London, from Plymouth to Madras, on the 2d Nov., in lat. 11.23 S., long. 33.20, by the Atlanta, arrived Weymouth.

17 Jan 1834 Weymouth Jan 15 The Saxony, from London to Charente, has become a total wreck.
06 Feb 1834 Poole Feb 4 A hogshead of brandy has been picked up by the Chief Officer and crew of the station at Flag Head, and delivered to HM Warehouse at this port.

A hogshead of brandy was picked up of Portland yesterday and several others were seen floating about, supposed to be from some vessel which has foundered.

Weymouth Feb 5 A second hogshead of brandy has been brought in today, teken up off Portland, and four more have washed on shore 12 miles to the east of us.

06 Feb 1834 Weymouth, Feb 4 The Rome, for Bordeaux, has completed her repairs, and is ready for sea.
08 Feb 1834 Lowestoffe Feb 5 The Hero, of Poole, has proceeded from these Roads, with assistance, for Harwich, to be laid on the ground, being very leaky.
15 Feb 1834 Weymouth Feb 13 The Eleanor, from Nassau, bound to London, was brought in last night, having been in contact with a brig off the Start yesterday morning, having her bow stove and other damage. During the confusion her Captain Grundy was drowned.

The Commodore, from Waterford to London, has put in here and landed the master, having met with an accident at sea. Another master has been put on board, and proceeded on the voyage.

18 Feb 1834 Falmouth Feb 16 The Eleanor, from New Providence to London, which put into Weymouth on the 13th inst., with damage, was run foul of on the 12th, off the Start, by the Nimble, from Newcastle to Dublin, which vessel landed the master of the Eleanor here today, and proceeded.
06 Mar 1834 Weymouth Mar 4 - The Eleanor, from Nassau, has been surveyed, and her cargo is now transshipping for London, preparatory to her repair.
07 Mar 1834 Bridport, Mar 6, Picked up here today a new ship's boat, about 18 feet loong, without any name, had not been long in the water.
08 Mar 1834 The Cere, of Poole, from Newfoundland, for Naples, on the 5th ult. off Gibraltar,
14 Mar 1834 Vessel spoken with : The Triumvirate of Poole, and the Red Rover, of Plymouth, on the 25th ult., off Gibraltar
31 Mar 1834 31 Mar, 1834 The brig Jessey of Poole, which sailed same time since for Newfoundland, has put into Cork, with the loss of the master and one of the crew, who had both been washed over-board.
01 Apr 1834 The Commerce, from Exeter to Portsmouth, has been towed into Weymouth dismasted.
15 Apr 1834 The Jane, from Swansea to London, has put into Portland Roads, very leaky and with the loss of bulwarks.
03 May 1834 Vessels spoken with : The Joseph, from Poole, for Newfoundland, on the 22d ult., by the Friends Goodwill, arrived in the Downs.
09 May 1834 Vessels spoke with : The Horton, of Poole, bound to Newfoundland, in lat 48, long 20 ; by the Hero, arrived Clyde.
30 May 1834 The Fanny, from Poole, was totally wrecked in Torbay. Crew saved.
06 Jun 1834 The Lady Flora, from Madras, has arrived at Weymouth ; sailed 10 Feb, and from St Helena 8 Apr.
07 Jun 1834 The Eleanor, from Ceylon, has arrived off Poole, sailed on the 21 Jan and from the Cape on 12 Mar
12 Jun 1834 Poole, June 10 The Hope sailed from Carbonear, Newfoundland, on the 19th of May reports that the coast was clear or ice except islands. Spoke the Grace, of Workington, from Liverpool to Carbonear off Cape St Frances, all well, with the crew of the Columbia of Workington, on board, from Liverpool to Harbour Grace, struck by the ice, and foundered about the Middle Bank. The master of the Grace saw the Abeone, of Teignmouth of go down about an hour after taking the crew of the Columbia, but does not know if the crew were saved. Captain Shaddock spoke the Alert, of and from Peterhead, bound to Quebec. in lat. 48, long, 45., all well ; the Love and Unity, from Poole to Newfoundland, in lat. 48.20., long, 32., all well, cut out seven days.

The Columbian, from Liverpool to Newfoundland. and Abeone, of Teignmouth, foundered at sea previous to the 19th ult.

