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Peterel / Peterell / Petterell / Petterel *, 1794
Type: Sloop ; Armament 16
Launched : 1794
Disposal date or year : 1827

* Spelling appears to be variable.

23 Apr 1796 the Agamemnon, Diadem, Meleager, and Peterel, Capt John Temple, detached to cruise off Vado.

25 Apr 1796 Laöna bay. The Peterel and boats from the Agamemnon, Diadem, Meleager, cut out 4 French merchant vessels.

By 31 May 1796 Commodore Nelson's squadron, augmented by the Blanche, and Speedy.

31 May 1796 Oneglia. The boats from a part of Cdre. Nelson's squadron, despite heavy fire, bring off 6 heavily laden transports. .

30 Apr 1798 captured the French privateer Léopard from St. Domingo to Lisbon.

7 Nov 1798 a part of a squadron which arrived this day for the invasion of Minorca.

13 Nov 1798 off Minorca : the Leviathan, Centaur, and Argo, along with some armed transports, chase a fast disappearing Spanish squadron, but re-capture the Peterel, taken the previous day.

19 Nov 1798, off Minorca, with the Leviathan, Centaur, Calcutta, Ulysses, Argo, Cormorant, Aurora, and cutter Constitution, Lt. Whiston, in support of the Army during the capture of Minorca. See also the Naval Chronicle pp. 77-80 Vol. 1, 1799.

21 Mar 1800 captured 2 merchant and 1 armed vessel.

18 Apr 1800 a part of a squadron that captured the St Jean Baptiste off Genoa.

13 Aug 1800 burnt a Turkish 80 gun ship aground on the shore near Aboukir island before the French could plunder the vessel.

2 Mar 1801 anchored in Aboukir bay, in positions where they could fire their broadsides at the enemy.

11 Mar 1801 a Greek caicque, bound to Alexandria; Drove on shore, off the Tower of Arabs, by the Petterel and Victorieuse.

29 Apr 1801 the Genoese ship St. Joseph and Maria Veloce, from Genoa to Alexandria, laden with brandy, wine, and arms ; taken by the Pearl, Petterell, and Victorieuse.

30 Apr 1801 the French aviso La Prevoyant, from Ancona ; taken by the Pearl, Petterell, and Victorieuse.

29 Jun 1801 cruising off Alexandria, per UK newspapers of this date, reporting news received from off Egypt.

16 Aug 1801 letters, as dated, from off Cadiz, received at Plymouth from an officer of the Thames, state that Rear Admiral Sir J. Saumarez, Bart, with seven sail of the line, two frigates, and a sloop of war, having refitted at Gibraltar, departed the 9th to block up Cadiz, and on the 10th ult. was joined by Commodore Tyler with 4 sail of the Baltic Fleet from Cork ; his fleet now consists of the following ships : Caesar, Warrior, Pompee, Spencer, Venerable, Superbe, Bellona, Defence, Russell, Audacious, Caroline, 44, Thames, 32, and Peterell, 18, all well equipped and in high spirits.

2 Sep 1801 Adm Pole in the St George, Dreadnought, Ramilies, Vanguard, Powerful and Zealous, arrived off Cadiz on 31 Aug., and on 2 Sep., in company with Sir James Saumarez's squadron, consisting of the Defence, Warrior, Spencer, Superb, Audacious, ships of the line ; and Caroline, Thames, frigates ; and sloop Peterell, began cruising before Cadiz. The Bellona was reported to be at Gibraltar fishing her main-mast.

19 Sep 1801 when off Lisbon the Superb reported the departure of the Superb, Defence, and Peterell sloop, from Vice-Admiral Pole on the 6th instant.

2 Oct 1801 arrived Lisbon with despatches.

5 Oct 1801 departed the Tagus on a cruise, and accompanied the Falmouth packet King George until the 9th inst.

31 Dec 1801 arrived Plymouth Sound, and remains, the Peterell, with dispatches from Gibraltar, and Lisbon, having departed R.-Adm. Saumarez's squadron, at the former, in good health and spirits.

31 Jan 1802 arrived Plymouth Sound from Gibraltar and Lisbon and put under quarantine.

25 Mar 1802 remains in Plymouth Sound.

22 May 1802 remains in Plymouth Sound.

30 Jul 1802 departed Plymouth Sound the Peterell, 18, to recall by signal the Sirius, 36, Capt King, which is to go up the Harbour to be paid off and recommissioned, all standing.

28 Aug 1802 at the White Buoy in Plymouth Sound, saluted the Lords of the Admiralty and the Commissioners of the Navy when they returned to the Sound from Cawsand Bay.

5 Sep 1802 remains in Plymouth Sound, the Glenmore, 36, Oiseau, 36, Amelia, 44, Galatea, 36, Southampton, 32, Circe, 24, Petterell, 18, and a gun brig.

10 Sep 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Centaur, at Plymouth, on Lieutenant Buchannon, first of the Peterell, for leaving the deck at sea during his watch, and disobedience of orders. The charges being proved he was sentenced to be dismissed the service.

