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Phoenix, 1783
Type: Frigate ; 5th rate ; Armament 36 (18-pdr) + 8 x 32-pdr carronades (1796)
Launched at Bursledon in 1783 ;
Disposal date or year : 20 Feb 1816
Disposal Details : Wrecked near Smyrna, during a hurricane: crew saved. Captain Charles John Austen
BM: 884 tons
Complement: 260

In the beginning of November, 1791, the 38-gun frigate Minerva, Commodore Cornwallis, was accompanied by the 36-gun frigate Phœnix, Captain Sir Richard John Strachan, and Perseverance, Captain Isaac Smith, in the road at Tellicherry, a fort and anchorage situated a few leagues to the southward of Mangalore. Action between the French frigate Résolue and the Phœnix.

14 Jul 1793 departed with the Channel fleet from St. Helen's. On the 18th to the west of the Scilly Isles and subsequent manoeuvres.

31 Jul 1793 briefly sighted, but was unable to close the French fleet ; returned to Torbay on 10 Aug.

23 Aug 1793 the Channel Fleet departed to escort the Newfoundland trade, West Indian convoys in home waters.

27 Oct 1793 departed in search of the French fleet and squadrons. 18 Nov brief skirmish with a French squadron : by mid-December the fleet had returned to Spithead.

12 May 1796 capture of Dutch 36-gun frigate Argo off the Texel, by the frigate Phœnix, with the Leopard coming up astern, whilst the frigate Pegasus, and brig-sloop Sylph, went in pursuit of 3 brigs accompanying the Argo.

18 May 1797 captured the French privateer Espiègle.

24 Apr 1798 captured the French privateer Brave.

31 May 1798 captured the French privateer Caroline latitude 49° ; longitude 15° degrees west.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. L. W. Halsted.

23 Jan 1799 captured, in lat. 48° 39’ N. long. 17° 28’W., the French privateer Foudroyant, pierced for 24 guns, and mounting 20, with 162 men.

25 Feb 1799 Plymouth, departed for Spithead with the Anson.

5 Apr 1799 captured the French privateer Coureur.

25 Apr 1799 Plymouth, arrived from Spithead.

6 May 1799 Cawsand Bay, with other ships of the line joined the Queen Charlotte off Plymouth Sound and departed down Channel before dark.

21 May 1799 passed the Gut to join Rear Admiral Whitshed.

14 Jan 1800 Plymouth, letters from the Phoenix, 44, Capt. Halsted, dated the 29th ult. at Gibraltar, state, that she had captured four Spanish prizes, and sent them safe into Gibraltar. On Christmas day last she fell in with, and captured, a very large Spanish ship, of 450 tons, deeply laden with silks and bale goods, for Lima, from Cadiz, said to be the richest prize brought into Gibraltar this war.

11 Feb 1800 Phoenix and Incendiary captured the French privateer L'Eole, 10 guns, and 89 men.

18 Apr 1800 a part of a squadron that captured the St Jean Baptiste off Genoa.

17 Jun 1800 the ship's boats chased and captured a small vessel standing in for Hieres Bay ; La Revanche, a French National vessel, coppered, mounting 4 carriage guns and 4 swivels, 27 men, with brandy, wine, cheese and pork, two days from Toulon, and bound to Malta with dispatches which were thrown overboard. In capturing the vessel a man was lost and on the 18th the prize overset, but without loss.

16 Sep 1800 captured on the Mediterranean station the Spanish Schooner Felix, of Four Guns and Thirteen Men, laden with various Merchandize, from Corunna bound to Vera Cruz.

10 Nov 1800 captured the French privateer General Melartique.

12 Feb 1801 the Swedish ship Victorian, laden with wine ; detained by Phoenix.

12 Feb 1801 the Swedish ship Sarkaman, of four guns and twelve men, laden with salt ; detained by the Phoenix.

14 Feb 1801 the Danish ship Minerva, from Ivica bound to Holmstand, laden with salt ; taken by the Phoenix.

10 May 1801 departed the Princess of Orange, with a squadron from Adm. Dickson's North Sea Fleet including the Monmouth, Vanguard, Madras, Texel, Ariadne, Assistance, Agincourt, Phoenix, and Speculator luggers, Ranger, and Squirrel, and the Narcissus brig, to cruise off Goree.

15 Jun 1801 Adm Dickson's squadron arrived N. Yarmouth from a cruise off the Coast of Holland with the Blenheim, flag ship ; Brunswick, Princess of Orange, Leyden, Standard, Assistance ; Ranger sloop ; Jalouse, brig ; Phoenix and Speculator, Luggers ; and Hazard, Liberty and Diligent, cutters.

8 Mar - 2 Sep 1801 Expedition to Egypt.

Circa 2 Jun 1801 departed from off Porto-Ferrajo, resulting in a blockade by the French, which was raised on 1 Aug by the arrival of Sir John Warren with his squadron.

8 Aug 1801 the frigates Phœnix, Pomone, and Pearl, captured the Carrère, a Venetian-built frigate of 1013 tons sailing under French colours, which was added to the British navy as an 18-pounder 36-gun frigate.
Killed. Thomas Cook, Boatswain ; Samuel Herring, Quarter-Master.
Wounded. Charles Douglas, Lieutenant of Marines, since dead ; John Cox, able seaman, since dead ; John Brown, able seaman ; John Boyd, able seaman.

2 Sep 1801 the frigates Phœnix, Pomone, and Minerve, re-captured the frigate Success and destroyed the French frigate Bravoure.

