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Nemesis, 1780
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 28
Launched at Liverpool in 1780 ;
Disposal date or year : 1814
Tons (BM) : 598.

Reduced 1796

Sep 1793 Sent from Toulon to Corsica, with a squadron under Commodore Robert Linzee, with a view to supporting a supposed insurrection.

1 Oct 1793 Unsuccessful attack on Forneilli.

9 Dec 1795 taken by three French frigates at Smyrna, and retaken by the Egmont, Capt. Sutton, near Tunis, 8 Mar 1796.

Oct/Nov 1795 M. Ganteaume arrived in the Levant with his squadron, where he captured a great many merchant vessels, and, at the port of Smyrna, released the frigate Sensible, and corvette Sardine with her prize, the late British frigate Nemesis, Captain Samuel Hood Linzee, until now blockaded by the Aigle and Cyclops.

9 Mar 1796 boats of a squadron, including the Barfleur, Egmont and Bombay Castle, retake the 28-gun frigate Nemesis from Tunis harbour.

1 Jan 1799, Capt. R. D. Oliver. In the North Sea.

21 Dec 1799, Portsmouth, arrived the Nemesis, and Atalante, from a cruise.

12-13 Jan 1800 the frigate Nemesis, sloop Savage, lugger Nile, cutters Narcissus, Union, and Stag in sight of or involved in the capture of the French Privateer lugger Le Renard, 14 guns, 2 swivels, and 65 men, Jean Jacque Fourmintin, Master, Privateer lugger Le Modere, and recapture of the English brig Atlas, from Lisbon ; the Nile then being posted off Calais, and the Union off Boulogne, whilst the Nemesis repaired to the Downs with the prizes and the commanding officer wrote his report of the events to the CinC there.

27 Jun-8 Jul 1800 involved in the operation to capture the French frigate Désirée from Dunkerque harbour and burn other vessels. The Désirée was subsequently purchased into the Service.

25 Jul 1800 problems with neutral states and a diplomatic breakdown involving the Danish 40-gun 18-pounder frigate Freya and her convoy. See also Naval Chronicle, vol 4, p 157.

11 Dec 1800, Portsmouth, arrived with the Eliza, Ann, and Mornington, East Indiamen, under convoy, from the Downs.

16 Dec 1800, Portsmouth, sailed on a cruise.

Deal 22 Mar 1801 Remains.

May 1805 Portsmouth, refitting.

22 Jul 1810 Belvidera and Nemesis, close in-shore of Studtland, coast of Norway, the ships' boats captured two gun-schooners and destroyed another.

Plymouth Dock 25 Oct 1811 Arrived from off L'Orient.

Falmouth 23 Dec 1811 Arrived from Lisbon (19 Dec) with a convoy.

Portsmouth 11 Oct 1812 Arrived yesterday with dispatches, from the Mediterranean.

Portsmouth 5 Nov 1812 Has received troops onboard and will sail tomorrow for Corunna.

Portsmouth 6 Nov 1812 Sailed with a detachment of Marines.

Falmouth 17 Nov 1812 Three transports, a part of the Nemesis's convoy, from which they parted a few days since, await another convoy.

Plymouth 29 Mar 1813 Arrived here last week from Portsmouth and to convey Marines to Canada,

20-25 Jun 1813 San-Domingo, Diadem, Mohawk and Nemesis a part of a squadron carrying troops anchored some distance off Craney island, with a view to carrying out operations ashore.

11-13 Jul 1813 a part of a squadron bringing troops to take Ocracoke, on the North-Carolina coast, during which the Atlas and the Anaconda, both letters of marque, were captured and subsequently taken into the Service, the Anaconda, by her own name, and the Atlas, by the name of St.-Lawrence.

14 Sep 1813, Nemesis, Capt. Hon. Maude, arrived Halifax, with the squadron from the Chesapeake.

1-2 Oct 1813 the Nemesis sailed with the Fox, and Success, from Halifax, for Quebec, with the 2nd Battalion of Royal Marines.

Portsmouth 24 Dec 1813 Arrived from Bermuda.

Portsmouth 2 Jan 1814 Sailed for the Downs.

Portsmouth 3 Jan 1814 Sailed with American prisoners on board, for Gillingham-reach.

Portsmouth 14 Feb 1814 Arrived from the Eastward.