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Plumper, 1848
Type: Steam sloop - Surveying Vessel ; Armament 9
Launched : 5 Apr 1848 ; Disposal date or year : 1865
BM: 490 tons ; Displacement: 652 tons
Propulsion: Screw
Machinery notes: 60

Jan 1848 Portsmouth, Building

20 Dec 1848 Particular Service.

9 Jun 1851 the Cormorant, with the Plumper in company, detained, off Rio de Janeiro, following a long chase, the Steam schooner Sarah, Joao Chrysostomo, Jun., master, which was sent to the Vice-Admiralty Court at St. Helena and condemned.

11 Jun 1851 received intelligence that a patacho with stores to fit out the schooner Valoroso as a slave ship was waiting at one of a number places near Rio de Janeiro in order to transfer the stores : the vessel, the Flor do Mar, was eventually discovered on 13-14 Jun and detained in Lat. 25 7' S. Long. 47 51' W., by the ship's gig, whilst at anchor near the Island of Bom Ambrigo, off Cananca, loaded with stores for the schooner Valoroso, the slave brigantine Flor do Mar was sent for adjudication to the Vice-Admiralty Court at St. Helena and on 14 Aug 1851 sentenced to be condemned.

13 Aug 1851 at Rio de Janeiro, the Captain, Commander Nolloth, reports to the Admiralty that he has received intelligence to the effect that the blockade along the Brazilian coast, with the support of the Brazilian government, and the population, may have had the effect of moving the trade to Cuba, where the coastline is less well guarded by British cruisers and not normally any active Spanish naval presence, with the local authorities being less active and enthusiastic, so that slave traders feel they may have more luck in pursuing their vile trade there, although even there they may well find the tide is turning, albeit slowly ?

Nov 1851 following reports that a brig and patacho were going to land a cargo of slaves on the shore in the vicinity of Benevente, to the north of Rio, the Conflict, Plumper and Bonetta were stationed to intercept the attempt, but nothing further was heard of the expected vessels.

31 Dec 1852 Has arrived at Portsmouth from Brazil with 6,370 oz. Gold, trans-shipped from the Emperor, which put into Monte Video in a leaky condition.

19 Oct 1855 detained a slave vessel, Name Unknown.

1860 Surveying Vessel, re-rated as a 12

1860 Pacific