8 Oct 1801 letters received at Plymouth from the Pomone, dated Minorca, state her having in company with the Phoenix fallen in with, and captured La Courier, of 44 guns, after a running fight of 22 minutes, in which La Courier lost all her masts.

circa 27 Feb 1802 the Penelope, departed Gibraltar for England, leaving the following vessels at Gibraltar : the Caesar, Sir J Saumarez ; the Dreadnought, Capt Vashon ; Superb, Capt Keats ; Triumph, Capt Barlow ; Phoenix, Capt Halsted ; and Leda, Capt Hope.

1 May 1802 letters received Plymouth from the Phoenix, 44, Captain Halsted, dated Gibraltar, 29 March, state her safe arrival there from Malta and Minorca and that several other ships were arrived at Gibraltar, on their passage to England.

5 May 1802 by letters received at Plymouth from the Phoenix, 44, Captain Halsted, dated the 31 Mar, at Gibraltar, state, that she had taken in masts, spars, and other stores on board, and was to sail the next day for Malta, to refit the Kent, 74, which had carried away her masts in a violent gale of wind, on her passage from Alexandria to that Malta.

24 Jun 1802 arrived Spithead the Phoenix frigate, Captain Halstead, from the Mediterranean.

1 Jul 1802 came into Portsmouth harbour to be paid off, the Phoenix frigate, Captain Halstead.

24 Jul 1802 the Robust, Zealous, Saturn, Phoenix, Pique, and Determinée which were paid off at Portsmouth during this last week.

14 Jun 1803 went out of Portsmouth harbour to Spithead, the Phoenix, Capt Baker.

11 Jul 1803 prize money due to the ship's company of the Pomone, Phoenix, and Minerve, for the Success re-taken, see above, is due to be paid by Messrs Mottley and Grout, at the Griffin, in Villiers St, Strand.

11 Jul 1803 prize money due to the ship's company of the Pomone, and Phoenix, for the Carriere, is due to be paid by Messrs Mottley and Grout, at the Griffin, in Villiers St, Strand.

30 Jul 1803 departed Spithead with the London, Nile, Colworth, Grant, and Princess Royal, transports, for Plymouth.

10 Aug 1803 departed Plymouth the Phoenix for a cruise.

20 Oct 1803 arrived Plymouth, the Phoenix, Capt Barker, from a cruise.

24 Oct 1803 is reported to have put 5 men on board the Jamaica ship, bound for the River.

8 Jan 1804 sent in the American ship Flora, of and from New York, Capt St Lee, bound for Amsterdam with sugar and tobacco &c., prize to the Phoenix.

11 Jul 1804 arrived Plymouth from off Ferrol and Corunna.

30 Jul 1804 has got her mainmast out with the sheers, which will be newly stepped in the next few days.

1 Aug 1804 has got her lower mainmast in and is rigged all a tanto, and should be ready for sea in a few days.

23 Oct 1804 the Ganges reports that the following vessels remained in Ayres Bay, off Ferrol, when she departed for England : Northumberland, Neptune, Ajax, Illustrious, Spartiate, Malta ; and the frigates Endymion, and Phoenix ; and brig Rambler. On her arrival in England the Ganges also reported that Spain was preparing for War against England.

9 Dec 1804 arrived Plymouth from off Ferrol, with dispatches for the government, and the Danish ship Germania, from Cadiz, as a prize.

11 Dec 1804 arrived Plymouth a Spanish brig detained by the Phoenix.

2 Jan 1805 arrived Plymouth Sound and went up harbour in the afternoon.

15 Jan 1805 arrived Plymouth the Spanish ship Mercury from Buenos Ayres, for Cadiz, with hides &c., and a quantity of dollar prize to the Phoenix.

16 Feb 1805 departed Plymouth for a cruise.

5 Jun 1805 arrived Plymouth Sound from the Channel Fleet, to refit.

18 Jun 1805 departed Plymouth Sound on a cruise.

10 Aug 1805 Capture of French Frigate Didon, which was taken into the Service, but never went to sea.

14 Aug 1805 Naiad was joined by the Iris off Cape Ortugal, in sight of which was the Dragon, accompanied by the Phoenix and prize, the late French frigate Didon.

2 Nov 1805 having discovered the Rochefort squadron under R.-adm Dumanoir, departed in search of Sir R. Strachan's squadron to report the find, who, as it happened, was fairly close by.

3-4 Nov 1805 4th, the frigates harass the French rear. The action. the French haul down their colours. Casualties. The frigates role in the action. the prizes taken to Plymouth and added to the Service. The honours, awards and promotions.

17 Jan 1808 off Rochefort, observed a French squadron, under M. Ganteaume, putting to sea : despatched the Raleigh to England with the information and departed in search of the watching squadron under R.-adm Sir R J Strachan, driven out to sea by bad weather, and not finding him also departed for England, having informed the Attack of the news.

28 Jan 1810 Phoenix chased the French privateer Charles, but lost her in thick fog.

29 Jan 1810 Phoenix discovered the Charles anchored close under the French coast. Ships' boats were then sent in to take the French privateer, however, not before receiving a well-directed fire that reportedly killed 1 seaman and wounded another. 2 English masters and 13 seamen were found on board who had been taken out of vessels in the last few days.

23 Jan 1813 On Monday prevented the capture of a merchant vessel by an American privateer at Kingston, Jamaica.

21 Dec 1814 arrived Spithead from the River.

3 Jan 1815 Appointed at Spithead to take a convoy.

8 Jan 1815 arrived in the Downs and departed for the river.

15 Jan 1815 departed the Downs for Portsmouth.

16 Jan 1815 arrived Spithead from the Downs.

24 Jan 1815 Appointed at Spithead to give instructions to the convoy bound to Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean.

1 Apr 1815 departed Falmouth with her convoy for the Mediterranean.

6 Jan 1831 prize money for Purissima Conception, captured 9 Mar 1800 due to be paid.

6 Jan 1831 prize money for Le Revanche, captured 17 Jun 1800 due to be paid.