The Maria Thomas, from Hamburgh to St. John's, struck on a lump of ice in Trinity Bay an the 24th ult. and sunk. Crew saved.

12 Jul 1834 The Argus from Workington to Quebec, the 16th ult., lat 46 long 52, Brothers of Poole, the 21st ult. lat 55 long 40.
18 Jul 1834 Vessels spoken with : The Saxon from Canton to Hamburgh, on the 28th ult., in lat. 27 ; the Merope of Poole, on the 9th inst. in lat 48, long 22, by the Osprey, arrived in the Clyde.
21 Jul 1834 The Nelson packet, from Poole to Newfoundland, lat 43, long 24, by the Ann arrived at Portsmouth.

The Nymph, of Poole, on the 13th inst. lat 50, long 17, by the Sportsman, arrived at Falmouth.

23 Jul 1834 The Swallow, bound from London to Weymouth, has put into Ramsgate leaky.
01 Aug 1834 The Thomas and Joseph, from Glocester, on the 15th ult., in lat 46, long 41, by the Emma arrived at Poole
04 Aug 1834 The William and Mary, bound for Quebec, on 15th ult., was spoken with in long. 49, by the Union arrived at Poole
06 Aug 1834 Vessel spoken with : The Centurion of Scarborough, on the 29th ult., lat. 50, long 7, by the john and Thomas, arrived at Poole.
08 Aug 1834 Weymouth Aug 6 The Ann, from London to Cadiz, was towed in here this morning with the loss of foremast, having been on her beam ends.
11 Aug 1834 Bridlington Aug 6 The William, from Stockton to London, has put in here today with considerable damage, the Iris of and from Lyme, having been in contact with her last night.
06 Sep 1834 The Wilberforce, from Rio Janeiro to Poole, on the 13th (?) of July in lat. 22 S , long 35 W., by the Hebe arrived off Cork.
09 Sep 1834 Spoken with the Fame of Poole, from Liverpool to Newfoundland on 23d ult. lat 43, long 35
09 Sep 1834 Cowes Sep 7 The Ashburton, from Havre to Plymouth, has put in here, after having been on shore at Poole Bar.
10 Sep 1834 The Mary, from Poole, bound to Stockholm, put into Gottenburgh leaky, and must discharge.
10 Sep 1834 Lowestoffe Sep 8, The Oak, from Poole to Newcastle, came in here this morning with the lost of bowsprit, stern started, quarter-deck stove, and other damage, having been in contact with two vessels off Southwold.
11 Sep 1834 Poole Sep 9 The Perseverance, of Hamburgh, bound to Newfoundland, is in Studland Bay, leaky, and it is expected she will be obliged to come into this port to repair.

Poole Sep 10 …..came up to the Quay this morning to discharge her cargo being leaky.

13 Oct 1834 Poole Oct 9. Arrived the Elizabeth, from Newfoundland.

Portland Oct 9 Arrived the Prince Rupert, from Hudson's Bay, and Hawkesbury, from Quebec.

22 Oct 1834 The Liberty, of Exeter, was towed into Poole yesterday a derelict.
25 Oct 1834 The Sir John Byng, from Poole to Newfoundland, on the 30th ult., on the Grand Bank, spoken to by the Emerald, arrived in the Clyde
04 Nov 1834 Weymouth Nov. 2 The Providence, of Poole, from Newcastle, sunk in this harbour last night and filled.
11 Nov 1834 Glasgow Nov 5. The Mercury, from Glasgow to Bridport, is on shore on the French coast, opposite Jersey, and not on that island.
12 Nov 1834 The Merope, of Poole, upset in Diamond harbour (Quebec) the 9th ult., and sunk
23 Dec 1834 Scilly, Dec. 16 The Mary, from Poole to Liverpool, put in here leaky, and is obliged to be laid on the ground

Scilly, Dec. 23 The Mary will proceed to Liverpool, her leaks having been stopped without having to discharge.

