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Pactolus, 1813
Type: 5th rate ; 38 guns
Launched : 1813 ; Disposal date or year : 1818

Sheerness 12 Dec 1813 Detained by contrary winds has now departed.

Deal 12 Jan 1814 departed with the Duke of Clarence on board, for Helvoetsluys.

17 Dec 1814, arrived Bermuda, the brig Amicas, from Lisbon, for Liverpool, captured by a US privateer, and re-captured by the Pactolus.

26 Dec 1814, arrived Halifax, the American schooner Armistier, from Charleston, to New York, captured by the Pactolus, re-captured by the American privateer Dash, and re-captured again by the Junon.

Plymouth 6 Sep 1815 Came in from Falmouth.

Portsmouth 13 Nov 1815 Went out of harbour.

18 May 1816, departed Portsmouth, for Bermuda.

24 Aug 1816, arrived Halifax, from Bermuda and England.

1 Sep 1816, the flag ship Akbar departed Halifax, for Shelburne, N.B., with the Niger, and Pactolus.

25 Sep 1816, arrived Pactolus and Opossum at Halifax, from Moose Island.

10 Nov 1816, it is reported at Halifax, that the ship's company assisted the local authorities in fighting a serious fire ashore.

10 Nov 1816, departed Halifax with the flag ship Forth, for Bermuda.

11 May 1817, had departed Bermuda for Halifax.

20 May 1817, arrived Halifax, in 11 days from Bermuda.

26 May 1817, departed Halifax, for Quebec.

10 Jun 1817, arrived Quebec.