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Pictou, 1813
Type: Brig Sloop ; Armament 16
Taken : 1813 ; Disposal date or year : 14 Feb 1814
Disposal Details : Captured by the American frigate Constitution. Captain Edward Stephens

12 May 1813, arrived Halifax with the schooner Canso, from Bermuda, with 5 vessels under convoy.

11 Jul 1813, departed Madame Bay, where the Æolus had a convoy of 60 vessels ready to sail the following day for England.

23 Jul 1813, arrived Halifax from a cruise, with the Spanish brig Isabella, laden with silk and wine, 49 days from Algesiras to Boston. Has also re-captured the sloop Ringdove, which had been captured by the privateer Polly, of Salem, who had also captured a schooner laden with stone, since re-taken.

1-2 Oct 1813 the Poictiers, Maidstone, Marlborough, and Pictou departed from Halifax.

14 Feb 1814 the US frigate Constitution captured and destroyed the British 14-gun schooner Pictou, to windward of Barbadoes.

25 Oct 1814, arrived Halifax, from St. John's, N.B.