27 Dec 1834 Lieutenant Carey of the Coast Guard Station, seized the sloop Henry of Portsmouth, in Weymouth Harbour, with 400 tubs of spirits and 9 casks of tea.
29 Dec 1834 Scilly Dec 23 The Loyal William, from Glasgow to Bridport, will proceed without discharging, having had a temporary repair, and her leaks principally stopped. She struck on the Seven Stones on the 17th inst., and made a great deal of water.
27 Nov 1838 French brig Maria Louisa ashore at Preston, to the east of Weymouth.
23 Jul 1839 Act Master Robert White appointed to HMS Dasher in command - Steam Packet operating out of Weymouth.
05 Jul 1840 Circa 5 Jul 1840 The House of Commons petitioned to build a Harbour of Refuge at Portland by Alexander Lamb of 5, Cumberland Place, Kew, Surrey.
27 Jan 1841 Weymouth. The Swift, from Faro to Hull, was entangled with the land last night, but was assisted and proceeded.
08 Feb 1841 Deplorable Loss of Life. Thursday even evening five men, whose names were Winzar, Vye, Charles, Harwell, and Woodrow, left Weymouth about 6 o'clock for Lulworth, in an open boat, in which they had come from the latter place in the morning with fish. It is said they were observed in their passage by the Vulcan, revenue steamer ; however, it appears they never reached Lulworth. The boat was found on the next day, Friday, near Durdle Door, about half a mile from Lulwortb, With her bottom bilged, and the oars in it, from which it is conjectured, a very dense fog prevailing on Thursday, that the boat must have struck on a rock, and the men, not being aware of its actual situation, but supposing it nearer the beach, jumped from it, and thus met a watery grave. The first-named four were married men, and, with the exception of Harwell, have left families to lament their untimely bereavement of husbands and fathers. Neither of the bodies have yet been found. Sherborne Journal.
19 Feb 1841 Portsmouth. It is reported that on Friday last Lieutenant R. Combauld, R.N. chief officer of the Langton station, Weymouth. succeeded in finding, secreted in the beach under the Station, 128 four gallon tubs of foreign spirits, being the cargo of a French smuggling vessel. From the appearance of the tubs they had but recently been deposited. They were on Sunday brought in, and delivered up to the custom-house at Weymouth.
26 Apr 1841 It is reported in the Times that on the 15th instant Lieutenant Parsons, chief officer of Swanage a Coast Guard station, captured 8 notorious smugglers and tubs, and 1 flagon. The smugglers had got down by ropes over the cliff, and after the tub boat had put off the patrols prevented the smugglers from coming up at a place called Tilly Whim, near Durleston Head. This is the third capture made by this officer, besides haring rendered assistance to a great number of wrecks, while in command at St. Alban's Head.
28 Jun 1841 On Friday, June 11, about 6 o'clock p.m., as the Eagle, revenue cutter, commanded by Lieutenant Ray, R.N., was cruising in the West Bay, a large French lugger was observed bearing about ten miles W. by S. off Portland. The Eagle immediately gave chase, and at 9 o'clock came up with her ; the crew was seen throwing her cargo overboard, and the tubs being slung with sink stones, of course were lost, except nine four-gallon tubs and one flagon of foreign spirits, which were picked up, and, together with the lugger and crew were delivered up to the Weymouth Custom-house. Her crew consisted of the celebrated captain generally known as "French Jack," and three Frenchmen, with the notorious smuggler, Samuel Batt Deare, of Seaton. The Frenchmen were all liberated, and Deere is remanded for a farther hearing.
03 Sep 1841 Lieutenant Abraham Parks appointed to HMS Cuckoo - Steam Packet operating out of Weymouth.
11 Nov 1841 HMS Dasher, steam vessel, Master Commander R White left Woolwich for Weymouth
29 Nov 1841 A merchant vessel, believed to be the Beloise, is reported by the Coast Guard to have come ashore in bad weather on Kimmeridge Ledges, and was dashed to pieces on the rocks, there being no survivors, excepting a Spanish terrier, who swam ashore.
26 Jan 1843 Lieutenant Abraham Darby appointed to HMS Wildfire, in command - Steam Packet operating out of Weymouth.
31 Jan 1843 Second Master D Roberts appointed to HMS Cuckoo - Steam Packet operating out of Weymouth
09 Feb 1843 Paymaster and Purser Joseph F Russel appointed HMS Victory addl for Packet Service at Weymouth.
28 Mar 1843 Commander Nicholas James Cuthbert Dunn appointed Victory addl for Conducting Packet Service at Weymouth.
30 Jun 1843 Second Master John S Colman appointed to HMS Dasher - Steam Packet operating out of Weymouth.
01 Sep 1843 Prince Albert visits the Island in the Victoria and Albert, apparently without warning, and inspects the Castle (he had hoped to look over some quarries, but time precluded this), leaving the following evening for the West, with the Vulcan in company.
01 Sep 1843 Prince Albert visits the Island in the Victoria and Albert, apparently without warning, and inspects the Castle (he had hoped to look over some quarries, but time precluded this), leaving the following evening for the West, with the VULCAN in company.
12 Mar 1846 HMS Carysfort left Spithead for Sydney via the Cape of Good Hope ; entered Portland Roads and left there on the 18th. The "Emerald Isle" passed a man-of-war on the 29th May, at Lat 33 deg S, Long 11 deg W, which was supposed to be her. Per Australian newspaper
23 Feb 1847 Weymouth. A boat was picked up on the 21st inst., near Whitenose, with the name " ROSE of Brixham, Samuel Salisbury" painted on the stern.
25 Feb 1847 A Bill has been brought in by Mr. Ward, Admiral Dundas, and Captain Berkeley, to empower the Commissioners of the Treasury to purchase land for the purposes of a harbour of refuge and breakwater, in the Isle of Portland, in the county of Dorset. The proposed harbour is to be constructed on or near the north-eastern side of the Island, and the expense will be defrayed from the £30,000 already granted by Parliament for harbours of refuge. The bill confers the usual powers requisite for the execution of public undertakings.
25 Jul 1849 First stone laid (in fact dropped into the water) by Prince Albert to commemorate the start of the building of the Portland Breakwater - and in the process soaked many of those standing nearby.
25 Jan 1851 Weymouth Esplanade much damaged in recent gales. A French fishing boat (name unknown) was seen to go down in the Portland Race, having left Portland the previous day. On Thursday the Dutch ship FRIENDSHIP, laden with rye and buckwheat, came ashore on the Chesil Beach opposite Chickerell. The cargo has been got out and the vessel is found to be very leaky, although hopes are entertained of getting her off should the weather continue to moderate. We are happy to say that all hands are saved. Sherborne Journal
17 May 1851 We learn from a letter received from a respectable firm in town [Sydney], that the Seringapatam, [Captain] Lovell, hence [Australia], 28 December [1850], for London, got ashore in a thick haze in the British [English] Channel on the Bill of Portland, on the 17th May last [1851].

