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Pomona / Pomone, 1794
Type: Frigate ; Armament 44
Taken from the French, 23 Apr 1794, by the Flora, Melampus and Arethusa, off the Isle of Bas ;
Disposal date or year : Dec 1802
Disposal Details : Pilot ran the vessel on the rocks when entering St. Aubin's Bay, in the dark on the evening of the 8 Sep 1802 and the vessel was reported to have broken her back. She was refloated and taken back to Portsmouth where she was broken up.
BM : 1239 tons

23 Apr 1794, A squadron of frigates under Sir John Warren engages a French squadron of 4 frigates off the Channel Isles, capturing 3, which were added to the Navy List : the Babet, as a sloop, the Engageante, as a hospital-ship, and the Pomone as a cruising 40-gun frigate.

25 Jun 1795, with the squadron at the landing of the [ill-conceived] Royalist expedition to Quiberon Bay, under Commodore Sir J B Warren, which returned to England in December with the remnants.

15 Oct 1795 Melampus and Latona, and later the Orion and Thalia, and later still the Pomone and Concorde, departed in chase of the two French frigates, the Tortue and Néréide, and the corvette Eveillé, 16. However, the closeness of the shore and prevailing weather conditions meant that the chase for the frigates was curtailed. But the Eveillé was less fortunate, and was taken by the Pomone and the Thunderer, 74, which had also appeared on the scene.

13 Mar 1796 Pomone and others captured the French privateer Sans Peur on the coast of France.

20 Mar 1796 the Bec du Raz bearing; north by east distant four miles, a squadron composed of frigates Anson, Pomone, Captain Sir John Borlase Warren (in command), Artois, and Galatea, engaged a French squadron with a convoy, during which the Etoile store-ship struck her colours, and 4 vessels were taken from the convoy and left in the care of the lugger Valiant.

25 May 1796 Pomone and others captured the French privateer Fantaisie near Morlaix.

22 - 23 Aug 1796 whilst cruising off the mouth of the river Gironde a squadron of frigates consisting of the Pomone, Commodore Sir Borlase Warren, Anson, Artois, Galatea, and 18-gun Brig-sloop Sylph sighted the French frigate Andromaque, which was chased by the Galatea for many hours, until the Andromaque was eventually run ashore in heavy surf, and the job of destroying her by gun and fire being completed by the Sylph.

16-17 Jul 1797 with a squadron which destroyed the French frigate Calliope and captured or destroyed a number of her convoy.

25 July 1797 The following appeared in the London Gazette :
La Pomone, at Sea, July 24, 1797. An Account of Two Vessels belonging to the French Republic, which were burnt in Hodierne Bay on the 23d of July, 1797, by the Boats of the Squadron under the Orders of Sir John B. Warren, K. B.
La Fidelle Brig, laden with Wine and Wads.
La Henri Sloop, in Ballast.
John Warren.
The Right Hon. Lord Bridport, &c.

25 July 1797 a squadron consisting of the Pomone, Anson, Artois, Triton, Sylph, and Dolly captured the Ship Boston.

11 Aug 1797 with a squadron which destroyed one French vessel and damaged another.

27-28 Aug 1797 with a squadron which chased and captured vessels from a French convoy and damaged or destroyed the cutter Petit-Diable.

Some shocks to her structure.

5 Jan 1798 captured the French privateer Cheri, from Nantes, which sank shortly after surrendering.

1 Jan 1799 Capt. R. C. Reynolds. At Lisbon.

11 Jan 1798 captured the French privateer Emprunt Fossé in the Channel.

31 Mar 1799 in lat. 42° 25’ N., long. 9° 4’ W. retook the Minerva, West India ship, that had been captured 16 days before by the Argus French privateer, belonging to Bourdeaux 3 Apr 1799 captured the French privateer Argus after a chace of 108 miles running 12 knots an hour, took her close under Cape Finisterre. Besides the Minerva, the Argus had captured this cruise, two brigs belonging to Teignmouth ; the masters and crews of both being on board her.

9 Apr 1799 retook an American schooner from the Caraccas, bound to Corunna.

13 Apr 1799 Plymouth, came in the Argus French lugger of 16 guns and 90 men.

17 Apr 1799 at Falmouth.

22 Apr 1799 Plymouth, arrived from convoying three ordnance store ships for Minorca.

29 Apr 1799 Plymouth, went up the harbour to refit.

7 May 1799 in Hamoaze.

21 Jul 1799 Plymouth, in consequence of orders from the Admiralty, the Melpomene, Proselyte, Unicorn, Pomone, and Nereide frigates departed for Cork and Waterford, to take in troops for the Downs.

10 May 1800 Portsmouth, arrived the Pomone, Capt. Reynolds, with a convoy from Lisbon, and brought in with her a French lugger privateer, which she captured at the back of the Isle of Wight.

31 May 1800 a court martial was held on board the Gladiator, on John Weldon, a seaman belonging to the Pomone, for striking Lieutenant C. C. Skelton, whilst ashore in the execution of his duty on the 24 May. Since the charge was not proved the prisoner was acquitted.

25 Jun 1800 a court martial was held on board the Gladiator, in Portsmouth harbour, on seamen John White and John Furlong, of the Pomone. On being found guilty they were sentenced to 200 lashes each, through the fleet, and to forfeit all their pay.

