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Oiseau, 1793
Type: Prison ship ; late 5th rate ; Armament 36
Taken by the Nymphe, off the Start, 18 Jun 1793, late La Cleopatre ;
Disposal date or year : 18 Sep 1816

18 June 1793 Capture of French frigate Cléopatre, Captain Edward Pellew. The Cléopâtre was purchased by the British government; and, under the name of Oiseau (a Cleopatra being already in the service), became a cruising 36 of the 12-pounder class.

20 May 1797 Came into contact with two Spanish frigates off the Rio de la Plata, but withdrew on it becoming apparent they were a superior force.

8 Jul 1798 detained on the Cape of Good Hope station the Danish ship Angelique, from Madras and Tranquebar, to Manilla, with piece goods ; cargo belonging to American residents at Madras: under trial.

30 Aug 1798 detained on the Cape station the Danish ship Goede Hensigt, from Copenhagen, to Mauritius, with naval stores and sundries : under trial.

31 Aug 1798 detained French brig cut out by the ship’s boats in the river Noire, Isle of France : condemned.

31 Aug 1798 detained French brig cut out by the ship’s boats in the river Noire, Isle of France : and afterwards sent in with prisoners.

31 Aug 1798 detained on the Cape station a French sloop : sunk.

1 Sep 1798 detained on the Cape station the French brig Henrietta, from Bourbon, bound to Mauritius, with rice : condemned.

1 Sep 1798 detained on the Cape station the French brig Reunion, from Mauritius ; corvette, six guns, and 27 men : condemned.

21 Nov 1798 the L’Oiseau and Rattlesnake take the Spanish schooner Santa Rosa, from Buenos Ayres, bound to the Mauritius with 12,320 dollars, beef, pork, and flour ; arrived at the Cape the 23 Dec 1798.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. S. H. Linzee. On the East Indies station.

7 Feb 1799 Plymouth, letters from the Cape, of the 23d Nov, mention that the Stately, 64, and Oiseau, 36, had arrived from the Mauritius, where they had captured several rich prizes.

21 Apr 1799 ship's boats cut out 2 merchant vessels from St. Dennis, Isle of Bourbon.

6 Feb 1800 Humphrey Gibson of the private ship Lord Nelson wrote that at three P.M. being between the Isle of Wight and Portland, a lugger hove in sight to leeward, with a large sail in chase of her ; conceiving I might cut her off, I instantly bore away in a direction for that purpose, and after a chase of four hours, had the good fortune to effect it, and being about to board her, she struck her colours. On taking possession of her I found her to be the Espoir lugger privateer, Monsieur Alegis Basset, commander, mounting 14 carriage guns, with 75 men, had departed only two days before from Saint Maloes, and had taken nothing. The sail in chase proved to be his Majesty's frigate L'Oiseau, Lord Augustus Fitzroy, commander, which came up as we were exchanging prisoners. None killed or wounded. I have the honour to be, &c. &c. Humphrey Gibson.

8 Sep 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Proselyte, from Havre, having been relieved on that station by L'Oiseau.

20 Oct 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the L'Oiseau, from off Havre de Grace having been relieved by the Proselyte.

30 Oct 1800 Portsmouth a Court-Martial was held on board the Gladiator for the trial of John Brown, a seaman of the Oiseau, who was tried for having left his duty when on shore, and absented himself from the ship without leave ; and, being found guilty, was sentenced to forfeit three months pay for his services on board the said ship, and to be reprimanded and admonished to be careful of his conduct in future.

12 Nov 1800 Plymouth, arrived the Providence, John, Smuggling lugger, of Palperro, with 970 ankers of brandy, and three tons of tobacco, sent in by the Oiseau, 36, since restored, being taken out of the limits.

26-28 Jan 1801 chase and capture of the French 36-gun frigate Dédaigneuse, afterwards added to the British navy under the same name.

1 Feb 1801 detained the Swedish vessel Hoffnung, from Valentia, bound to Altona, laden with brandy, 260 tons burthen.

3 Feb 1801 arrived Torbay from a cruise, where she reported that she had sent a French frigate into Plymouth, captured off Cape Finisterre.

7 Feb 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound La Dedaigneuse, of 40 guns, and 350 men, a fine frigate only two years old, prize to L'Oiseau. Also the Swedish ship Hofnung, Brandt, laden with brandy, from Valencia for Altona, detained by the L'Oiseau.

25 Feb 1801 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise off the coast of France.

28 Feb 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound the Lord Nelson privateer, of 10 guns and thirty men, Captain Gibson, with two French Officers of the French privateer L'Espoir of St. Maloes, of 14 guns and 75 men, which she captured after a running fight in sight of L'Oiseau, of 44 guns, Captain Lord A. Fitzroy.

