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Resolue, 1798
Type: 5th rate ; Slop Ship ; Armament 36

12 Oct 1798 Captured during Commodore Warren's action with French squadron as frigate Resolue : purchased into the RN, but is understood not to have gone to sea again.

2 Sep 1800 Plymouth, La Resolue, of 44 guns, is appointed as a slop and receiving ship at this port, under the direction of that indefatigable officer, Dr. J. Law M'Clellan, surgeon of the Myrmidon slop ship. La Resolue is fitting up for this purpose, as the Myrmidon is to be put out of commission.

Circa 1 Nov 1800 Lieutenant Richards, late First of the Cambridge, is appointed to the command of La Resolue, commissioned as a slop and receiving ship at Plymouth.

May 1805 Plymouth.

Plymouth 10 Aug 1811 Docked on Saturday last, for breaking up.