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Psyche, 1805
Type: Frigate ; Armament 32 x 12-pounder
Taken : 14 Feb 1805 ; Disposal date or year : 1812

13-14 Feb 1805 capture of the French 32-gun frigate Psyché and privateer Equivoque. The Psyché was purchased into the service.

Jun-Sep 1807 Caroline and Psyché seek intelligence on the 2 Dutch 68-gun ships Pluto and Revolutie, during which operation the Psyché captured 3 valuable Dutch vessels.

28 Nov 1810 arrived off the Isle of France (Mauritius), in company with other vessels, including a fleet of transports, to take the island from the French

3 Aug 1811 a part of the fleet involved in the invasion of Java, which terminated with the surrender of Dutch and French forces on 16 Sep.