2 May 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

11 May 1801 departed Plymouth Sound with six victuallers with bullocks and beer for the Channel fleet.

8 Jul 1801 came into Plymouth Sound with an American ship, deeply laden from Manilla, very valuable, detained by the Sylph, and Oiseau.

8 Aug 1801 arrived Plymouth the Lady Arabella packet, lately captured by a French privateer off the Rock at Lisbon ; she was subsequently recaptured by the Oiseau and sent in here, with Captain Neale, late commander of the Resolution privateer, of this place.

18 Aug 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound from the Channel Fleet, with 9 empty victuallers ; she left the Fleet all well the 16th inst. the enemy, as usual, blocked up.

19 Aug 1801 went up to Plymouth harbour to refit.

29 Aug 1801 departed Spithead with a convoy for Plymouth and The Hon. Captain John Murray passenger to join L'Oiseau frigate, at Plymouth.

1 Sep 1801 went into dock at Plymouth.

5 Oct 1801 went down into Plymouth Sound, the Oiseau, and Sirius.

10 Oct 1801 departed Plymouth on a cruise to the Westward.

16 Nov 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound and departed again for Torbay and Spithead.

17 Nov 1801 arrived Spithead, from the Channel Fleet, last from Plymouth

16 Dec 1801 departed Spithead, for Torbay.

28 Dec 1801 arrived Torbay this morning, and sailed again without coming to anchor.

13 Feb 1802 departed Plymouth Sound with the Amelia, 44, on a cruise against smugglers.

4 Mar 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise.

12 Mar 1802 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise against the smugglers, the Oiseau, 44, but before she's cleared Penlee Point, late afternoon, she was recalled by signal from Rear Admiral Thornborough, in the Mars, in Cawsand Bay, and returned into the Sound.

11 May 1802 was reported to have gone up into Hamoaze, but would appear to have remained in the Sound.

22 May 1802 remains in Plymouth Sound.

16 Jul 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound the Oiseau, 36, Captain Philips, from a cruise against the smugglers.

23 Jul 1802 the frigates Fortunée, Oiseau, Glenmore, Galatea, and Amelia, departed Plymouth for Jersey and Guernsey, to take Dutch troops away.

24 Aug 1802 departed the Downs for the Texel, the Glenmore, Amelia, and Oiseau, and Galatea frigates ; Sophie, and Racoon, sloops, with the Prince of Orange's troops on board.

1 Sep 1802 passed by the Downs at the back of the Goodwin Sands this morning : the Glenmore, Amelia, Galatea, and Oiseau, frigates ; and the sloops Sophie and Racoon, bound from the Texel to the westward.

3 Sep 1802 came into Plymouth Sound from the Helder Point, where they had been with returned Dutch Emigrant troops, disbanded from our service, the Galatea, 36, Captain Wolfe; Amelia, 44, Hon. Lord Proby; L'Oiseau, 36, Captain Phillips ; Glenmore, 36, Captain Maitland.

5 Sep 1802 date unknown appears to have moved downstream out of the Sound into Cawsand Bay.

14 Oct 1802 came in the Glenmore, 36, from a cruise, and anchored in Cawsand Bay ; she, the Oiseau, 36, Venturion, 18, and Childers, 14, are to take on board for Leith, as soon as the 9th Regiment arrives from the Nore, the 26th, or Camerons Regiment of Foot, now in the Dock Line Barracks.

21 Oct 1802 last night it blew an hurricane at S. W. and the Oiseau, 36, dragged her anchors, and fired several guns of distress, but the weather moderating towards the morning, craft came from the dock yard, and she moored again in safety.

30 Oct 1802 by signal from the Centaur, all the launches of the fleet based at Plymouth attended at Mutton Cove, and conveyed the 26th, or Cameronian regiment of foot, on board the Glenmore, 36, Oiseau, 36, and Escort Gun-brig.

1 Nov 1802 departed Plymouth to the Frith of Forth, with the 26th regiment, the Glenmore, 36, Oiseau, 36, and Escort Gun-brig, with a fine leading wind at N.N.W. ; the frigates were clear of the eastern headlands by sun-set.

3 Nov 1802 passed through the Downs from Plymouth to Leith.

6 Dec 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from Leith, where she landed the 26th Regt or Cameronian Regt of Foot, last from the Downs.

19 Dec 1802 made signals yesterday showing she was ready to go up into Hamoaze, and has fired a gun accordingly, and at sunset was warped up into Barnpool, and this morning, on the flood, weighed, and got safe to her moorings in Hamoaze prior to going into dock to be stripped and examined regarding her soundness for further service.

May 1805 Plymouth in Ordinary.

18 Sep 1816 put up for sale at auction at Plymouth for £1800 was sold at £1500.