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Niemen, 1809
Type: Sloop ; Armament 20
Taken : 6 Apr 1809 ; Disposal date or year : 1815
BM : 1090 tons

5-6 Apr 1809 Amethyst chased and captured the French 40-gun frigate Niemen, with the assistance of the Emerald. The Niemen became a great acquisition to the British navy under her French name.

Plymouth 17 Jan 1811 Sent in the Danube, from New York, for Bordeaux.

Plymouth 28 Feb 1811 Reported to be in chase of a French corvette.

Cork 22 Jun 1811 departed on a cruise.

Plymouth 13 Jul 1811 The American gun-vessel Charlestown, now condemned.

Plymouth 9 Oct 1811 departed for off Rochefort.

Plymouth 9 Dec 1811 arrived from a cruise having captured the American schooner Purse, bound to Bourdeaux, which was sent here, but has not yet arrived, nor been heard of since her detention off Bourdeaux.

Plymouth Dock 23 Dec 1811 departed from the Sound to Barnpool, to refit.

Plymouth 30 Dec 1811 departed for the coast of France.

Plymouth 27 May 1812 departed on a cruise to the westward.

Off Basque Roads 5 Jun 1812 All well.

Plymouth 10 Aug 1812 arrived from a cruise off the coast of France.

Plymouth 10 Aug 1812 departed for Portsmouth.

Portsmouth 30 Aug 1812 departed for the Downs.

Deal 2 Sep 1812 departed on a cruise off the Scheldt.

Portsmouth 28 Sep 1812 arrived from a cruise.

Portsmouth 8 Oct 1812 arrived from off Havre.

Portsmouth 13 Oct 1812 arrived from the opposite coast.

Portsmouth 15 Oct 1812 Came up from St. Helen's and was appointed to take the convoy to Lisbon.

Portsmouth 5 Nov 1812 Will sail tomorrow with the Portugal convoy.

Portsmouth 8 Nov 1812 departed with the Lisbon convoy, which included a number of transports with datachments of the infantry and guards.

Plymouth Dock 1 Dec 1812 arrived from Lisbon.

Portsmouth 30 Dec 1812 arrived with a convoy from Plymouth.

Portsmouth 9 Aug 1813 Passed with a homeward bound convoy from the East Indies.

Portsmouth 9 Aug 1813 arrived with the homeward-bound East India convoy, which has proceeded to the Downs.

Dover 10 Aug 1813 Passed by with the East India convoy bound for the River.

Portsmouth 2 Sep 1813 appointed convoy to Barbadoes.

Portsmouth 9 Sep 1813 The convoy for the West Indies is expected to sail in the morning.

Falmouth 30 Sep 1813 departed with a convoy for Bermuda, with stores.

8 Feb 1814 captured a U.S. privateer, the 9 gun packet Bourdeaux with 50 men.

Deal 12 Feb 1814 arrived with marines from the Roompot, and departed for Portsmouth.

23 May 1814 the ship's boats were used to take the U.S. letter of marque schooners : Quiz, 14, Clara, 12, and Model, 12, in Little Egg Harbour, near N. York ; 4 men in the boats were wounded.

24 Jun 1814, arrived Halifax, from New London.

20 Jul 1814, arrived Halifax, the ship Alexander Ball, Skinner, from Bristol, for the Mediterranean, captured by the US privateer Gen. Armstrong, re-captured by the Niemen and Recruit.

26 Jul 1814, arrived Halifax, the American brig Henry, late Capt. Gilder, from N. York, for Bordeaux, captured by the Niemen.

2 Sep 1814 arrived Halifax the schooner Hibernia, from Philadelphia, for Havana, sent in by the Niemen.

8 Sep 1814 arrived Halifax, the American schooner Enterprize, bound to Washington, detained by the Niemen.

19 Oct 1814, arrived Halifax, from the Deleware.

17 Dec 1814, the Niemen and Erne are arrived Bermuda. Also arrived the same day the Margarita, from the Spanish Main, detained by a US privateer, and re-captured by the Niemen.

Portsmouth 24 May 1815 departed on a cruise.