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Northampton, 1876
Type: Cruiser, 1st Class, Armoured ; late Armoured frigate ; Armament 12 x 10 "
Launched : 18 Nov 1876 ; Disposal date or year : 1905
Displacement: 7323 tons
Propulsion: Twin Screw Complement: 560
Machinery notes: 6000 hpi ; Speed ; 13.2 knots ;

1879 Chatham. Officers borne in Pembroke.

19 Jun 1886 The Channel Squadron consisting of HM Ships Hercules, Northampton, Devastation, Penelope, Hotspur, Ajax, Shannon and Belleisle, from Portland to Bantry Bay passed the Lizard at 10 am today.

20 Jul 1886, in collision, off Portland, with the 4-masted iron ship Crofton Hall, of Liverpool, in ballast, and as a result was sent to Portsmouth where she was ordered into harbour to be repaired. The Crofton Hall was assisted into Portland Harbour for repairs.

1890 Sheerness. Tender to Wildfire. Officers borne in Wildfire.

5 Oct 1891, Sheerness, a Court Martial was held on the Northampton, on ERA2 Arthur Boorman, on charges of disobedience whilst on board the Thrush, when under orders to leave for the Cape of Good Hope and West Coast of Africa Station. He was sentenced to 6 months in prison, with hard labour, and to be reduced to sn ERA4.

10 Dec 1891 The Court-martial of CPO Writer Robert J. C. Dale, on a charge of embezzling 6, from the Ascension Cricket Club, has been concluded, the prisoner being acquitted.

1894 Training Ship.

26 Jun 1897 Present at the Naval Review at Spithead in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee.

Northampton, late Sharpshooter, 1888
Type: Torpedo Gun Boat, 1st Class ; Armament 2
Launched : 30 Nov 1888 ; Disposal date or year : 1922
Disposal Details : Sold
BM: tons ; Displacement: 735 tons
Propulsion: Twin Screw Complement: 91
Machinery notes: 3,000 N.D. ;

1912 Lent to Lord Northampton and renamed Northampton.

NL Jan 1921 Lent to the Boy Scouts' Association.

Northbrook(e), 1907
Type: RIM Troopship ; Armament 6 x 4.7" ; 6 x 3 pdr.
Launched : 1907 ; Disposal date or year : 1924
Displacement: 5820 tons

Jan 1916-17 Operations in the Red Sea - see p. 652->

May, 1916 in support of Las Khorai, where the Sultan of the Warsengli had his fort and capital, who was being attacked by the Mullah - see p. 476

8 Feb 1917 conveyed a small force to Dabha, which assisted by the landing party from the ship captured the town taking 30 prisoners - see p. 660

Circa Feb 1917 following reports from Ismailia that mines had been laid in the anchorage a patrol was sent which landed men and drove the Turks out - see p. 661

In May 1917 the Commander-in-Chief, accompanied by Sir Mark Sykes, M. Picot, the French Commissioner, Captain Lloyd and others visited the Red Sea ports - see p. 661

6 May 1917 operation ashore at Dubab, where the locals had been running cargoes of contraband - see p. 664

8 May 1917 operation ashore at Ibn Abbas, where the locals had been smuggling - see p. 664

11 Jun 1917 operation to remove the Turkish post at Salif, overlooking Kameran - see p. 664

25 Jun 1917 attempt to rescue prisoners at Hodeida - see p. 665->