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Piercer, 1794
Type: Gun-vessel ; Armament 12
Launched : 1794 ; Disposal date or year : 1802

6 Jan 1799 at Harwich

13 Aug-Oct 1799 employed on expedition to Holland.

23 Mar 1802 went out of Portsmouth harbour to Spithead. The stormy weather from the SW seems to have affected vessels in the harbour and Sound at Plymouth, vessels similarly moored at Spithead and St Helen's, off Portsmouth, and later in the day in the Dockyard ports in the R. Thames and Medway.

9 Apr 1802 arrived at Sheerness and then departed with a light breeze for Chatham to be paid off.

17 Nov-30 Dec 1802 prize money resulting from the expedition to Holland due for payment.

Piercer, 1804
Type: Gun Brig ; Armament 14
Launched : 1804 ; Disposal date or year : 1814
Disposal Details : Transferred to the German state of Hanover

May 1805 Downs Station

Deal 30 Dec 1806 departed to cruise off the North Foreland.

9 Jun 1808 during a calm, off the south end of the island of Saltholm, their convoy was attacked by 25 Danish gun-boats which succeeded in capturing 10 or 12 merchant vessels at the rear of the convoy and the gun-brig Turbulent.

Plymouth 21 Aug 1811 Sent in the French chasse marées Le Marengo and Le Phillipe, from Bordeaux, taken off Sable d'Olonne.

Plymouth 9 Sep 1811 Is reported to have detained an American ship off the coast of France.

Plymouth 5 Oct 1812 arrived from the coast of Spain.

Portsmouth 31 Oct 1812 Came in from sea.

Yarmouth 25 May 1813 arrived from Heligoland, with a vessel under her convoy, to take water for the island.

Early Oct 1813 - Jan 1814 Desirée, Shamrock, Hearty, Blazer, Redbreast and a number of gun-boats involved in operations in the Weser and Ems.

25-26 Dec 1813 through to 4 Jan 1814, involved in attacks on the fortress of Gluckstadt with the brigs Shamrock, Capt Marshall ; Hearty, Capt Rose ; Blazer, Capt Banks ; Piercer, Lt Kneeshaw ; and Redbreast, Sir George Keith ; gun boats No. 1, Lt Hanmer ; 2, Mr Thomas Riches, Mate ; 3, Lt Seale ; 4, Lt Tallock ; 5, Mr. John Hallowes ; 8, Lt Soper ; 10, Lt Romney ; and 12, Lt Henderson. For details see the London Gazette of 2nd and 6th Jan 1814 ; 16844.

11 Jan 1814 arrived Harwich the Piercer, Lt Kneeshaw, from the Elbe with dispatches from off Gluckstadt.

12 Jan 1814 Lt Kneeshaw arrived at the Admiralty Offices with dispatches from HMS Desirée, off Gluckstadt.