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Hooghly, 1860
Type: HM Straits steamer / gun-boat ; Armament ?
Acquired : circa ? ;
Disposal date or year : circa 1863 on being replaced by the Pluto.
Displacement : 175 tons ;

The services of the steamer “Hooghly,” an old, very slow, and ineffective steamer, apparently belonging to the Bengal Government, now used at Singapore for the conveyance of the Governor and Court establishment, as well as for the suppression of piracy, as also the sailing gun boats, maintained at a heavy cost, should be dispensed with, being all equally useless and will be replaced by the Tonze and Mohr &c. frequently referred to as HM Steam gun-boats, but really belong to the Singapore Government.

1 Jun 1861 H.Ms. corvette Charybdis, having the Tonze in tow and H.H. the Governor on board, returned from Pabang on the 29th instant. The Hooghly came in a few hours afterwards from the same place. ST

27 Jun 1861 in harbour at Singapore.

25 Jul 1861 bound from Singapore to Malacca and Pinang.

20 Sep 1861 arrived Singapore the Hooghly, Capt Wright, H.M. steamer, 175 tons, from Malacca, and preparing for a passage to Pinang.

31 Oct 1861 H.M's Steam gun boat Hooghly in Singapore harbour to carry out repairs.

14 Jun 1862 Cdr C.E. Noyes appointed from the Tonze to Commander of the Hooghly.

14 Jun 1862 Chief Officer Arthur Fox appointed from the Hooghly in command of the Tonze.

14 Jun 1862 Mr William Johnston to officiate as Chief Officer of the Hooghly as a temporary arrangement.

9 Sep 1862 departed Penang for Malacca, arriving on the 12th, arriving Singapore on the 13th.

22 Oct 1862 departed Singapore for Malacca and Pinang.