13 Sep 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Centaur, in Hamoaze, Commodore Danby, of the Spencer, of 74 guns, President, J. Liddel, Esq. Judge Advocate ; Lieut. Cannon, of the Peterell, of 18 guns, Capt. Lambon, was tried for neglect of duty on various occasions, and the charges being fully proved, the President and Court sentenced him to be dismissed his Majesty's service. [Apologies for the ambiguity, but that is how it was written ? Ed.]

24 Sep 1802 departed Falmouth on a cruise.

4 Oct 1802 went up the harbour at Plymouth to refit, the Peterell, 18, Capt Lamborn.

15 Nov 1802 now in Hamoaze, to proceed to the Downs as soon as ready.

16 Nov 1802 once her refit is complete the Petterell, 18, Capt Lamborn, is to depart Plymouth for the Downs in order to open houses of rendezvous at the different ports on that coast to enter seamen for the fleet.

18 Dec 1802 came down from Hamoaze and went into Cawsand Bay to await orders.

21 Dec 1802 departed Cawsand Bay for Portsmouth, and Cork, for seamen recruited for the ships fitting in Hamoaze for sea.

17 Mar 1803 passed through the Downs from the Westwards to the Northwards.

30 Mar 1803 arrived Plymouth Sound from Torbay, the Peterell, with seamen and landsmen for the ships fitting out here.

30 Apr 1803 arrived Plymouth from the Westward with pressed men for the ships being fitted out for commission.

31 May 1803 in the Downs, has hoisted a signal for a convoy to the Westward.

4 Jun 1803 departed the Downs in the evening the Mercury, Fairy, Lark, and Peterell, sloops ; with the bombs Perseus, Fury, and Terror, with a convoy to Spithead.

6 Jun 1803 came to at anchor in St Helen's, but sailed again in the afternoon.

Circa 13 Jun 1803 has sent into Portsmouth La Maria, galliot, bound from Cette to Dunkirk with brandy.

14 Jun 1803 departed St Helen's on a cruise.

Circa 20 Jun 1803 brought into Spithead the Hufnel brig, laden with wine, bound from Toulon to Rotterdam, prize to the Peterell, Capt Lamborn.

8 Jul 1803 arrived Spithead from a cruise.

14 Jul 1803 departed Spithead with a convoy for Cork.

2 Aug 1803 in the Downs flying a signal for a convoy for the Westward.

8 Aug 1803 arrived in the Downs the Colossus, from the River, and remains with the Utrecht, sloop Peterel, and a number of armed cutters.

9 Aug 1803 departed the Downs with a convoy to the Westward.

10 Aug 1803 put back to the Downs the wind having veered round to the S.W.

16 Aug 1803 departed Spithead with a convoy for Plymouth.

19 Aug 1803 arrived Spithead from Plymouth the Peterell, Capt Lamborn.

25 Aug 1803 departed Spithead on a cruise.

27 Aug 1803 arrived Spithead from a cruise.

31 Aug 1803 departed Plymouth with a convoy for the Eastward.

27 Sep 1803 departed Spithead on a cruise.

7 Nov 1803 arrived Spithead from a cruise.

21 Nov 1803 departed Spithead on a cruise.

29 Nov 1803 arrived Spithead from the Westward.

30 Nov 1803 departed Spithead on a cruise.

On her next arrival at Spithead prize money for the La Maria Vierge de la Garde due to be paid.

5 Jan 1804 arrived Spithead the Peterell from a cruise.

18 Jan 1804 departed Spithead on a cruise.

5 Feb 1804 arrived Spithead, from a cruise, the Orpheus, Capt Hill, and the Peterell, Capt Lamborn.

6 Feb 1804 dropped down from Spithead to St Helen's.

3 Mar 1804 arrived Spithead, from a cruise.

15 Mar 1804 departed Spithead with a convoy for Cork and the West Indies, but the wind getting to the Westward, she brought to and the whole remain.

16 Mar 1804 departed Spithead with a convoy of about 50 merchantmen for Cork, bound for the West Indies.

19 Mar 1804 arrived Falmouth with a convoy for the West Indies.

2 Apr 1804 the Peterell and Autumn departed Falmouth for the West Indies with a convoy.

29 Jun 1804 Lloyds List : when The Boyd, Litson, lost her rudder, the convoy left her to continue their passage to the West Indies, and the Boyd made good repairs which enabled her to arrive at the Barbadoes.

24 Jul 1804 Lloyds List reports the arrival of the Peterell and her convoy at Jamaica, date of arrival not detailed.

23 Jan 1805 captured a French privateer, name unknown, on the Jamaica station.

May 1805 Jamaica Station Capt John Lamborn.

13 May 1805 captured the Spanish privateer Santa Anna, schooner, 5 guns, 106 men, off St Jago de Cuba.

26 Jun 1805 arrived Falmouth.