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Pomona / Pomone, 1810
Type: Frigate. 5th rate ; Armament 38 guns
Taken : 1810 ; Disposal date or year : 1816

3 Dec 1810 capture of the Isle of France. In Port-Louis were the French frigates Bellone, under the name of Junon, and the Astrée, under that of Pomone, which were purchased for the use of the British navy. The Iphigenia was restored to her rank among the 18-pounder 36s ; but the battered Néréide was in too bad a state and was sold to be broken up.

26 Oct 1811 Astree renamed Pomone.

21 Nov 1812 departed the Tagus on the 8th and has arrived Plymouth with dispatches.

25 Nov 1812 arrived Portsmouth from Plymouth.

24 Nov 1812 departed Plymouth with a convoy for Portsmouth and the Downs.

13 Jan 1813 arrived Deal from Portsmouth.

8 Apr 1813 departed Portsmouth for Lisbon with a convoy.

26 Apr 1813 remains Lisbon.

26 May 1813 salvage received from the owners on the recapture of the two Spanish vessels El Correv Diligente de Carraccas and Nostra Senora de los Desemperados, [per London Gazette of 22 Jun 1821].

20 Dec 1813 Sent into Yarmouth the Mary, from Newfoundland, captured off the Western Isles, retaken off Cape Finisterre.

10 Dec 1813 departed Tagus with a convoy for England.

9 Feb 1814 departed Plymouth to the westward on a cruise.

4 Mar 1814 captured a U.S. privateer, the 14 gun brig Bunker's Hill, with 86 men.

Towards the close of the year 1814 Majestic, Endymion and the Pomone cruised off the port of New York.

14 Jan 1815 bad weather blew the squadron blockading New York out to sea, and it being surmised that the vessels blockaded in New York would have taken the opportunity to escape the squadron went in search.

15 Jan 1815 Majestic, Endymion, Pomone and Tenedos discovered the President 2 miles ahead and following a long chase she was eventually captured by the frigates, particularly the Endymion.

27 Mar 1815, The Pomone arrived Halifax, from Bermuda, leaving the Tonnant, Surprize, Armide, Leonidas, Iphigenia, Castor, Hebrus, and brigs Jasseur, Dotterel, Pandora, and Saracen.

17 May 1815 Came into Portsmouth harbour.