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Pegasus, 1779
Type: Frigate armed en flute ; Armament 28
Launched at Deptford in 1779 ;
Disposal date or year : 1816
B.M.: 594 tons

14 Jul 1793 departed with the Channel fleet from St. Helen's. On the 18th to the west of the Scilly Isles and subsequent manoeuvres.

31 Jul 1793 briefly sighted, but was unable to close the French fleet ; returned to Torbay on 10 Aug.

23 Aug 1793 the Channel Fleet departed to escort the Newfoundland trade, West Indian convoys in home waters.

27 Oct 1793 departed in search of the French fleet and squadrons. 18 Nov brief skirmish with a French squadron : by mid-December the fleet had returned to Spithead.

2 May - 1 Jun 1794 Departure of the Channel Fleet from St. Helen's, and the lead up to actions and manoeuvres with the French fleet. 29 May - 1 Jun., what was to be known as the Battle of the Glorious 1st June commences, resulting in the capture of six sail of the line and one sunk. 13 Jun, the fleet arrived back in home ports.

14 Feb 1795 the Channel fleet departed from Torbay for a brief cruise and to see various convoys safe out of the Channel.

12 May 1796 capture of Dutch 36-gun frigate Argo off the Texel, by the frigate Phnix Captain Lawrence William Halsted, with the Leopard coming up astern, whilst the frigate Pegasus, and brig-sloop Sylph, went in pursuit of 3 brigs accompanying the Argo.

1 Jan 1799 at Portsmouth.

Circa Feb 1800 the Lords of the Admiralty have advanced Lieutenant Pengelly, of the Viper cutter, for his gallantry in capturing a French lugger privateer of superior force, a Commander in the Royal Navy ; and appointed him to the Pegasus, 28 guns, fitted as a troopship.

8 Mar - 2 Sep 1801 Expedition to Egypt.

3 Aug 1803 the Pandour, armed en flute, Capt Shortland ; the Pegasus, armed en flute, Capt Pengelly ; and the store-ships Abundance, W Price, master, and William, T. Brown, master ; arrived Spithead with a large convoy from the Mediterranean. The Tourterelle, Capt Simpson, which accompanied the convoy, has departed for Cork with several transports.

3 Sep 1803 departed Spithead with French prisoners on board, from Norman's Cross [see Wiki), for the Downs.

6 Sep 1803 arrived in the Downs, the Pegasus. Wind ESE.

7 Sep 1803 departed the Downs the Pegasus, with French prisoners for Lynn.

12 Sep 1803 arrived N Yarmouth with prisoners on board for Lynn. This morning some Dutchmen were put on board from this place.

14 Sep 1803 remains in the Roads at Yarmouth and awaits a fair wind for Lynn, where her prisoners will be disembarked and marched to Stilton Barracks.

27 Sep 1803 arrived N Yarmouth in the evening.

28 Sep 1803 departed Yarmouth for Sheerness.

3 Oct 1803 arrived Sheerness, from the Downs.

14 Dec 1803 departed the Downs for Spithead with a convoy.

15 Dec 1803 arrived Spithead, from the Eastward with a convoy, the Pegasus, Capt Pengelly.

Circa 17 Dec 1803 dropped down to St Helen's.

31 Dec 1803 departed St Helen's for Plymouth.

19 Jan 1804 arrived Plymouth Sound from a cruise to the Westward.

23 Jan 1804 has gone up into Hamoaze to refit.

23 Feb 1804 arrived Spithead, from Plymouth, the Pegasus, Capt Pengelly.

26 Feb 1804 departed Spithead, with a convoy for the Downs.

27 Feb 1804 arrived in the Downs from Spithead.

1 Mar 1804 departed the Downs for Sheerness.

4 Mar 1804 arrived Sheerness.

5 Mar 1804 departed Sheerness for Chatham with French and Dutch prisoners to be put on board the Sandwich and Buckingham, prison ships.

27 May 1804 guard ship at Harwich.

19 Jan 1805 guard ship at Harwich.

23 Feb 1805 arrived Harwich the Charger from her station and remains with the Pegasus, and revenue cutter Argus.

May 1805 guard ship at Harwich.

28 Aug 1816 lying at Deptford ; offered for sale.