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Nymphe, 1780
Type: 5th rate frigate ;
Armament 26 x 12 pdrs. ; 2 x long 6-pounders, and 12 (?) x carronades, 24-pounders, on q/deck & f'castle = total, 40 guns (1794), but still classified as a 36.
Taken : 1780 ;
Disposal date or year : 18 Dec 1810
Disposal Details : Wrecked at entrance of the Firth of Forth: the crews of Nymphe and Pallas, except one or two men, saved. It is said they mistook a lime-kiln buring at Broxmouth for the May-light and the May-light for the Bell Rock. Captain Edw. Sneyd Clay
Displacement : 938 tons (BM) ;
: 240

24 May 1793 Nymphe and Venus captured the French privateer Sans Culottes, which was then sent into Falmouth.

29 May 1793 Cruising off Cape Finisterre, was rejoined by Venus following the latter's action with the French frigate Sémillante.

18 June 1793 at day break captured the French frigate Cléopatre following an action of 55 minutes.

19 Jun 1793 off the Isle of Portland, Captain Edward Pellew writes to the Admiralty regarding the capture of the Cléopatre.

30 Nov 1793 when in company with the Circe, between Brest and Ushant, detained the French sloop of war L'Espeigle, 16, 100 men, commanded by ensign de vaisseau M. Pierre Biiler.

23 Apr 1794, a squadron of frigates under Sir John Warren engages a French squadron of 4 frigates off the Channel Isles, capturing 3, which were added to the Navy List : the Babet, as a sloop, the Engageante, as a hospital-ship, and the Pomone as a cruising 40-gun frigate.

12 Jun 1795 the Channel Fleet, under Lord Bridport, including the Nymphe, departed from Spithead for Quiberon bay. 22 Jun sighted the French fleet to west of Belle-Isle, and finding the French admiral had no wish for a fight, ordered the Fleet in chase and to engage as ships came up. During the chase the former British 74, Alexander was retaken, along with the French 74s Tigre and Formidable (subsequently renamed Belleisle). And so ended the Battle of the Isle de Groix.

20 Sep 1795 Lord Bridport remained with his fleet off the coast protecting the ill-conceived Quiberon Bay expeditions until 20 Sep, when he returned with 2 or 3 ships to Spithead, leaving Rear-admiral Harvey in command.

9 Mar 1797 San Fiorenzo and Nymphe capture the French frigate Résistance and corvette Constance.

15 Apr - 15 May 1797 Mutiny at Spithead for improved pay and victuals etc. See p. 520-522->

30 Dec 1798 departed Plymouth on a cruise.

14 Jan 1799 Plymouth, arrived the Providence, of Poole, laden with fish and oil, from Newfoundland, bound to Poole : she had been taken by a French privateer, and was retaken by the Nymphe.

3 Mar 1799 Plymouth, arrived and went between the Island and Main, Nymph, 36. She has unfurled her sails previous to being caulked, and means to strip to set up her rigging.

12 Mar 1799 Plymouth, in Barnpool setting up her rigging.

27 Mar 1799 Plymouth, in Barnpool.

23 Apr 1799 Plymouth, arrived.

26 Apr 1799 reported to the fleet that the French fleet had departed from Brest.

15 Aug 1799 Plymouth, arrived from off Brest, with the account of the combined fleet being safe in Brest. Captain Frazer set off express for the Admiralty with the above account.

27 Aug 1799 Plymouth, in the Sound.

18 Sep 1799 Plymouth, departed to join Lord Bridport’s fleet off Brest.

27 Sep 1799 Plymouth, arrived from off Brest the Urania, Indefatigable, Nymphe, and Childers.

1 Oct 1799 Plymouth, departed on a cruise.

18 Nov 1799 Plymouth, came in a Guineaman, prize to the French privateer L’Eole, 22 guns and 160 men, and recaptured by the Nymphe frigate. L’Eole has taken three American vessels, two of which are retaken and brought in here.

26 Nov 1799 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise.

15 Feb 1800 after a long chase, in company with the Amethyst, captured the French privateer cutter Valliant, 15 guns, 131 men, of Bourdeaux, in the Channel.

20 Feb 1800 Plymouth, arrived a most beautiful cutter, of 16 guns, 120 tons, and 100 men, called Le Valiant, prize to the Amethyst, and La Nymphe.

24 Feb 1800 in company with the Amethyst, captured the French letter of marque La Modeste, pierced for 16 guns, with 70 men on board, about 600 tons burthen, and laden with cotton, coffee, tea, sugar, indigo, &c. bound from the Isle of France to Bourdeaux, off which port she was taken.