The commander thought the ship was bilged [hull damaged], but owing to her great strength she sustained but slight damage. She was got off by the exertions of the coast guard, and by the assistance of a small steamer, and was towed up to London. It is hoped that her cargo will not be damaged, which consists of wool and tallow.

01 Jan 1853 Circa 1853 The former HMS Pitt, 74, 13 Apr 1816: reduced to a hulk, used as coal Depot at Portland
04 Mar 1856 HMS Chub steam gunboat left Portsmouth for the rendezvous of the third and fourth divisions of the gun boat flotilla in Portland Roads, where the following of their members assembled on Friday:- HM ships Sans Pareil, 71, Lark, Magpie, Badger, Sheldrake, Skipjack and Redwing. The Charon, Bouncer, Haughty, Herring, Julia, and Pelter are expected to join their rendezvous from Woolwich a day or two
18 Sep 1858 Violence has broken out at the Convict Prison, and as a precautionary measure HMS Argus has been sent to Portland in order that any convicts whom it may be desirable to remove may be temporarily placed on board.
23 Jul 1860 23 Jul 1860 The screw steam Coastguard ships which have been assembling at Portland during the last few days left that harbour under canvas on Friday afternoon for a cruise in the channel. The fleet consists of the Colossus, 80, bearing the broad pendant of Commodore Yelverton ; Majestic, 80 ; Blenheim, 60 ; Ajax, 60 ; Hogue, 60 ; Cornwallis, 60 ; Hawke, 60 ; Dauntless, 31 ; Pembroke, 60 ; Edinburgh, 60 ; and the Russell, 60. The two latter vessels, in consequence of the leeward position in which they had been anchored, were assisted round the end of the outer breaker by the steamtug Rattler, after which sail was made down channel. The spectacle presented by 11 large men-of-war under full sail passing round the island was very splendid.
31 Dec 1860 The schooner Norval, S. Carder, wrecked in West Bay today, was of and for Plymouth, from Honfleur, in ballast, is being stripped and stores are being saved.
05 Feb 1863 Is to be used as a receiving ship, in place of the Royal Adelaide, 26, which now carries the flag of Port Admiral Sir Houston Stewrt. The Sailing ship Canopus, 84, will be attached to the Indus, and cadets from the training ship Britannia, 8, at Portland, will be sent to the Royal Adelaide for disposal.
16 Oct 1880 The Flying Squadron