2 Feb 1801 remains in the Roads at N. Yarmouth.

21 Apr 1801 departed N. Yarmouth this morning a squadron for the Baltic under the command of Adm. Totty in the Zealous, with the Powerful, Vengeance, 74s ; Ruby, 64 ; Alkmaar, Hospital Ship ; Pomone, frigate ; Vesuve, Wrangler, Ready, Safeguard, Pincher, Eclipse, Boxer, Plumper, Griper, Adder and Cracker gun vessels ; Drake, cutter ; Prince William, hired armed ship.

28 Apr 1801 a Court Martial was held on board his Majesty's ship Gladiator, in Portsmouth harbour, for the trial of on Mr. Thomas Woolvar, Master of his Majesty's ship Pomone, for running her on thore at Spithead. It clearly appeared to the Court, that no blame could be attached to Mr. W. as the casualty was entirely caused by the wind shifting while the ship was in stays. He was therefore acquitted.

29 Apr 1801 departed Spithead with the Kangaroo and a convoy, including transports, for the Mediterranean. The William and Ann, Sovereign, and Sea Nymph, transports, with detachments of troops on board, to join their respective regiments at Minorca and Egypt, sailed with the above convoy.

3 Aug 1801 cruising off the west side of the island of Elba and captured the French frigate Carrère. Some notes have been added to the referenced article

2 Sep 1801 the frigates Phœnix, Pomone, and Minerve, re-captured the frigate Succès (Success) and destroyed the French frigate Bravoure.

13-14 Sep 1801 men from the ship's company involved in operations ashore at Porto-Ferrajo.

8 Oct 1801 letters received at Plymouth from the Pomone, dated Minorca, state her having in company with the Phoenix fallen in with, and captured La Courier, of 44 guns, after a running fight of 22 minutes, in which La Courier lost all her masts.

24 May 1802 prize money, when the Pomone was in company with the Artois, Anson and hired cutter Dolly, at the capture of the Boston, will be paid at Salter's Hall Court, Canon St., London.

16 Jul 1802 arrived Spithead the Pomone, 44, Captain Gower, from the Mediterranean, with Maj Gen Clepham, late Gov of Minorca, a passenger.

21 Jul 1802 departed Spithead the Diamond, Captain Elphinstone ; Revolutionaire, Hon. Captain Capel ; Magicienne, Captain Vansittart ; Pomone, Captain Gower ; Alcmene, Captain Stiles ; and Alarm frigate, Captain Parker ; Sophie, Captain Rosenhagen, and the Racoon, sloops of war, Captain Rathborne, for Lymington and Jersey, to convey the Dutch troops from those places to Texel.

27 Aug 1802 passed through Spithead from Lymington, the Pomone, 44, Captain Gower ; Magicienne, Captain Vansittart ; and Alarm, Captain Parker, with Dutch troops for Texel.

30 Aug 1802 sailed through the Downs for the Texel with Dutch troops from Lymington.

5 Sep 1802 arrived in the Downs from Helvoetsluys.

7 Sep 1802 departed the Downs for the Westward.

23 Sep 1802 departed Spithead the Starling gun-vessel for Jersey, to fetch the stores, &c. saved from La Pomone, aground in St. Aubin's Bay, Jersey. The Pomone frigate, Captain Gower, which sunk in St. Aubin's Bay, has been weighed, and towed into Jersey. Several artificers from Plymouth are ordered from the dock yard to repair her.

24 Sep 1802 has been weighed, and towed into Jersey. Several artificers are ordered from the dock yard to repair her.

1 Oct 1802 arrived Spithead, the Starling, from Jersey and she is expected to sail again to morrow for the same place, with two companies of shipwrights and artificers to repair the Pomone. She was reported to have been refloated.

25 Oct 1802 arrived Spithead the Pomone, Captain Gower, and La Revolutionaire, 44, Captain Locke, from Jersey. The Pomone had her back broke, in consequence of her striking on a rock, in beating into St. Aubin's Bay, Jersey in the night. Later that day she was taken into Portsmouth Harbour.

27 Oct 1802 a Court Martial was held on board the Neptune, at Portsmouth, on John Geram, Pilot of HM ship Pomone, for having run the said ship on the rocks going into St. Aubin's Bay, on the evening of the 8th of September last. The Court agreed that the charges had been proved against the Pilot, and that much blame was imputable to him, for attempting to enter the Bay of St. Aubin's in the night, at a time when she might have remained with safety at sea until day-light, and did adjudge him to be mulcted of all the pay and allowances due to him for his services done as a Pilot on board that ship ; and to be imprisoned in the Marshalsea for three months from that day.

31 Oct 1802 arrived Spithead the Alonzo, 16, Captain Faulknor, with a part of the Pomone's stores, from Jersey,

14 Nov 1802 the Pomone frigate, Captain Gower, is paid off at Portsmouth, and taken into dock to be repaired.

Dec 1802 was broken up at Portsmouth.

11 Jul 1803 prize money due to the ship's company of the Pomone, Phoenix, and Minerve, for the Success re-taken, see above, is due to be paid by Messrs Mottley and Grout, at the Griffin, in Villiers St, Strand.

11 Jul 1803 prize money due to the ship's company of the Pomone, and Phoenix, for the Carriere, is due to be paid by Messrs Mottley and Grout, at the Griffin, in Villiers St, Strand.

Circa Mar 1809 the account for the small balance remaining following the capture of the ship Boston will be deposited in the Registry of the High Court of Admiralty.