3 Mar 1800 arrived Plymouth with the French letter of marque La Modeste.

5 Mar 1800 Plymouth, departed on a cruise off Ushant.

21 Apr 1800 Plymouth, arrived the Caroline of Jersey, with brandy and wine for Quebec, taken by a French privateer, Le Diable Quatre, of 14 guns, and retaken by the Nymphe, 36, Captain Frazer.

17 May 1800 Plymouth, last night it blew a tremendous hurricane at S. W. and continued till nine this morning with incredible fury, when the wind shifted to N. W and the storm abated. The men of war rode out the gale very well in Cawsand Bay and the Sound, except the Fisgard and Nymphe, who parted their cables, and drove under Withy Hedge ; but letting go their best bower anchor, they brought up in safety.

23 May 1800 Plymouth, this morning Pollard (late a seaman of the Nymphe, 36, an active ringleader in the mutiny at Spithead in 1797, was sent to Exeter goal for sedition.

25 May 1800 Plymouth, departed with the Megaera, and Renard, on a cruise.

7 Oct 1800 Plymouth, arrived from a cruise off Corunna.

9 Oct 1800 Plymouth, arrived from the secret expedition the Amethyst, and Nymphe will receive their prize-money for a French East Indiaman, their prize during their stay in port : she netted £36,000.

17 Oct 1800 Plymouth, prize-money to a large amount was paid to the crews of the Amethyst, and Nymphe.

21 Oct 1800 Plymouth, in dock refitting.

20 Dec 1800 Plymouth, went down into the Sound and departed on a cruise.

31 Jan 1801 letters dated the 25th, received at Plymouth, from La Nymphe, of 36 guns, off the outer road of Brest, state that she looked in there the 23d inst, and counted twenty-eight sail of the line, and nine frigates, at single anchor. She looked in again on the 25th instant, and not a ship was to he seen ; therefore it is supposed they may have slipped out, or, at least, a squadron of them, and the remainder most probably gone into the inner roads. A trick the French fleet have played very often this war to deceive our look-out squadron.

20 Feb 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from off Brest.

9 Mar 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise.

25 Apr 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

29 Apr 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise.

5 May 1801 arrived briefly at Falmouth, the Nymphe, and Clyde, from off Brest, the former sending in a ship's boat to shore to collect letters., both departing when the boat returned.

31 Aug 1801 came into Plymouth Sound from a long cruise of 16 weeks off Corunna.

10 Sep 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise to the Westward.

12 Nov 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from off Brest.

27 Dec 1801 departed Torbay, supposedly for Plymouth, but it would appear to have been for Spithead.

29 Dec 1801 arrived Spithead La Nymphe, 36, Captain S. Douglas, from the Channel fleet.

4 Jan 1802 departed Spithead for Torbay to join the Channel Fleet.

28 Jan 1802 departed Plymouth Sound yesterday and joined the the Amelia, Fisgard, Blanche, Amethyst, and Urania on a cruise against the smugglers. It is reported that the smugglers have taken to using larger vessels, lately used as privateers until the peace, which are larger and better armed than the revenue cruisers, a large lugger having recently fired into 2 revenue cruisers, and hence the use of frigates and sloops, waiting to be paid off, to deal with the problem that has now arisen.

30 Jan 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound a smuggling cutter Flora, Captain Dunn, Fowey ; she was chased by the Fisgard, 44, and detained by the Nymphe, 36, with a valuable cargo of dry goods, and 944 ankers of brandy ; she was not armed ; when La Nymphe boarded the Flora, her bowsprit got entangled with the mizen shrouds, by which accident a Midshipman had his hand so much bruised, as to have it amputated, and a seaman was washed overboard.

8 Feb 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound, from a cruise and sails again the first fair wind.

13 Feb 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound, from Cawsand Bay.

19 Feb 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise against the smugglers.

28 Feb 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound, from Torbay.

30 Apr 1802 arrived Spithead La Nymphe, 36, Captain S. Douglas, from Torbay, to be paid off.

May 1805 Portsmouth ; to repair ; in Ordinary.

15 Aug - 20 Oct 1807 the siege and bombardment of Copenhagen and capture of Danish Fleet by Adm. Gambier. 1 Aug employed in the Great Belt, preventing Danish troops crossing to Zealand.

Apr 1808 attempts by the ship's boats of the Nymphe and Blossom to cut out the French brig-corvette Garotta from the Tagus.

Portsmouth 14 Jan 1810 departed for Lisbon.

7 Jan 1811 Is now reported to have broken up.

Portsmouth 10 Jan 1811 Vessel despatched to bring back crews of the late ships Nymphe and Pallas.