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Samarang, 1822
Type: 6th rate ; Armament 28
Launched : 1 Jan 1822 ; Disposal date or year : 1883
BM: 500 tons

1 Jan 1820 built or building of teak.

31 May 1825 arrived Cape of Good Hope from Portsmouth with specie and despatches.

24 Jul 1825 departed Simon's Town for Mauritius, to relieve the Ariadne, which ship is to proceed to England.

17 Oct 1825, at Cape of Good Hope is reported to be at the Mauritius.

1 Aug 1826 arrived Mauritius from the Cape.

6 Jan 1827 at the Cape of Good Hope.

6 Sep 1828 departed Portsmouth for Plymouth and the Mediterranean station.

Circa Mar 1829 Reported to be at Navarino.

28 Oct 1829 refitting at Vourla.

6 Feb 1830, at Malta is reported to be at Smyrna.

3 Apr 1830 remains at Valletta.

9 May 1830 expected at Palmas Bay, Sardinia daily from Gibraltar.

14 Dec 1830, departed Sheerness, Capt. Martin, in command.

9 Mar 1831 arrived Portsmouth, from the Eastward, Capt. W. F. Martin, in command.

20 Apr 1831 departed Portsmouth with a party of 84 Marines, for Tynemouth Castle.

28 May 1831 arrived Portsmouth from Leith.

25 May 1831 paid off at Portsmouth, and recommissioned, Capt. W. F. Dustin, in command.

23 Jun 1831 in Portsmouth Harbour.

23 Jul 1831 at Spithead.

26 Jul 1831 departed Portsmouth for St. Michael's, Capt. Charles Paget, in command.

13 Aug 1831 arrived at St. Michael's from Portsmouth, and departed 18th for Rio Janeiro.

11 Mar 1832 arrived Bahia from a cruise.

8 Apr 1832 departed Bahia on a cruise.

2 May 1832 arrived at Pernambuco from Bahia.

20 Jun 1832 was reported to be at Bahia when the Seringapatam departed Rio for England.

4 Jul 1832 remained at Rio when the Lightning departed for England.

6 Aug 1832 the Warspite (flag), Samarang, Algerine, and tender Adelaide were at Rio de Janeiro when when the Volage departed for Pernambuco.

14 Aug 1832 departed Rio for Monte Video.

10 Oct 1832 at Monte Video.

13 Jan 1833, at Rio de Janeiro was reported to be in the Pacific.

16 Apr 1833 reported to be at Rio de Janeiro on the departure of the Challenger for England.

23 Sep 1833 reported to be in the Pacific.

22 Oct 1833 had arrived Callao from the Valparaiso and departed for Panama.

27 Feb 1834 the Admiralty (John Barrow) requests the Foreign Office (Viscount Palmerston), to order Warrants from the French, under the recent Conventions for the Slave Trade, for the Brazil Station for the commanding officers of the Snake, Satellite, and Rapid, at the same time cancelling and returning those that had previously been issued for the Rattlesnake, Samarang, and Pylades.

16 Dec 1834 now arrived Portsmouth.

24 Jan 1835 paid off at Portsmouth.

20 Sep 1838 departed Arica, in S America, for Islay.

Circa Jan 1839 at Bahia.

18 Jul 1840 at Valparaiso.

18 Jul 1840 Mate Robert Raid, from the President, appointed to be acting Lieutenant of the Samarang.

4 Aug 1840 was spoken with whilst about half way to China.

At some time during the period 1839-42 engaged in the Operations in China. Officers and Men serving on this ship during this period may be eligible for a Medal. See p. 288 at at

7 Jan 1841 off Anunghouy, RMs, detachments of the British and Indian army and men from the Wellesley, Blenheim, Melville, Samarang, Druid, Modeste, Columbine Calliope, Hyacinth, Starling, Larne and cutter Louise, landed to attack and destroy the forts at Chuenpee and Tycocktow. See of 7 May 1841 and 14 May 1841. See also p. 284-> at at

21 Jan 1841 departed Bocca Tigris for Lantao Island.

26 Jan 1841 returned to Bocca Tigris and from thence to Macao.

2 Feb 1841 departed for Macao roads.

19 Feb 1841 Macao roads, detached with the light squadron to Wangtong, to prevent any further defensive preparations.

20 Feb 1841 arrived Wangtong,

24 Feb 1841 ships' boats invovled in operation at Sammonhow.

26 Feb 1841 operations to take North Wangtong Island, See of 11 Jun 1841. See also p. 289-> at at

13 Mar 1841 ships' boats, in company with HEIC steamer Nemesis, forced the inner passage from Macao to Whampoa.

29 Mar 1841 departed from Canton for England.

3 Jul 1841 Mates E. M Noble, and E. Crouch, Samarang, promoted to Lieutenant

17 Aug 1841 arrived Spithead, from from Macao (25 Mar) ; Cape of Good Hope (10 Jun) ; St Helena (26th) ; and Ascension (1 Jul) ; and came into Portsmouth harbour on Thursday to be paid off.

9 Nov 1841 Midshipman G R. Gill, late Samarang, passed for Lieutenant at the RN College

18 Dec 1841 Portsmouth, being brought forward for service.

29 Dec 1841 was taken into Dock at Portsmouth.

23 Jul 1842 was undocked at Portsmouth this morning.

6 Aug 1842 due to be commissioned shortly.

1 Oct 1842 understood to be commissioned shortly for survey duties on the coast of China.

19 Nov 1842 was commissioned at Portsmouth by Capt. Belcher, to survey in South China seas.

17 Dec 1842 in Portsmouth harbour.

3-4 Jun 1844 Operations against pirates off Gillolo - see p. 326-> at at

17 Aug 1844 Report of the death of Hon. James Erskine Murray in engagement with natives at Borneo - includes a return of those wounded and killed - see [Sydney] Shipping Gazette.

1846 China and India Station.

1847 Guardship.

Jan 1848 Chatham, in Ordinary (reserve).

20 Dec 1848 Guardship, Gibraltar.

27 Dec 1849 Pirate bounty (see 3-4 Jun 1844) payable.

1860 Guard Ship, Gibraltar.

1870 Guard Ship, Gibraltar.

1879 Guard Ship, Gibraltar.