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Niobe, 1800
Type: 5th rate ; Armament 38
Taken : 24 Aug 1800 ; Disposal date or year : 1816
B.M.: 1142 tons

24 Aug 1800 Success captured the 40-gun French frigate, Diane, off Malta, added to the British navy under the name of Niobe.

May 1805 Cruising, Channel

12 Aug 1805 joined from the Channel fleet.

20 Aug 1805 reconnoitred the Brest harbour and observed the French getting under way.

Circa 20 Jul 1805 detached from the Channel fleet to join Sir Robert Calder, cruising off Cape Finisterre.

5 Aug 1805 chased a strange vessel for three days and nights, which escaped.

14-16 Jul 1806 captured the French brig corvette Néarque, a part of a French Squadron heading for the Arctic.

9 Jan 1810 reportedly parted from a convoy she was bringing to England from the West Indies.

20 Oct 1810 captured the French privateer Hirondelle at sea.

12 Nov-23 Dec 1810 Diana, Niobe, cruising off the port of Havre, sighted and chased two French frigates, which anchored in the road of Lahougue, under the protection of strong batteries. With the assistance of the 74 gun ships Donegal and Revenge, from Cherbourg, attempts were made to sink the two frigates, one of which, the Amazone, was to escape into Havre, whilst the other, the Eliza, went ashore, and was eventually destroyed by the boats of the Diana.

Portsmouth 4 Feb 1811 Has made the signal to go out of harbour.

4 Mar 1811 captured the French privateer Loup Marin in the Channel.

Portsmouth 6 Mar 1811 arrived from a cruise with a lugger privateer, her prize.

24 Mar 1811 Berwick, Amelia, Niobe, Goshawk and Hawk, off Barfleur lighthouse, involved in the destruction of the French 40-gun frigate Amazone.

Portsmouth 29 Apr 1811 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Deal 8 Sep 1811 arrived from the Nore.

Deal 16 Sep 1811 departed, to cruise off the French coast.

Deal 12 Oct 1811 departed for off the French coast.

Deal 13 Oct 1811 arrived from off the French coast.

Yarmouth 8 Dec 1811 arrived from a cruise.

Yarmouth 9 Dec 1811 Remains.

Yarmouth 14 Dec 1811 departed for off Flushing.

Portsmouth 24 Dec 1811 arrived from North Yarmouth.

Portsmouth 27 Jan 1812 departed to join the Malta convoy, in Yarmouth (IoW) Roads.

Portsmouth 24 Jul 1812 arrived from Oporto.

Plymouth 3 Sep 1812 arrived from Oporto.

Portsmouth 28 Sep 1812 arrived from Plymouth.

Portsmouth 7 Oct 1812 arrived from off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 26 Oct 1812 arrived from Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 17 Nov 1812 departed for off Cherbourg.

Portsmouth 6 Dec 1812 departed yesterday to resume their station off Cherbourg.

Plymouth 29 Dec 1812 departed with a convoy, homeward-bound from the Mediterranean.

Portsmouth 7 Jan 1813 arrived from off Cherbourgh.

Quebec 21 Jun 1813 Under orders to sail for England with a convoy.

Quebec 3 Jul 1813 departed with convoy for England.

Plymouth 3 Aug 1813 arrived from Quebec with a convoy.

Portsmouth 4 Aug 1813 arrived from Quebec with a convoy.

Deal 5 Aug 1813 arrived last evening with a convoy from Quebec, which has departed for the River.

Portsmouth 25 May 1814 arrived from Lisbon.

Portsmouth 2 Jul 1814 departed for the coast of France.

Deal 4 Jul 1814 arrived from Spithead.

Deal 30 Aug 1814 departed for Sheerness.

Plymouth 12 Sep 1814 arrived from the eastward.

Plymouth 17 Sep 1814 Has embarked troops and sails for America tomorrow.

Portsmouth 22 Nov 1814 arrived from Plymouth.

Portsmouth 6 Dec 1814 Has completed her stores.

Portsmouth 21 Dec 1814 Embarking passengers.

Portsmouth 22 Dec 1814 departed for Halifax.

29 Jan 1815, arrived Halifax, from Portsmouth with officers and men for the campaign in North America.

Circa 13 Feb 1815, departed Halifax, with a convoy for the West Indies.

28 Aug 1816 lying at Deptford ; offered for sale.