The unarmoured frigate Inconstant, Captain Fitzgerald, bearing the flag of Rear-Admiral the Earl of Clanwilliam, in command of the flying squadron, will leave Spithead at 9 o'clock to-day for a six hours' trial of her machinery down Channel. She will be accompanied by the Cleopatra corvette, Captain Durrant, and should the trial prove satisfactory, the ships will not return to Portsmouth, but will proceed on their cruise round the world, calling in at Weymouth to land the officers superintending the trial.

After being joined at Vigo by the Bacchante, with the Princes Albert Victor and George of Wales on board, and the other ships, the squadron will cross tile North Atlantic to the West Indies and skirt the east coast of South America to the Falkland Islands, traverse the west coast of South America, visiting the Argentine Republic, Peru, Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands, call in at Vancouver, and visit the Sandwich Islands on the return voyage. It will next sail to Japan and China, proceed through the China Sea to Singapore, cross to the Cape of Good Hope, and thence to St. Helena and Portsmouth. The Rear-Admiral has been instructed that, as the purpose in view is the training of the officers and seamen, steam is only to be used in case of emergency, or for steam tacks. The following is the route and dates of cruise : Leaving Vigo on the 26th inst., the squadron arrives at Madeira on the 1st of November ; leaves Madeira on the 5th, arrives at St. Vincent on the 15th ; leaves St. Vincent on the 18th, arrives at Bahia on the 6th of December ; leaves Bahia on the 9th, arrives at Montevideo on the 26th ; leaves Montevideo on the 9th of January, 1881, arrives at the Falkland islands on the 18th ; leaves on the 24th, arrives at Valparaiso on the 15th of February ; leaves on the 5th of March ; arrives at Coquimbo on the 7th ; leaves on the 17th, arrives at Callao on the 26th ; leaves on the 30th, arrives at

Guayaquil on the 4th of April ; leaves on the 11th, arrives at Galapagos on the 16th ; leaves on the 20th, arrives at Vancouvers on the 5th of June ; leaves on the 26th, arrives at the Sandwich Islands on the 18th of July ; leaves on the 1st of August, arrives at Yokohama on the 3d of September, leaves on the 10th, arrives at Kobe on tile 14th ; leaves on the 21st. arrives at Nagasaki on the 25th ; leaves on the 2d of October, arrives at Loo-Choo on the 7th ; leaves on the 6th of November, arrives at Shanghai on the 14th ; leaves on the 21st, arrives at Hongkong on the 27th ; leaves on the 12th of December, arrives at Singapore on the 21st ; leaves on the 7th of January, 1882, arrives at the Cape of Good Hope on the 5th of March ; leaves on the 19th arrives at St. Helena on the 2d of April ; leaves on the 5th, and arrives at Portsmouth on the 21st of May, 1882

28 May 1885 It is hoped that the Repulse will be ready to sail round to Portland on the 7th prox.
10 Jun 1885 The Repulse has joined the evolutionary squadron at Portland, but remained in the harbour when the squadron sailed out of the harbour.
16 Jun 1886 V.-Adm. Baird left Portsmouth to take command of the Reserve Squadron, now assembled at Portland, which include the Rupert.
20 Jul 1887 The Rupert will be in the Starboard Division of B Squadron. Squadron and Flotilla are numbered A - H. All vessels between 9 and 10 pm on 23 July will be illuminated, and will remain at anchor during the 24 July. On the 25 July they will all sail on exercises for the protection of the coasts and principal commercial ports. B Squadron will cover the area from the Scilly Islands to Blacksod Bay (Ireland), but in the event appear to have taken place in the area of Holyhead-Isle of Man. On 1 Aug offensive and defensive operations will commence, ceasing on 7 Aug, when B Squadron will proceed to Portland to coal, and will carry out anti-torpedo exercises whilst at Portland.

N.C. = Naval Chronicle

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